LAS las vegas (FOX5) -- las Vegas hit a document high temperature that 116 degrees Fahrenheit ~ above Wednesday. It additionally was the sexty June 16 the city has actually had due to the fact that 1940.

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The main observing site at McCarran reached 116F in ~ 4:23 PM. This division the old document of 114F because that the date, and is only one degree below the every time document high that 117F, i m sorry has emerged four times due to the fact that records started in 1937. 116F has occurred 17 various other times.

— NWS las Vegas (
NWSVegas) June 16, 2021

According come the national Weather Service, the McCarran worldwide Airport observing site got to 116 degrees at 4:23 p.m. On June 16, beating 114 degrees in 1940. 


FILE - In this June 27, 2013 record photo, tourist walk close to misters to save cool as they walk follow me The Strip throughout a warmth wave in las Vegas. An associated Press analysis of commonwealth temperature records shows Nevada"s resources city, Carson City, has warmed the most in the last 30 year than any type of other city in the nation. Las Vegas came in sixth. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File)

Julie Jacobson

Las Vegas has actually reached its document 116 levels 17 other times, NWS said. It"s just one degree below the all-time document high of 117 degrees, which has actually happened four times due to the fact that 1937. 

This was only the 22nd time the day has hit 116 due to the fact that 1937. The mean high top top June 16 is 100 degrees.

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