Raging nightclubs and also DJ-led swimming pool parties do Miami among the ideal destinations because that fun-loving travelers. At s Avenue, southern Beach, or farther phibìc at Fontainebleau, there’s a lively step perfect because that dancing the night away. ~ visiting the height Miami hotels because that revelers, we compared each to check out which were ideal for couples that love clubs, bachelor and also bachelorette parties, and groups of friends trying to find a great time. Here’s a perform of the finest party many hotels in Miami.

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The Delano is just one of the coolest and most popular spots on south Beach, drawing a wide range of clientele. The party starts in the the lobby"s crowded and red-lit climbed Bar, and then the crowds continue out the back and about the pool, and additionally underground to Lenny Kravitz"s Florida Room nightclub, where Miami club promoter Tommy Pooch master a weekly party every Saturday night. There are live DJs, $17 mojitos, and tight security -- a well-known, see-and-be-seen party scene.


Built in 1954, it to be the hangout of the rat pack in that is heyday, however it had fallen from the headlines till its $1 exchange rate facelift in 2008. Every restaurant has actually its own bar, the most well-known being Bleau Bar, which features a panoramic see of the pools through day. In the evening, head come LIV, which many take into consideration to it is in the only real nightclub in this area that Miami Beach. True, celebs varying from Maria Sharapova to P-Diddy have actually dropped by to party, however the stars usually just come the end for close up door door events, like s Drive magazine"s anniversary party. On continuous nights, it"s like any other club v neon lights flashing end a group of striped shirt cozying up to high-heeled blondes.


Built in 1938, the Clevelander has been a south Beach landmark for an ext than 70 years, known as lot for the come-one, come-all parties as for its official duties as a hotel. Many think about a stay, or at least a protect against at the patio bar, come be one of the quintessential SoBe experiences. The property has actually only 60 rooms, but since of all the bars, clubs, and terraces, and the substantial plot of land that occupies, that feels nothing favor a boutique hotel. Basically a party complex, the Clevelander is come blaring music and also Bud light what golf resorts space to piano bars and scotch.


The beachfront Shore club prides chin on being a be-seen haunt, v celebrity-fueled restaurants and bars, and also a boisterous infinity pool wherein DJs rotate the recent hits. Nobu and ago (two of Miami"s most expensive eateries) room the highlights that the hotel, however the poolside parties and restaurant bars still manage to do this a favored hangout because that party-ready university kids, celebrities (like Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Christina Milian), and also couples in your 30s looking for a lively Miami weekend.


The typical SoBe party step isn"t the just thing drawing crowds, but so is... Sunday Bingo! Sprawling throughout the denim sofas, bare feet increase on the cushions, 20-somethings have actually rekindled the cool in Grandma"s favorite pastime. But don"t it is in fooled: Considering the weekly party nights at The typical Miami coast Bar (with promotions favor "ladies and also bottoms drink free"), the rather raunchy swimming pool scene (especially when the body repaint gets flying), and also the coed sauna (no require to define anything more), it"s more than likely for the best that youngsters under 14 space not permitted on the property.

Although this is no the craziest that the SoBe hotels, it is still a great destination. The bar by the pool serves drinks throughout the afternoon, and additionally during part evenings when there"s an overflow native the Sunset Lounge, which is the lobby"s famous bar and also lounge (right near the trendy Asia de Cuba restaurant). The Sunset Lounge is very packed top top weekends; a line eventually forms exterior the hotel. Hotel guests are at an advantage, though, as you merely need to wave your hotel keys at the bouncer to be waved right in.

This historic Art Deco hotel on Collins Avenue gained a breath of brand-new life as soon as it reopened together a stylish 87-room boutique in so late 2012. Retro-chic rooms have actually black-and-white picture on the walls and beachy blue-and-white decor; all have whopping 55-inch flat-screen TVs, iPod docks, and sleek bathrooms v walk-in showers (but no tubs). The clear rooftop pool; clubby lounge with fancy, fresh cocktails; and also the super-hip basement nightclub with 80s decor and a soundtrack that 90s hits room all draws. But be warned the the signage deserve to be confusing -- it says The Gale on the front and The Regent on the back, for the two historic hotels that were an unified to kind the present property.

After a finish revamping the the former Seville Hotel, the Miami beach EDITION opened in December 2014 to administer hip, high-end accommodations in the burgeoning Mid-Beach area. Mimicking the hotel"s as whole design, the 294 sleek, spare guest rooms function light woods and also white fabrics. Amenities are undoubtedly top-notch: There are two outdoor pools; a beachfront through chairs and also umbrellas; well dining Matador restaurant; one upscale spa; and an underground nightclub/bowling alley/skate rink. While couples, families, and business specialists all frequent the hotel, the version appeals mainly to trendy travelers who will appreciate the Beats Bluetooth speakers and copy of document magazine in every room

The upscale 380-room Confidante has a beautiful beachfront, two pools, lot of bars, and staff the receive regular praise. Guest rooms have actually a colorful, retro design and also high-tech amenities, despite views differ from city come oceanfront and there"s part minor wear and also tear. However, with ample amenities and also a celebrity chef-helmed restaurant, it"s a solid choose for couples, groups, and families who desire to it is in a little bit removed from the South Beach scene. Price here additionally tend to be much more affordable than at similar hotels in the heart of southern Beach.

Three blocks from the beach, Vintro Hotel south Beach is an upscale art Deco boutique hotel. The 50 guest rooms have retro furnishings in citrus tones, and also feature flat-screen TVs, Illy espresso machines, and rainfall showerheads. However, some rooms have actually parking many views, or lack views altogether. But, there are rather a couple of amenities to attract travelers: vouchers because that beach chairs and towels; a rooftop plunge pool; on-site good dining restaurant; lobby bar; complimentary bicycles; and totally free Wi-Fi. For adult 18 and also over only, the hotel is a good pick because that couples who don"t psychic sacrificing straight beach access for a i know well atmosphere.

Literally a one-minute walk from the beach, this trendy boutique hotel -- like countless others in the area -- caters to young, i know well partiers. The lobby is decorated v a sleek black-and-white motif, the rooftop pool and bar are hopping late right into the night, and house music plays throughout the property.

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