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Shows hotels and also stays actively taking safety actions like added sanitation procedures, mask-wearing guidelines, and also more. Learn more at our travel Safe hub.


“All suites room oceanview. Great breakfast. Cheap happy hour handmade beer and also wine ($3 and $4 respectively). Reasonable pet fee of $45 through no dimension restrictions.No worries with 4pm checkout for platinum member. Free...”
Taking safety and security measures
“On our expedition through the south we make a prevent at Jacksonville Beach for one night. Uncovered a great rate and reviews so us stopped. Being the it is a beach city it was all buzzing v folks. This is an older place…”
“comfortable clean happy employee close to everything enjoyed the stay saw the critical day the the women's surf dispute an spent the night city hall the bands at the park just a good time would recommend the hotel to…”
“Clean common spaces, great amenities and rooms were really comfortable. Staff was always helpful and friendly. Place right in ~ the finish of coast Ave is great very walkable to every kinds of things to do.”
“Jay and also Glen were so attentive and did an remarkable job! They to be friendly and very professional. Good dining experience! we would absolutely recommend this restaurant to everyone continuing to be at One Ocean.”
“We stay right here every 6 months as soon as we visit mayo Clinic. This one is located well...lots the restaurants, shopping, etc. Nearby...and just minutes from mayo Clinic. It is well kept and old enough to have decent...”
“On our trip through the southern we made a avoid at Jacksonville Beach for one night. Found a great rate and reviews so we stopped. Being that it is a beach city it was all buzzing through folks. This is an older place…”
“All suites are oceanview. An excellent breakfast. Cheap happy hour craft beer and also wine ($3 and also $4 respectively). Reasonable pet fee the $45 through no size restrictions.No issues with 4pm checkout for platinum member. Free...”
“We were really pleased. The staff can not have it is in nicer. Girlfriend really feeling welcome. The beach is beautiful, and the staff make sure you have all the chairs, umbrellas or towels you need. The food in the…”
“Overall, the home was fine kept. Employee was friendly and also nice. Room to be clean and was able to placed my head down. Nice big TV v clean fridge and also microwave. Would recommend if close to Jacksonville beach.”
“Great hotel ~ above the beach. Rooms clean and also comfortable beds. The entire staff space friendly and also knowledgeable. Perfect ar to get to several an excellent restaurants. The pool is yes, really nice surrounding with…”
“As yall understand we will frequently stay someplace cheaper on the road to sleep. This one to be pretty great very clean and are offer breakfast. We did have to unstop the toilet however hey not a horrible tradeoff because that a much...”
“What i loved around this hotel: ~ above the beach location; no carpets; shampoo, conditioner and also soap space on-the-wall dispensers so no should pollute with little bottles; breakfast was really good; simple check-in and also good...”
“Okay very first of all, this hotel is FABULOUS and also you must absolutely check it the end if you're visiting Jacksonville Beach. It's the newest oceanfront hotel in the area, it's super clean, nice and well designed. The...”
“On the grounds of mei Clinic in Jacksonville Florida. Just room business every three days because of the covid-19 virus. Hotel is clean and also on huge wooded grounds. Shuttle service to and also from Mayo. 2 electric...”
“I love this place! It to be so comfortable. The rooms to be nice, the gift shop had every little thing you require for forgetfuls, and two that the three restaurants were yes, really yummy! i was impressed with the shuttle company to...”
“This hotel is super clean, everyone is an extremely nice and professional and has a great location. Breakfast to be also an extremely good. The beds are an extremely comfortable and all the amenities are very good. I extremely recommend…”
“Small hotel, quiet and also cozy. Has actually an the end bar, remains pretty busy, however you can't hear any noise in the room. Simply a couple of steps far from the beach; restaurants and shops space within go distance. Employee was...”
“Friendly and helpful staff. Room to be clean. Hotel is no in a great location. We were in our method to St Augustine and stopped because that the night. Over there isn't anything around. If you just need someplace to prevent for the...”
“The employees were not that nice and also in height of my room were people stepping all night, make it difficult to sleep one night. As well as that, really an excellent hotel for the price being! it is nearby to every little thing you...”
“This hotel to be clean. Our room had actually been recently remodeled and they were working on replacing flooring across the room from our room the morning us left. The ar was good. We were in city for a surgery at...”
“This hotel provides the true suite experience. We appreciated a suite that included two bedrooms, a living room and a full kitchen. It was much more like a little apartment! every bedroom had actually its own complete bath and...”
“The hotel palms is an amazing place to hold a family members gathering. The rooms space beautiful and also the employee is so helpful. We had actually a wedding agree there and it couldn’t have been an ext perfect. And also the location is...”
“Everything about our continue to be was exceptional, the setting, the service, the room, the beds, the food and drink, the pool and also the beach! Special many thanks to Kai, Eddy, Erick and also Jonathan who made ours stay also more...”
“This is the perfect bang for your buck if you want to it is in close to the beach because that a reasonable price. The hotel is clean and also safe with free parking and breakfast. The coast is a pair blocks away v public…”
“Would have provided this hotel a 5, yet the elevator was never ever fixed while us were there and also we had 3rd floor room. Front workdesk upon check in let us know and offered to let us cancel the reservation, however we came…”
“Just no hot water and tiny out dated and also old feather stains. However room and bed to be nice. Restroom really just issue. Restaurant and locations close to by space awesome. Hotel bar / restaurant is awesome. Generally go…”
“The world’s most comfortable bed! This is the perfect place for one overnight shopping trip! we park the car and also walked across the street come the city center and had dinner and also a day complete of shopping fun. ”
“Wife and I room visiting Jax on business. Us usually stay up on coast Blvd at a competing hotel, however their rates gained stupid recently, so us tried this place. It's clean and quiet, looks pretty new, for this reason we're happy...”
“This hotel is nice and also clean. It has actually a complete kitchen v dishwasher, complete refrigerator , microwave, 2 burners and also everything you need to prepare your meals. Vast lending station with crockpot, food processor and...”

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