Watch the Macy"s Thanksgiving work Parade indigenous an NYC hotel room for a special view. Photograph courtesy that the Residence Inn brand-new York Manhattan/Times Square

Chances space you"re not even thinking about Thanksgiving yet. ~ all, we still have actually Halloween to obtain through! however as anyone in the NYC hotel industry will tell you, families looking to publication a hotel where they can watch the Macy"s Thanksgiving day Parade in Midtown Manhattan do so approximately a year ahead of time. Because that an NYC hotel room with a see of Snoopy, Spidey, Hello Kitty, and also their other blow up pals, you"ve acquired to arrangement in advance.

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It"s not just NYC tourists who splurge on hotels for the annual Macy"s Thanksgiving work Parade, either. Over the past couple of years, we"ve had actually many new Yorkers create in asking which NYC many hotels looked the end on the Macy"s parade course (it sure beats watching indigenous the street). While most of this hotels tho have ease of access as that this writing, contact right far as every little thing will most likely sell out. If you do gain shut out, it"s worth checking closer come Thanksgiving since there are sometimes last-minute cancellations.

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Important note: It"s best to call to make her reservation, for this reason you have the right to confirm with a person that the room you"re paying oh-so-much because that does indeed have a good view the the Macy"s Thanksgiving day Parade. Friend will additionally want to walk over all of the details, including whether you have the right to invite non-registered guests. Hotels us spoke to for this story recommended booking by July, so it"s worth keeping this list in your earlier pocket for following year if girlfriend can"t snag a spot for this year"s parade.

NYC Hotels through Parade Views because that 2021

Mandarin Oriental new York

80 Columbus Circle in ~ 60th Street212-805-8800The Premier main Park check out rooms top top the 45th through the 52nd floors offerguests the possibility to clock the festivities from floor-to-ceiling windows. Together of now, there are a few rooms available, andthey are fairly pricey (we"re talking about upwards of $2,000 a night). In ahead years, girlfriend could book a non-parade-view room and also watch the parade from the hotel"s ballroom for no extra cost, but no decision has been made around whether the ballroom will be open up as of yet. As soon as not the town hall the parade, pass the time in the hotel"s famous spa and fitness center, or frolic in the pool. Special solutions for families include babysitting, a children"s food selection in the restaurant, roll-away beds, childproofing accessories, bottle warmers, high chairs, color books, storybooks, and kids" DVDs. There"s a two-night minimum; call to reserve.

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Watch Paddington gyeongju down sixth Avenue indigenous the brand-new York Hilton Midtown.

New York Hilton Midtown

1335 6th Avenue in ~ 54th Street212-586-7000The Hilton Midtown offers variety of Thanksgiving Parade packages (up come a five-night minimum remain is forced for the grandest ones). Every one of this NYC hotel"s views, both full and also partial, look out onto 6th Avenue. Gained questions? The hotel has whole Thanksgiving Parade team collection up come answer them: contact 212-261-5955 or email ThanksgivingHiltonNYC

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The JW Marriott Essex House new York uses a parkside see of the parade.

JW Marriott Essex House brand-new York

160 main Park South between Sixth and also Seventh Avenues212-247-0300There"s a three-night minimum stay required for the prime viewing rooms with main Park views at Essex House, a JW Marriott NYC hotel. The hotel likewise offers premium suites that market partial see of the parade, however, lock are right now all offered out. If girlfriend don"t control to book a room in time, friend could shot to snag a premium-view breakfast table at SOUTHGATE Bar & Restaurant ~ above the lobby level. Unlike year past, bookings no longer come with all-access bracelets, so curb accessibility and is an initial come, very first served. You must publication online for the central Park view rooms under deals and packages.

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Enjoy prime Midtown viewing in ~ the Residence Inn brand-new York Manhattan/Times Square. Photo by Anna Gross

Residence Inn brand-new York Manhattan/Times Square

1033 sixth Avenue in between 38th and also 39th Streets212-768-0007This hotel offers assorted view packages at various price points. For the finest view the the parade, select the Prime see Room to endure unobstructed, eye-level views. Over there is limited availability and the price suggest is high—$2,200 or $3,000 per night, relying on your arrival date. A four-night minimum remain is required. Partial see Room Packages room also available and include accommodations in north- or south-facing studio suites top top the greater floors of the hotel, i m sorry offera birds-eye view. Come make your reservations, call Amanda Hempel at 212-380-5005 or email amanda.hempel

The Warwick Hotel

65 West 54th Street at sixth Avenue212-314-7728Perfectly located along the Thanksgiving work Parade route, this historical NYC hotel has a few rooms and suites easily accessible offering a prime see of the parade. Speak to Director of bookings Angela Calabrese come book.

Bonus: Stella 34 Trattoria

6th Floor, Macy"s Herald SquareIf you desire to it is in in the love of every the action on turkey day, however don"t desire to offer up the creature comforts the home, consider booking a splurge-worthy brunch preventive at Stella 34 Trattoria. Situated inside Macy"s Herald Squareflagship store, you"ll enjoy a birds-eye watch of the parade"s finale and performances, if noshing top top a delicious Italian-inspired buffet brunch and Thanksgiving lunch, plus enjoy an open bar and passed hors d"oeuvres. Bookings are required and can be booked online. Every guests eras 12+ will certainly be required to display proof the COVID-19 vaccination.

NYC hotels to Bookmark for 2022 Parade Views

These hotels likewise offer rooms v a parade view, however, reservationsare sold out for 2021. Obtain a jump start on plans for Thanksgiving 2022

The Quin

101 West 57th Street at sixth Avenue212-245-7846The Quin provides a variety of rooms v full and partial views of the parade, consisting of studios and suites. Several of the rooms have balconies. Guests can dine in-room during the parade or nab a grab-and-go breakfast native the first-floor dining room to take back to their rooms.

1 Hotel central Park

1414 6th Avenue in ~ 58th Street212-703-2001A two-night minimum is forced for a Thanksgiving remain at the 1 Hotel, where the 1 of a kind View package has in-room dining credit and an up-close check out of the parade action. Contact to make sure your room has the check out you"re feather for.


50 central Park South212-308-9100This glitzy hotel offers luxurious parade watch rooms. You have actually the option to choose between mid- and also lower-floor rooms. All packages incorporate a welcome gift and specific suites come v a $250 credit and in-suite Thanksgiving job brunch or dinner. Over there is a two-night minimum.

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A version of this article an initial published in September 2013. Jody Mercier contributed extr reporting.