A cable piece, “Rotting Woodstock,” began screening critical week top top Hotel Impossible, a show on The take trip Channel and also currently in rotation, has come to be a large topic of conversation around town and also county. For the owner of the wooden storm Lodge, profiled in the controversial segment starring hold “hotel expert” Anthony Melchiorri, it’s all part and thoreau of a sue now.

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Meanwhile, questions have been flying: “How in the human being is the wood storm Lodge and also Havana Café allowed to remain open up after what I saw on the tv show,” come one. “Utterly amazing and scary and embarrassing come Woodstock and also people indigenous the area like me.”

In the program, things begin off pleasantly enough as Melchiorri drives approximately what was when the Pinecrest Lodge, opened a century ago by Mordecai Berkowitz and also known for years together a respectable seasonal getaway through cabins, a exclusive lounge area, and also a an excellent pool every nestled under high pines just external the hamlet center. In the last decades, that been recognized as among the few late night spots in town. But it’s apparent things in the show will operation awry fast; the previews tease as much. And the host’s brusk Brooklyn strategy as lot as promises a confrontation.

Melchiorri, who spent two decades working together a new York City hotel manager before starting his own Argeo Hospitality consulting business and capturing a primetime take trip Channel slot, meets Carlo and Annie Pombo, owner of the renamed Woodstock Lodge for the past 17 years. He hears how tough it’s been, however seems charmed through the setting, the town, main building’s bar area with giant rock fireplace, its next porch restaurant area. Then the rental cabins come right into view and also flaws unfold: numerous dust, rips in furniture, damp floors, mold.

By program’s end, the Hotel Impossible crew — who generally come in, list complaints and do some quick renovations prior to leaving — have brought in mold, asbestos and an easy infrastructure experts from roughly the area who display them, and us, the details the the Lodge’s cabins conditions and also call lock unsafe and in require of demolition. Yet despite huge kitchen and also menu problems, Melchiorri feeling things deserve to be turned around if the restaurant is upgraded and made a destination. After ~ all, it’s pointed out, that is Woodstock, and the Hudson sink is all around foodies this days.

Enter hell, phase right. Carlo Pombo tosses the host, permits him earlier in, then tosses them yet again before finally letting them finish a redo top top the front bar/reception and dining rooms. Just without anything yet a voiceover in ~ the end. And then come this week’s news: castle suing Melchiorri, the producers, and also the take trip Channel.

“We’re going right into litigation,” claimed Annie. “We really can’t speak anything.”

Who’s in charge?

Meanwhile, those questions have actually kept coming in. How have actually they stayed open? How have the right to things acquire so bad?

Granted, some world we watched the illustration with established with every Melchiorri and crew to be uncovering. Moist walls, black color mold reflecting up, disappearing foundations, negative wiring? Dust and old carpeting in need of replacement?

Then there’s the reality that a comparable episode shot last winter, and also shown in so late April, depicting a similar stand-off and renovations in ~ the Catskill hill Lodge in surrounding Palenville turned out alright in the end.

Upon investigation, it transforms out that motels, hotels and cabin swarms are regulation by state law, and overseen by the state department of health and wellness which mandates permits and inspections to be overseen through county wellness departments, or urban if end 50,000 in population. Similarly, the new York State room of Health’s bureau of ar Environmental Health and also Food protection “works to protect the public health and wellness by assuring that food business establishments are operated in a manner the eliminates dangers through design and management, causing a decreased incidence of foodborne condition in ours communities.”

We checked in through the county as to their inspection processes, and whether they were actually handling such matters because that the state…and were repetitively told the no one could answer push questions there is no the okay of either a commissioner or the ar executive.

Finally, we turned to the city of Woodstock, wherein supervisor Jeremy Wilber to fill in few of the place’s long history, consisting of several years as soon as its restaurant was operation by the legend Marylou Paturel of café Espresso fame…and evidenced that oversight and inspections were certainly in the county’s hands.

“Which does not mean that the town has been totally oblivious,” the added.

Until the courts acquire involved…?

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