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In Texas, us do every little thing as big as possible, so I expect it shouldn’t be surprising the you can float in a rooftop lazy flow in the shape of Texas right in the center of downtown Houston. This an extremely unique offering deserve to be found at the Marriott Marquis Houston, and here is every little thing you need to recognize to head come this colorful spot v your family…

Who doesn’t love the idea of relaxing in a lazy river and then having almost immediate accessibility to all the tasks and attractions that a significant downtown? Normally, you can’t have actually both of those points at the exact same time. However, this is Texas, and at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Houston, you have the right to have a rooftop lazy flow in the shape of Texas just steps far from some of the finest that Houston needs to offer!


We recently got the itch to get away, yet it was not the appropriate time because that a lengthy or crazy trip. Instead, it was the perfect time for a one-night family staycation wherein we packed up the car and also drove much less than an hour right into Houston to arrive at this an extremely unique destination.


Texas shame lazy river in downtown Houston

The Marriott Marquis Houston opened simply a few months before Houston held Super key 51 in at an early stage 2017. It is a sleek, substantial 1,000+ hotel room property that is right throughout the street from downtown attractions together as discovery Green, and just a stone’s throw from the Astro’s baseball stadium.

View of exploration Green indigenous the Marriott Marquis

Downtown Houston is great, yet the star attraction the this trip for us was unquestionably the Lone Star State shame lazy river on peak of the 6th floor that the Marriott Marquis. To gain into this one-of-a-kind lazy river, you need to have a wristband…and yes, lock check. To obtain a wristband, you need to publication a room and also secure up to 4 wristbands because that the room’s occupants.Summertime prices can conveniently be $200 – $300 every night, yet thankfully girlfriend can additionally use 35,000 Marriott reward points every night to book a room for approximately four world so you can sleep and also swim without dipping right into your savings.

Downtown and also lazy flow in one

We walk on very early July weekend and also the location was hot, sunny, and packed. In fact, if you have the right to avoid a weekend day, it will probably be to her benefit.

Busy July weekend at the lazy river

Alternatively, plan on getting out come the river an initial thing in the morning as soon as it is much much easier to find a spot come relax and enjoy, rather waiting until than as soon as things get going later on in the work by 11AM.


While the adults felt a small cramped by the crowd at times, thekids didn’t treatment one bit. They got hold of a tube and also went ~ above lap after lap roughly the form of Texas, coupled with quick breaks to take in the view.


There is a shaded area you can camp out under, i beg your pardon is very important as there is tiny ‘natural’ shade over the lazy river throughout the warm of the day.

Shaded area in ~ the Marriott Marquis lazy river

If you desire something a little more private 보다 a shared covered area, you deserve to rent a small covered area or cabana native $110for a half-day, which isn’t the worst idea. If you space out over there for any type of length of time, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and shade room an absolute must.

Large cabana for rent

Be sure to additionally pack flip flops or water shoes because the concrete gets to be around 8 million degrees in the pounding sun. The water itself was surprisingly cool, but the pavement will certainly burn your feet.

There is poolside food and drink business that came by pretty regularly, even on a really busy day. When the service was completely adequate, no one of us specifically liked the poolside chicken quesadillas, fries, or chicken fingers. I’d recommend conserving your appetite for several of the much much better downtown Houston dining choices and simply grab a cool drink through the pool.

The lazy flow is open up from 6AM – 10PM and people were out there every solitary one the those minutes, also into the night.

In addition to the lazy river, over there is also a cook hot bath tub and a gorgeous infinity pool that becomes adults-only after 6PM as soon as they bribe the youngsters out with totally free popsicles…which to be pretty brilliant.

Tips for booking a stay at the Marriott Marquis Houston

In terms of booking a room in ~ the Marriott Marquis in downtown Houston, I would not recommend payment extra because that a lazy river view unless friend just have actually money come burn. Us booked a lazy river view room to test it out, yet from our floor, you couldn’t really view the shape of Texas.

Not just that, yet you can gain a totally free birds-eye watch by just riding the elevator up to the high floor and looking the end of the home window near the elevators. Following time, I’d conserve my money and book a traditional room quite than worry about watching human being hang the end by the lazy river. Otherwise, the room itself was really quiet, comfortable, and provided our family members of 4 a great night’s sleep.

Other than the lazy river, the standout the the Marriott Marquis Houston was the M Lounge. Our Marriott Platinum status acquired us free access and also the lounge was not only massive, but stocked with far better than median food and also drinks for a residential club lounge.


Marriott Gold condition would also get girlfriend in the lounge, or you deserve to pay a greater rate for consisted of club access. If club access here was rather nice and also helpful, because you space in the middle of downtown through lots of adjacent options, it really isn’t important at this property.

What ns loved around the M Lounge was the for breakfast, over there wasn’t simply one or two hot items, however several options. This included bacon, one egg white veggie scramble, breakfast potato casserole, pigs in a blanket, scrambled eggs, and also more. In enhancement to the warm items, there was a big spread that pastries, cereals, yogurts, cheese, meat, and also fruit.

We additionally appreciated the throughout the day we were may be to pop in for sodas, waters, and also snacks. If I had actually one suggestion, it would be to do juice available during the day, at the very least upon request. Ours two-year-old really wanted some juice in ~ one suggest during stay, however it was only obtainable in the lounge throughout breakfast and also not once we asked in the afternoon or evening.

Explore exploration Green and also Downtown Houston

If you are making the trip to the Marriott Marquis Downtown Houston with kids, I highly recommend pulling yourself away indigenous the lazy flow for a little bit and also walking across the street to discovery Green to play and also explore in the splash pad, kayak, rise the playground, roll roughly in the open spaces, and more.



From the Marriott Marquis Houston, girlfriend are additionally not much from Minute Maid, the Toyota Center, the underground Tunnels, the Downtown Aquarium, and also the initial Ninfa’s on Navigation, which is an ext than precious a stop for part solid Tex-Mex in my opinion.

Putting a lazy flow on the height of a hotel in the middle of downtown is such a Texan thing to do, for this reason it truly is fitting that the river is in the form of its residence state. If your travels lug you come Houston, or girlfriend live in the area and want simple staycation, i recommend a night or two with your household at the Marriott Marquis Houston. The only real worry to resolve is simply just how hot and busy that can obtain on a weekend afternoon in the summer.

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Otherwise, the perks of a will plus the convenience the downtown way that us are an extremely likely to be return guests.