Rio de Janeiro has actually been a hot destination for decades, however the 2016 Olympics really placed it ~ above the map. We had actually the chance to check out three of the ideal hotels in Riowhile visiting the city with TravelSmith while castle shot their Summer 2016 catalog.

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Three great Hotels in Rio top top the ideal of the City’s Beaches

Three good Rio HOtels

While in Rio, we tried three various hotels on three various beaches. If you space going to remain in Rio, you may be interested in one of these 3 Rio hotels.

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Copacabana beach Hotel

Copacaban royal residence the best place to remain in Rio

Best Copacabana coast is probably the most renowned beach in the world and the ar to stay once visiting Rio is certainly the Belmond Copacabana palace hotel. While we were visiting Rio, ArnoldSchwarzenegger was staying at the hotel.

We never saw him, yet we did check out his bodyguards lingering roughly the lobby. The following week Cold beat was continuing to be at the Copacabana Palace. As soon as we heard that it to be the star’s hotel the choice, we knew we picked a winner. Traveling to Rio this summer? choose up your Lonely planet Travel Guide


The Belmond Copacabana royal residence hotel is an art deco hotel dating ago to 1923. It was the first hotel in the area and it take away up an entire city block. Copacabana beach was basically built about this hotel and the history and glamour can not be denied. Going to Brazil? see our list of the 18 an extremely Best things to perform in Rio de Janeiro

With chic modern design suites mediate beautifully v the historic architecture, the Copacabana royal residence makes girlfriend feel choose a movie star.


Breakfast by the swimming pool is the perfect start to your day prior to you walk along the top beach. Copacabana provides beach umbrellas and chairs to all hotel guests so friend never have to fight because that a point out on Rio’s an extremely crowded beaches. Read more about Brazil at 12 Fun and also Interesting Facts around Brazil

Leblon beach Hotel

Sheraton Hotel ~ above Leblon Beach

Leblon coast is the quietest the Rio’s well known beaches and the Sheraton cool Hotel & will is the place to stay.

It is a little bit off the beaten path but taxis are so affordable in Rio, you have the right to get about to the adjoining Ipanema coast or simply a tiny further under to Copacabana with ease. The Sheraton has what feels like a private beach as only locals take advantage of the sand.


It has multiple pools, a spa and also restaurants do the Sheraton the perfect retreat from liven Rio.

We love cocktail hour top top the club level where totally free Caphairina’s are offered at the bar as you look at on from the 26th floor in ~ the incredible view the Rio’s beaches and mountainous shore.

The pools were under building and construction while we were there, yet they are expected come be complete by the Olympics this summer.

Ipanema beach Hotel

“Tall and tan and young and lovely the girl from Ipanema walk walking….”

Ipanema beach is most people’s favourite beaches. It’s the local favourite and close to numerous restaurants and shopping. The Fasano Hotel is the selection hotel because that stars, but that was all booked out throughout our remain sadly.

Rumour has it that Madonna to be so mad in ~ the Copacabana coast hotel for booking an actual president in the Presidential Suite the she relocated to the Fassano and has never looked back. Henry Stiles, Kate Moss and David Beckham have actually all stayed at the Fassano. Ns would have actually loved to have actually checked it out, but we to be at the anotherchoice Rio hotel at the sol Ipanema.

The sol Ipanema is all about its location. Located throughout the street indigenous the beach. (Note all Rio hotels space located across the street from the coast – None except the Sheraton room located straight on the beach) it is also just approximately the corner from the famed Girl indigenous Ipanema Cafe where the famous tune was penned.

Dinner right here is a must as you are offered delicious Brazilian barbecue directly on your table that you grill up yourself.

There is a very little pool top top the roof v a pair of lounge chairs that renders for a good view, yet we suggest taking advantage of the sunlight chair and also umbrella service offered at the solar Ipanema ~ above the beach. Umbrellas and chairs are tough to come by and having a hotel carry out this totally free service is a substantial bonus.

Staying at a beach hotel enables you comfort and accessibility that other world don’t have when visiting Rio’s beaches.

If you choose one of these hotels on the beach, you room going to love your time in south America’s most amazing city.

For an ext information on take trip to Rio visit the Rio travel Websiteand stay tuned because that the TravelSmith Catalogue featuring MyRio!

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Such an remarkable share

I have also listen that the city the Rio de Janeiro is among the famous tourist destinations in the world.

And i love her list because that Rio.

Copacabana Beach is one of the world’s well-known beaches situated at the center of Rio de Janeiro. The government also raised volleyball and football tournaments during the sexty days in ~ the beach.

Thanks a lot of for giving a perform of glamorous hotels in Rio.

Thumbs approximately your blog buddy!

Keep doing an excellent work.God Bless U!

July 3, 2016 at 6:16 afternoon

Are these an individual recommendations?

Have you continued to be in all three?

May 21, 2016 at 12:04 pm

We love Ipanema side of Rio for the good beaches and also easy ease of access across the city) The roof teracces on this side also give stunning views for the sunsent!

corfu hotel
May 20, 2016 in ~ 4:46 am

Rio is terrific city, one night in this city is my dream .Fabulous image ,amazing hotel .

Jan Willem
May 16, 2016 in ~ 7:27 pm

It’s Fasano, no Fassano.

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May 16, 2016 in ~ 9:14 am

If you have the possibility to visit Rio, be certain to take advantage of it, the city is wonderful v beautiful organic landscapes, monitor the an excellent post guidelines and also have fun.

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