540 north Michigan Avenue, (Driveway enntrance gate on 541 North rush Street), Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
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Monday, November 1, 2021

Lobby good Room & Reviver Bar




The Hotel Lobby Redefined

Modernized in march of 2019 the hotel's new good room lobby and Reviver bar embodies the vibrancy of our city destination. Draft to it is in a cross-section the our cities “grit and grace” while offering our travelers a seamless experience to work and play. 


A Cocktail Bar is the focal suggest of our an excellent room, supplying our guests an immersive suffer in a modern approach to classic cocktails us affectionately contact “Chronomixology” coupled with a curated wine list including Coravin selections, detailed beer offerings concentrated on local Chicagoland breweries and inventive street food influenced by the diverse neighborhoods of Chicago.

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Fitness Experience

Renovated in 2016 our fitness facility was expanded to end 9,000 square feet and goes past just the conventional exercise equipment to market a finish wellness experience.

Carefully selected to sell a wide range of benefits, the gym devices features the adhering to premier cardio and also strength equipment: treadmills, elliptical machines, Stairmaster, upright and also recumbent bikes, aqua rowers, security balls, TRX station, chest push machine, shoulder push machine, and leg expansion machines.
Views overlooking the vibrant city the Chicago and also the hotel's seasonal rooftop vegetable and also herb garden administer motivation and also excitement to any kind of workout. Additionally, the hotel state that the arts Fitness rap Studio provides over 1,200 digital fitness great on-demand.
Whether it's catching up on a yoga class, cycling, hip-hop run or also have the family join for an man kid’s fitness experience the Chicago buzzpatterson.com Downtown magnificent Mile has your wellness covered.
With an emphasis on fresh, seasonal, and creative dishes, our on-site restaurants are below to fuel friend in layout as you take on the splendid Mile. Gain a selection of artisanal offerings from regional merchants at rush Street Pantry; enjoy the locally-sourced delights from Harvest; sip a very delicious cocktail when sampling the elevated street food at Reviver. 

Fueling her Stay 

Food and also beverage is an integral part of the hotel experience and also the Chicago buzzpatterson.com Downtown provides a truly distinct culinary adventure. For end a te we have instilled a culinary society of farm to table dining because that as little as 2 human being enjoying breakfast in Harvest Restaurant or up to 1500 people in among the hotels occasion banquet spaces. 

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Carefully & Creatively Crafted

Ninety-five percent of every little thing that come on a guest’s key is made from scratch on site with a level of unrivaled expertise. Ours award-winning chefs craft exceptional food making use of fresh house-made pasta, home butchered meats, a full-service pastry shop, new stocks, sauces, soups, and salad dressings.

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Keeping that Local 

The hotel is proud to companion with heritage Prairie Farm who has collection aside an acre the land come grow develop exclusively for the hotel, leading to a farm-to-table dining endure throughout the building, including our banquet meals. Additionally the hotel hosts comprehensive rooftop garden v Beehives real estate 900,000 honeybees.

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World-Class Location

Welcome to the true colorful heart of the city. Travelers appreciate convenience and access in the finest location in one the world’s biggest cities.

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Located on Chicago’s renowned Magnificent Mile, the hotel’s former door provides instant access to few of the world finest shopping, while external our backdoor sits the city’s flow North community - the hub of dining, entertainment and also nightlife v over 170 restaurants and also 138 bars in ~ an 8-block radius that the property.