Katie Dillon

Katie Dillon is La Jolla Mom and a san Diego hotel skilled (no one in town knows more about them than she does). She lived in a deluxe hotel for this reason knows exactly what a good hotel pool must be like.

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Katie Dillon

Katie Dillon is La Jolla Mom and a san Diego hotel experienced (no one in town knows much more about them than she does). She lived in a deluxe hotel therefore knows specifically what a an excellent hotel pool should be like.

To far better enjoy mountain Diego’s year-round sunshine, numerous travelers—especially families—factor in ahotel’s swim pool when booking accommodations. They provide a nice location to unwind after ~ a day at the coast or sightseeing, with a cocktail or pool toys in-hand. Thisultimate perform of best hotel pools in san Diego will aid narrow your search for whereto stay.

Thanks to our year-round temperate weather, this pools space outdoor pools. I’ve broken the choice into four various categories of swimming pools come cater to the vibrant, yet diverse, pool seekers visiting our edge of southern California. Many San Diego hotel pools are of modest dimension (we’re known more for our beaches 보다 our hotel pools), however some have actually water slides and also epic views. Other pool decksare festive locations to meet friends.

If there’s a clear method to book, the will give you the best value, I’ve mentioned it. If not, there’s a connect to check the ideal price throughout multiple travel sites. If girlfriend make reservations through the links in this post, I might be compensated.

In This Article

Larger san Diego Hotel Pools

If you’re analysis this to discover the best hotel pools in san Diego, this is the ar for you. These mountain Diego many hotels rate highly foroverall ambiance, relaxation, and poolside amenities.

It’s vital to enjoy your time both in and also out the the pool, ~ all.

1. Fairmont grand Del Mar

Location: eastern Del MarWater slides: NoAdults-only pool: Yes

A sand play area awaits next to this pool (photo courtesy the Fairmont grand Del Mar).

San Diego’s finest luxury hotel, Fairmont grand Del Mar, also has the ideal pool options. Guests enjoy four spectacular outdoor and heated pools. The key Resort Pool offers private cabanas through TVs, underwater music, poolside company (including towels), and also a swimming pool Bar through drinks and also a food menu.

The children’s pool with a wading area is likewise near a white sand area come play in. There is likewise a Jacuzzi and an adults-only swimming pool that is perfect for relaxation after a spa treatment. The resort’s adults-only Signature Terrace rooms border this pool and also have terraces that open up to it for easy access.

If you’re in search of a high-end hotel with an excellent pools, this is my height pick, and also families love it. This is additionally one the the only resorts in san Diego v an adults-only room section. These are referred to as Signature rooms and also surround the adults-only pool.

Reservations: i can publication readers in v special Virtuoso amenities the include:

Upgrade on arrival, subject to access (room upgrades space not possible in beach Village)Daily breakfast credit of $40 per human for two guests per bedroom$100 USD indistinguishable Food & Beverage credit to be utilized throughout stay (not combinable, no valid top top room rate, no cash worth if not redeemed in full)Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availabilityComplimentary Wi-Fi

*The desktop version of Virtuoso.com is where you’ll search rates and also book online. To enable the desktop computer version indigenous a mobile device, after clicking on a Virtuoso hotel link, scroll down to the marine blue section at the bottom of the internet page and click “Full Site.” when searching rates, execute not input youngsters ages 17 and under together they will certainly be priced together adults. I’m informed when friend book and will include them when I contact you about your reservation. You deserve to alsouse mine formto inquiry rates.

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2. Omni La Costa resort & Spa

Location: La Costa (Carlsbad)Water slides: correct (kids need to be 48″ or higher to journey the two larger water slides and also 42″ tall because that the toddler slide)Adult-only pool: Yes

Families publication in for the water slides and also splash pad (photo courtesy that Omni La Costa Resort).

In addition to a world-famous spa, Omni La Costa will is likewise well-known for its multiple pool areas. Adults have actually their own pool with a golf food view, poolside food, handmade cocktails, and also cabanas called Edge.

Splash Landing is the kids’ water beat area through two 100′ water slides and a seasonal cafe area. Nearby, the Sandy Beach family members Pool is where youngsters can construct sandcastles when parentschill in a cabana.

Poolside food and also drink solutions at the family pool space seasonal. When unavailable, you deserve to grab food and drinks from the Marketplace and also bring them into the pool area.

The resort generally hosts night Funtopia household pool parties through kid-friendly fare, s’ mores, poolside games, and other fun tasks during summer. Then, there space villa pools and also courtyard pools, and, that course, the spa also has its own quiet pool.

Note: Pool hrs vary based upon occupancy and season.Right now, you also need a reservation to usage them. A reader I booked in freshly reported that the family members pool closed at 4 p.m. (that’s early) during the second week the April (still feather break for some).

Reservations: i can book you into Omni La Costa v Travel Leader choose benefits that include:

Daily breakfast because that twoA $100 resort creditEarly check-in and late check-out (subject come availability)

The price is the same as Omni’s flexible Rate, for this reason you may want to examine their website an initial because these benefits are not combinable with other promotions. If you’re interested, inquiry a price below.


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3. Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club and also Spa

Location: Aviara (Carlsbad)Water slides: YesAdults-only pool: Yes


Park Hyatt Aviara recently renovated its entire resort, including the outdoor swim pools. New additions include a two-story water slide, splash pad, and also zero-entry family members pool.

The Water’s leaf poolside restaurant is just for hotel guests and also serves delicious cocktails and food menu. Nearby hotel guests can enjoy the adults-only swimming pool that overlooks the scenic Batiquitos Lagoon.

Reservations: i can publication you in with Virtuoso benefits that include:

Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability.Daily full breakfast, for two guests per bedroom$100 USD resort credit to it is in utilized throughout stay (not combinable, no valid on room rate, no cash value if not redeemed in full)Complimentary everyday Aviara Spa accessibility for 2 guests including sauna, whirlpool, vapor room and also indoor solarium lounge.Locally-inspired culinary welcome amenityEarly check-in/late check-out, subject to availabilityComplimentary Wi-Fi

*The desktop computer version that Virtuoso.com is wherein you’ll find rates and also book online. To permit the desktop computer version indigenous a mobile device, after clicking a Virtuoso hotel link, scroll down to the navy blue section at the bottom the the net page and click “Full Site.” as soon as searching rates, carry out not input kids ages 17 and also under as they will certainly be priced together adults. I’m informed when girlfriend book and also will include them once I contact you around your reservation. You deserve to alsouse mine formto request rates.

I additionally have accessibility to Hyatt Prive services here as well so once I receive your booking, I’ll compare rates to make sure that you have the finest one.

4. Hyatt Regency Mission bay Spa and Marina

Location: Mission BayWater slides: yes (kids have to be 48″ tall to ride)Adults-only pool: No

Three is the most water slides in ~ a san Diego hotel pool (photo courtesy of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts).

The Hyatt Regency Mission just Spa and also Marina’s three lagoon-style pools room hailed as some of the finest in town. They’re staffed by a recreation team to help guests with towels, floats, poolside games, and sunblock.

The wavy shape gives the grounds a many character, spiced v comfortable lounge chairs perfect for relaxing. The evening irradiate here captures an remarkable ambiance, particularly given the location right top top Mission Bay. Prepare because that brightly colored arrays spilling across the sky come evening time.

It’s among the ideal hotel pools san Diego has to offer due to the fact that it has the most water slides (three) in enhancement to a different children’s pool. Guests may reserve private pool cabanas.

Poolside service comes from the nearby Pelican’s top top the Bay pool bar with shared plates, local beer, wine and also cocktails.

Reservations: While i do have actually Hyatt Prive benefits here to market that outweigh any kind of sale rates, I’m finding that human being are opting because that sale prices instead nearly 90% of the moment so i am directing world to Hotels.com.


5. Town and also Country Resort

Location: Mission ValleyWater slides: yes (kids must be 48″ tall to ride)Adults-only pool: No (but the Regency pool is quieter)

Kids love the “Twister” water on slide (photo courtesy of Town and also Country Resort).

Town and Country will in san Diego has reopened after a multi-million dollar renovation the emphasized that mid-century modern roots and also created a huge outdoor swimming swimming pool complex.

Guests can enjoy a zero-entry pool, a children’s pool, and also a four-story, 150′ “Twister” water slide. It’s at this time the longest hotel water slide in san Diego.

You have the right to relax in cabanas and day beds, especially if you book a poolside massage. Other offerings incorporate poolside crafts because that kids and also dive-in movies.

Rest assured that those trying to find poolside drinks and also eats have the right to order indigenous a complete pool menu yielded chairside.

Note: The water slide deserve to have seasonal hours.


6. Marriott Marquis mountain Diego Marina

Location: Downtown mountain DiegoWater slides: NoAdults-only pool: No

A nice downtown swimming pool — picture courtesy that Marriott Hotels and also Resorts.

Another large, however wavy-shaped swimming pool awaits at the san Diego Marriott Marquis & Mariana. At the basic level the this modern hotel, the big main outdoor pool weaves its means around the patio grounds surrounded by lounge chairs and easy access to the outdoor eatery, Tequila Bar and Grill, which is where you’ll grab your food and also drinks.

This swimming pool ends close to a smaller freeform children’s outdoor pool. The downtown san Diego hotel also has a whirlpool, giving guests a perfect location to soak ~ a full day of sightseeing. It’s likewise not fancy, but it’s a pretty bayside spot.

Reservations: use the Marriott Bonvoy discount to book in.


6. The Lafayette Hotel swim Club and also Bungalows

Location: north ParkWater slide: NoAdults-only pool: No

It’s a historical San Diego hotel pool (photo courtesy that Lafayette Hotel swim Club and Bungalows).

Probably the hippest hotel in this list, The Lafayette’s 25-meter-long pool also has the most history tied come it. The swimming pool was designed by former Tarzan and five-time yellow medal winner, Johnny Weissmuller. This is why it’s dubbed the Weissmuller Pool. Florence Chadwick additionally trained below for she record-breaking swim across the English Channel.

Always lively, the pool regularly hosts DJs, bands, events, and pool parties regularly. Over there is also a cabana for 30 human being located in ~ the finish of the pool. Plenty of of phibìc Park’s remarkable restaurants are nearby, too.


7. The Catamaran resort Hotel and also Spa

Location: Pacific BeachWater slide: NoAdults-only pool: No

This swimming pool is close to the just (photo courtesy that Catamaran will Hotel and also Spa).

It’s not the fanciest or biggest pool top top this list, however it’s one I’m asked about a lot. A remain at Catamaran resort Hotel and Spa includes access to a fun, medium-sized turquoise pool an unified with seating and umbrellas to ward turn off thesun. Make sure to check the schedule come see once the swimming pool bar and also grill space operating due to the fact that they have actually seasonal hours.. There is also an surrounding game room.

Steps native this outdoor swim pool, you’ll be able to frolic in the waters that Mission Bay. Here, you’ll find bayside lounge chairs and also umbrellas in the sand. And water sports rentals that encompass paddleboarding or sailing. The s beach is only a short two-minute jaunt away.


Beachfront mountain Diego Hotel Pools

There’s no denying the very nice one of mountain Diego’s 70-mile coastline. Still, there are beachfront san Diego hotel pools because that times we desire to alternate between the warmth temperature-controlled pool and also splashing approximately in the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re feather to adopt both bodies of water, here are the ideal hotel pools that also give friend easy access to the gold beaches of mountain Diego.

8. Hotel del Coronado

Location: CoronadoWater slides: NoAdults-only pool: Yes, however for spa guests only (technically teenagers booking spa services can use the also)

The brand-new Hotel del Coronado pool through cabanas.

To same soak in the beauty beauty of the Pacific ocean while splashing approximately the pool, take into consideration the four-star and historic Hotel del Coronado. Their large, rectangular main Pool and also whirlpool both have actually just been renovated. Private cabanas and also lavish lounge chairs invite guests to spend hrs relaxing. (It can acquire busy here during peak season.) swimming pool goers likewise enjoy direct accessibility to the sun Deck restaurant.

The adults-only spa infinity pool overlooks the boardwalk. Every element of your continue to be at the Hotel del Coronado is just a minute native walking along the gorgeous Coronado beach.

Reservations: publication Hotel del Coronado with special perks with Virtuoso that include.

Upgrade on arrival, subject to accessibility (room upgrades space not possible in beach Village)Daily breakfast credit transaction of $40 per human being for 2 guests every bedroom$100 USD indistinguishable Food & Beverage credit to it is in utilized throughout stay (not combinable, not valid on room rate, no cash value if no redeemed in full)Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availabilityComplimentary Wi-Fi

*The desktop version that Virtuoso.com is whereby you’ll find rates and book online. To permit the desktop version from a cell phone device, after clicking a Virtuoso hotel link, scroll under to the navy blue section at the bottom of the net page and click “Full Site.” when searching rates, perform not input children ages 17 and also under together they will certainly be priced as adults. I’m notified when friend book and will add them as soon as I contact you about your reservation. You have the right to alsouse mine formto inquiry rates.

Alternatively, the Hilton Honors discount is around the exact same price (though mine Virtuoso benefits typically outweigh this discount).

Please note:I have likewise written a really detailed overview to Hotel del Coronado the addresses choosing a room and also much more. A $400 million remodeling is underway, and also construction is visible about the resort. Guests continue to publication in and have a good time. Remain clear of Property enhancement view rooms.

9. Pacific Terrace Hotel

Location: Pacific BeachWater slide: NoAdults-only pool: No

Sunsets from below are great (photo courtesy the Pacific Terrace Hotel).

While a much smaller pool, the Pacific Terrace Hotel renders the list as result of its incredible place along the Pacific coast coastline. They do offer company that contains poolside margaritas and also snacks.

With a prime view of the boardwalk’s action, this pool is best for the traveler spring to blend scenic views through an afternoon poolside. This is a highly-rated mountain Diego beachfront hotel and recipient the AAA four Diamonds.


10. La Valencia Hotel

Location: La JollaWater slides: NoAdults-only pool: No

Swim in the love of La Jolla (photo courtesy that La Valencia Hotel).

Just actions from La Jolla Cove beach, La Valencia Hotel‘s saltwater rectangular pool blends lavish lounge seating with old-world charm while catering the totality experience approximately ocean views. You’ll gain poolside food and also drink service, Coola suncare products, and a lovely day in mine community’s sunshine.

This boutique hotel is the village of La Jolla’s most luxurious hotel. The prime location on prospect Street is within walking distance san Diego’s best restaurants and also shopping.


Bayside Hotels v Pools

San Diego celebrates an abundance of bodies of water. In enhancement to our unlimited coastline, we also enjoy beautiful and dynamic bays cutting in follow me the shore. This perform includes options both together Mission Bay and also San Diego Bay.

11. Hilton mountain Diego Bayfront

Location: Downtown san DiegoWater slide: correct (small one)Adults-only pool: No

Enjoy swaying palm trees and bay views from this finest San Diego hotel swimming pool (photo courtesy the Hilton Hotels and Resorts).

The Hilton mountain Diego Bayfront provides you rather of a luxe Miami beach feel through their bayside pool. Right here they take you practically to the water’s edge. You can look throughout the san Diego Bay v unparalleled views prolonging to allude Loma v the patio’s glass wall. The endure mirrors the of an infinity pool.

It’s a cook saltwater pool. This is likewise one that the finest venues close to the Gaslamp 4 minutes 1 to reap the sunset. The swimming pool isn’t huge, yet the layout and also atmosphere comprise for what the pool may absence in size. Over there is also a kids’ water play area v a little slide.

Reservations: The Hilton Honors prices are practically always ideal for booking Hilton properties like this as they additionally have a price guarantee.


12. Sheraton san Diego Hotel and also Marina

Location: harbor Island (across the Street from the san Diego Airport)Water slide: NoAdults only pool: No

This pool is on the list for civilization who require a san Diego plane hotel however would choose a pool, too. Guests may watch yachts meander v the harbor and enjoy water views from the swimming pool at the Sheraton mountain Diego Hotel and Marina.

While a smaller and basic pool, it gives you enough room to splash about. It is the biggest San Diego plane hotel v the many amenities, consisting of a spa and free shuttle organization to the airport.

Reservations: usage the Marriott Bonvoy member discount come save. It’s free to join.


13. San Diego Mission bay Resort

Location: Mission Bay

It’s a funny pool by the just (photo courtesy of san Diego Mission just Resort).

Following the tendency of pools wrapping roughly the patio, the san Diego Mission Bay will (a Noble residence enjoys a wavy pool enclosed in a sea the palm trees. In between the trees, you can see Mission bay peeking through, as well as the boardwalk calling for guests to go for an evening walk.

The large pool deck additionally offers fire pits through seating, a small kids’ pool, and a Jacuzzi for guests come enjoy. Occasionally, the resort hosts poolside movie with complimentary popcorn.

I’m dazzling by the hotel’s renovation which mostly seemed to incorporate the rooms, making them lighter and brighter (book the ones v the fire pits), and also the vibe is an ext upbeat. San Diego Mission Bay resort actually supplied to it is in the Hilton san Diego resort & Spa.

Reservations: If you are continuing to be one or two nights, the Noble home VIP Package ns can book you in through is best. The includes:

$25 resort credit for one night stays and $50 will credit for two night or longer staysUpgrade at the time of check-in (subject come availability)Waived resort feeWelcome amenity

If you room staying much longer than 2 nights between now and July 1, publication using the spring Forward package on your website. Alternatively, examine AAA offers.

14. Paradise point Resort and also Spa

Location: Mission BayWater slide: NoAdults-only pool: Yes


Paradise point Resort & Spa is located on its own 44-acre exclusive island so there is quite a little bit to do below including a swim in among the five pools.

The pools space all a little bit different. Of course, there’s one particularly for adults and also a larger family members pool through poolside food and drink service. The lagoon pool has nearby fire pits because that roasting s’ mores. Friend can also swim in a pool accented through waterfalls, or select the meadow pool.


15. Kona Kai resort & Spa, A Noble residence Resort

Location: shelter IslandWater slide: NoAdults-only pool: Yes

Pretty marina views and a poolside bar (photo courtesy of Kona Kai Resort).

For a colorful, chic, and modern hotel with a swim pool surrounding to the mountain Diego Bay, the Kona Kai is the place for you. This small, long family members pool gives you a front chair to the path where watercrafts navigate to their pier.

Comfortable lounge chairs lining the pool and Jacuzzi make for a relaxingpoolside experience. Cabanas the seat approximately eight human being are available for rental below and additionally at the adults-only pool. Both pools market poolside food and drink service.

If you’re searching for extra leisure, take advantage of the massages and sauna accessible at their spa. Castle do have a private bay beach surrounding for sunbathing and play yet not for swimming.


Rooftop Pools in san Diego

The very nice one of a swimming pool isn’t restricted to tiny ones splashing roughly or views of the Pacific Ocean. Plenty of of our mountain Diego hotel pools take advantage of ours cityscape v rooftop pools. These develop nice choices for both family-friendly vacations and also girlfriends enjoying a bottle of wine together.

I’ve had a mix that hotel pools both on height floors and ones that are elevated enough above street level to provide urban fun. Each hotel pool gives you the capacity to reap captivating city views while lounging in ~ a classy mountain Diego hotel pool.

16. Pendry san Diego

Location: Downtown mountain DiegoWater slide: NoAdults-only pool: No, but it is much more of an adult step on weekends during the summer

This is a happening pool deck (photo courtesy the Pendry san Diego).

The rooftop pool at the brand-new Pendry san Diego provides the perfect mix of a chic experience with an old-school touch. This elongated pool through gorgeous seating including cabanas overlooks the hub that the Gaslamp Quarter.

Luxurious lounge chairs through brightly colored striped umbrellas provide the last touches top top this mountain Diego pool experience.The Pool residence at Pendry mountain Diego additionally serves cocktails and bites come poolside guests. And, you need to take a look in ~ their pool Suite that, the course, opens straight up come the pool. Lock spoil my guests, which ns love.

Note that on weekends throughout the summers specifically that the pool has more of an adult vibe through guests ordering bottle service and the like.

Reservations: Virtuoso amenities that I deserve to secure because that you in ~ no additional cost include:

Upgrade top top arrival, subject to availabilityBreakfast credit at Provisional Restaurant or In-Room Dining for two guests every bedroom day-to-day ($30 maximum every person, every day)$100 USD resort or Hotel credit to it is in utilized throughout stay (not combinable, not valid top top room rate, no cash worth if not redeemed in full)Early check-in/late check-out, topic to availabilityComplimentary Wi-Fi

*The desktop version the Virtuoso.com is where you’ll find rates and also book online. To allow the desktop version from a cell phone device, after clicking on a Virtuoso hotel link, scroll under to the navy blue ar at the bottom the the web page and click “Full Site.” You can also use my form to inquiry rates.

Learn an ext in my Pendry mountain Diego Review.

17. Solamar Hotel

Location: Downtown san DiegoWater slide: NoAdults-only pool: No


Solamar Hotel raises the bar (literally) as soon as it concerns poolside lounging. The modern-day vibe the the hotel extends to the patio i m sorry is now the revamped Upper east Bar (pictured above).

It’s a smaller sized swimming pool than some of the rather on this list. But, a stay below is much more about the elevated and modern-day ambiance, complete with a happening poolside experience in the heart of san Diego’s Gaslamp district. Rent private cabanas or loungers by the job on this rooftop pool, which also boasts fire pits and also poolside games.


18. Hard Rock Hotel san Diego

Location: Downtown mountain DiegoWater slide: NoAdults-only pool: No, but this is an ext of one adult pool scene on many days

How fun does this look (photo courtesy of tough Rock san Diego).

This long, narrow rooftop swimming pool gets friend closer come the star-filled skies together theHard absent Hotel san Diego takes the suffer to the roof. Also embedded into the main point of the Gaslamp Quarter, the true appeal starts after ~ dusk once the city views filled v lights brighten the skyline.

Continuing the hard Rock Hotel mountain Diego’s sleek, modern-day feel, the pool deck showcases a modern-day experience through cabana lounging. Take benefit of The rock Spa, which provides various treatments that can be performed within a poolside cabana.

Hard Rock mountain Diego is well-known for its pool parties. Examine the schedule for the weekly SUNBURN occasion in spring and summer and also is free for hotel guests. Of course, bottle organization is available.


What room the finest San Diego Hotels with Indoor Pools?

As you can see above, the finest hotel pools in mountain Diego room all outdoors. We live in a climate whereby outdoor swim pools in mountain Diego can operate year-round, there is no issues. This way that over there are just a grasp of mountain Diego hotels with indoor pools. In fact, I in reality only know of 3 in the County:

None of this pools will blow your mind, however I want to perform them here for her reference. At home pools have the right to be crucial to guest no matter the weather.

What perform you think is the finest hotel pool in mountain Diego?

Planning a trip soon? Make certain to look at what to fill for san Diego.

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Katie Dillon is the controlling editor of La Jolla Mom. She helps readers setup San Diego vacations v her hotel specialization (that stems from living in a 4 Seasons hotel) and local connections. Reader have access to exclusive discounts on template park ticket (like Disneyland and San Diego Zoo) and perks at luxury hotels an international through her. She additionally shares insider tips for visiting significant cities global like Hong Kong, London, Paris, and also Shanghai that her household has either resided in or visits routinely (or both).