Best NYC Hotels and Packages on New sixth Ave Route

The ideal Macys Thanksgiving Parade Hotels room along the parade route and offer see from the rooms, restaurants or exterior the former of the hotel. Plenty of hotels market private accessibility to areas along the parade route blocked turn off to the rest of the the town hall public. Right here are all the ways to watch the Macy’s brand-new York Thanksgiving Parade indigenous a hotel.

The 2021 Thanksgiving Parade must follow along 6th Avenue (aka, avenue of the Americas). In prior years, the most famous Thanksgiving many hotels were along 7th Avenue and Broadway, yet now those are a block turn off the Parade Route.

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Macys Thanksgiving Parade Hotel – best Hotel Rooms

There space plenty the hotels along the Thanksgiving Parade Route. Some Thanksgiving in brand-new York City hotels have good views of the Parade (and part don’t!), making it easy to remain warm and dry, usage a rest room, eat and STILL clock the Parade indigenous a element spot. Numerous of them likewise offer Thanksgiving in new York City Hotel Packages (though they deserve to be pricey).

The Parade readjusted routes in both 2009 and 2012, so please be conscious when researching older information.


Macys Thanksgiving Parade many hotels on Parade Route

Where will certainly you clock the brand-new York Macy’s Thanksgiving work Parade this year? From her hotel room, restaurant, lounge or top top the street in the viewing areas?

All Thanksgiving job Parade reviews from are from the brand-new parade course and detailed from north to south addresses (start to finish of the Parade).

Trump worldwide Hotel‘This is wonderful place to continue to be for Thanksgiving weekend together the parade passes directly in former of the hotel. Us have additionally stayed at the Mandarin-Oriental in ~ Columbus Circle which is also terrific choice, however the check out for the parade is far better at Trump. They have a good viewing area because that hotel guests only…’

1 central Park West, NY, NY 10023 (Upper West Side)

Mandarin Oriental, brand-new YorkTheir ‘6,000 sqft ballroom is Manhattan’s best-kept mystery for city hall Macy’s legendary yearly Thanksgiving day Parade. Guests who book the ns Love a Parade package have actually exclusive access to perch 280 feet over the parade’s colorful selection of floats and balloons passing through Columbus one on Thanksgiving morning.’

80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street

JW Marriott Essex House brand-new YorkSituated on main Park South and a premier Thanksgiving day Parade hotel. Reap unparalleled views without the hassle of crowds and also cold weather once you publication one of your luxurious guest rooms or suites.

160 central Park South

AKA main Park – ‘Best Kept mystery for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade’ and‘We simply walked under 58th street and stood ~ above the corner of 6th and 58th and had a great view of the balloons together they rounded the corner to come down 6th.”

42 W. 58th St, at sixth Avenue (Midtown West)

the Quin central Park – Thanksgving reviews, ‘Great Hotel for The Thanksgiving work Parade!!! being on The Thanksgiving job Parade Route, rooms to be costly as to be expected. The room to be clean and also well equipped. Small Hotel, little Lobby, nothing expect lot from the usual areas. Overall it to be a an excellent experience and also I would definitely return!!!’

101 West 57th Street, at 6th Avenue (Midtown West)

Warwick new York Hotel – ‘We could not have actually picked a better spot (in mine opinion) because that the Macy’s Thanksgiving work Parade. This hotel is ~ above the parade route, and also there is plenty of sidewalk room to sit and stand’

65 W 54th Street at 6th Avenue

New York Hilton Midtown – ‘Stayed in ~ the Hilton Midtown for Thanksgiving week. Good location to see the Macy’s parade.’ and also ‘All we had actually to execute was walk downstairs and watch the parade happen by.’

1335 Ave the the americas (6th Ave) in ~ 53rd St

Sheraton brand-new York times Square Hotel – ‘Great hotel. Went out of your to aid me collection up surprise overnight hotel viewing room for Thanksgiving job Parade. 24 hrs service, employee was great..was may be to get us last minute ticket to a Broadway Show.’

811 7th avenue on 52nd Street, (Midtown West)

Kimpton Muse Hotel The Kimpton Muse provides an over-the-top experience for travelers to stay in a select Specialty Suite finish with an the end terrace providing an ideal view that the Thanksgiving job Parade. The 2018 experience had in-room sparkling wine upon arrival, Thanksgiving morning breakfast en-suite to gain while watching the parade indigenous the suite’s terrace, binoculars, hand warmers, a $12 subway card per day, a cost-free Museum the Natural history pass and more.

130 West 46th Street

LUMA Hotel time Square‘Thanksgiving mainly with household was superb…steps far from Bryant Park and an excellent spot to catch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. The staff was wonderful and also the room to be perfect!’ and ‘a an excellent view outside the hotel of the parade’

120 West 41st St (Midtown West)

Residence Inn times Square gain unparalleled views without the hassle of crowds and also cold weather, one all-you-can-eat family-style brunch and also overnight accommodations for 4 in one of our spacious studio suites.

6th Ave in ~ 39th St (Midtown West)

Courtyard new York Manhattan/Herald Square Thanksgiving day Parade Packages include one of three room options, together with a special welcome amenity.

71 West 35th Street at 6th Ave (Midtown West)

Hilton Garden Inn West 35th Street Visit the large Apple this Thanksgiving and stay in the center of the Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade action at Hilton Garden Inn brand-new York/West 35th Street. Take in the world-famous Macy’s Thanksgiving work Parade from your room.

63 West 35th Street (b/w 5th & 6th Aves)

More Thanksgiving Parade course Hotels:

Hotels ~ above Parade Route:Central Park W (77th to 59th Sts)Central Park southern (same together 59th St)6th Avenue: (58th to 34th Sts) 34th Street (between Broadway & 7th Ave)

Top that Macys Thanksgiving Parade Hotel, Thanksgiving in NYC

Macy’s Thanksgiving job Parade path Hotels

I know it can be hard to visualize the parade route and also hotels together, so below we’ve make the efforts to present you a Parade course Map and also underneath a map of many hotels near and on the parade route.


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Loving the guide so far! i have been researching it because that our upcoming trip. Mine favorite component is that you’ve detailed what come see and also where come eat in each area! We will be taking our cheat sheets through us together we visit every place! Honestly, i am not certain what you could have done much better – the is for this reason detailed, ns love it!

Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade Map (2019)


Macy’s Thanksgiving job Parade windy Viewing Areas:

Central Park West: West next from 70th Street to Columbus CircleCentral Park West: beforehand risers camp out beginning at 6AM top top the west next of central Park West indigenous West 75th to West 59th Streets. Great views deserve to be uncovered along this stretch!Columbus Circle: West side (Note: Columbus one is the Southwest edge of central Park whereby CPW and CPS meet). No windy viewing on Columbus.6th Avenue: in between 58th & 34th Streets. Great views from West 59th to West 38th Streets!6th Ave: in between 34th and also 38th roadways will be closed come spectators34th Street: south side of street in between Broadway & 7th AvenueAvoid watching on 6th Avenue in between West 34th and West 38th streets & top top West 34th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. The nationwide television broadcast boundaries viewing here.

Top the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Hotels

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