Between their envy-inducing abs and also super-toned stems, this celebrities space bringing the warmth this summer! us tracked under the hottest coast bodies of the year—plus their best diet and also fitness secrets. Steal your tricks and also train favor a celebrity!

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25. Lea Michele


Lea continues to be in form for all her Glee run numbers through working v L.A.-based health counselor Devon Butler. She"s also a big fan that tackling the hiking trails, prefer Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, together she told Women"s Health back in 2010. And according to the star"s twitter account, she"s still working up a sweat outside—she newly tweeted image of it s her hiking with former co-star Jonathan Groff and also striking a yoga attitude on the trail.

Need an ext motivation to lug your exercise outside? inspect out these 7 reasons to ditch the gym and sweat outdoors.

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24. Lucy Hale


Getty Images

The Pretty small Liars actress may have a jam-packed schedule (her series was simply picked up because that a 5th season!) yet she still finds time to tone up—whether it"s grabbing a boogie board at the beach or functioning out with Pilates trainer Tandy Gutierrez.

Want come score a Pilates body like Lucy"s? examine out this 6 pound-melting moves!

23. Katherine Heigl


Splash News

Spraying on SPF isn"t the only way Katherine keeps her body looking the banging. The 34-year-old actress remains in form by working out with former civilization champion boxer terry Norris, reports Terry"s workouts include everything indigenous boxing drills come strength and also conditioning for a full-body burn.

Box your method to a much better body v this do-anywhere kickboxing routine.

22. Christina Milian


Pacific coast News

Between co-hosting The Voice and running after her 3-year-old daughter Violet, Christina still finds time to save her human body in exceptional shape. Her secret: the end workouts v a large support system. Christina"s Instagram is loaded v photos that her and also her workout buddies hiking and striking a attitude after their sweat sessions.

There"s no inquiry that recruiting a buddy can make your usual fitness routine method more fun. Take a girlfriend and shot this two-person practice circuit.

21. Nicole Richie



This busy mother of two has admitted on she blog that getting to the gym have the right to be a struggle. For this reason she keeps points fun by working out with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who developed a tradition workout for her that"s filled with something she loves: dance-cardio!

If you likewise crave part booty-shaking in her workout, inspect out the benefits of run workouts, and 5 great you need to try.

20. Taylor Swift


Even ~ above tour, Taylor makes sure to hop ~ above the treadmill or elliptical because that an hour each day, reports WebMD Magazine. Yet the singer swears it"s not as strict as it sounds. Her motivation for hitting the gym includes feeling better on the inside and also being able to indulge in her favorite foods.

When you invest as lot time on the treadmill as Taylor, your routine have the right to start to feel pretty dull. Get our tips because that beating cardio boredom.

19. Ashley Tisdale

Startraks Photo

Ashley recently told E! News the she credits she bikini body to celebrity trainer Harley Pasternack. "He"s changed my diet and also even mine workouts," claims Ashley. Instead of extreme circuit training, Harley has Ashley stick v lightweight training, i beg your pardon she states keeps she from obtaining famished ~ a workout.

Check out much more of Harley"s fitness secrets.

18. Jennifer Lawrence

Splash News

Clearly Jennifer demands to it is in in fighting shape to beat Katniss in The Hunger gamings movies, but the star likewise told Glamour the she wants to punch world who to speak they love exercising. So how does she score a body favor this without being a gym rat? Luckily, her pre-film cultivate has had everything from rock climbing and also archery to vaulting and also running, add to "yoga and things prefer that, to stay catlike," she tells MTV News.

Need more variety favor this in her workout? examine out the best exercises for women—that you more than likely aren"t doing!

17. Miranda Kerr

GSI Media

Curious around how one prepares to walk under a runway in nothing however lingerie? before the Victoria"s mystery fashion shows, Miranda amps up her training through Pilates, yoga, and boxing in addition to working out she core, butt, and also legs, reports People.

To tone up every inch, examine out this full-body workout.

16. Eva Longoria

GSI Media

A body prefer Eva"s doesn"t come easy. "I occupational hard. I occupational out virtually every day with a personal trainer, and also I eat yes, really well," she called RadarOnline last year after she had just come off of a no-sugar diet. Plus, she"s bound to acquire a full-body ton up from stand up paddle boarding!

To score a target that rivals Eva"s, check out this 20-minute practice for her glutes.

15. Gabrielle Union

GSI Media

At 40 year old, Gabrielle look at even much more stunning currently than she did in your favorite teen movies. For this reason what"s she secret? Ditching the junk food, analysis labels, and also cooking more, she called People in 2011. And to ton up her favorite asset—her butt—she turns to squats and also inclines. "I should really earlier into rooms because that"s exactly how confident i am," she said People.

Check out our tips for scoring that exact same level the bikini confidence.

14. Gwen Stefani

Splash News

Gwen"s abs are still together envy-inducing together ever—even after having two kids. But the singer swears she doesn"t have a magic workout regimen. Instead, she called Harper"s Bazaar in 2012 the she eats healthy, functions out, and also gets her cardio in by dancing approximately the stage during performances.

The other thing the keeps her focused: looking an excellent in fabulous clothes. Get urged with workout garments so fashionable, you"ll want to wear lock every solitary day.

13. Olivia Munn

Splash News

There are no boring workouts in Olivia"s fitness repertoire. Instead, she developed 45-minute, non-stop dance routines that she does v her friend a few times a week, reports OK! Magazine. Who requirements a trainer when you can have a run party, right?

Need to amp increase the fun in her fitness? check out these cheap new fitness classes that are method more entertaining 보다 the treadmill.

12. Kate Beckinsale

Splash News

Even despite Kate is known for kicking target on screen, she freshly told Women"s Health that she swapped her high-intensity workouts for yoga and also qigong, a self-control involving managed breathing and also fluid moments that"s similar to tai chi.

For a zen human body as warm as Kate"s, examine out these calorie-burning yoga poses.

11. Ali Landry

Splash News

Ali swears by she adorable practice buddy—her daughter Estela. Her an individual trainer Helene Guzman native LA ROX taught her toning moves the she could do v her daughter to work-related off the infant weight, she called Perez Hilton.

Whether you"re a brand-new mom or occupational a stunner schedule, multi-tasking workouts are clutch. Inspect out these two-in-one strength-training moves.

10. Alex Morgan

Pacific coast News

Alex"s gold-medal abs aren"t just from play Olympic soccer—though that absolutely helps! In the off-season, Alex gained into wake up paddle boarding, and she credits this full-body workout for keeping her in shape as soon as she"s turn off the field.

Feeling inspired? inspect out the an overwhelming new yoga trend—stand increase paddle plank yoga!

9. Vanessa Hudgens

Splash News

Vanessa"s bikini body played a leading function in the new movie Spring Breakers. Her recent workout obsession: SoulCycle classes. The star freshly told People the she was going double a day at one point!

If Vanessa"s body isn"t evidence enough, check out these awesome services of indoor cycling.

8. Katharine McPhee

Getty Images

The Smash star has actually a super stunner schedule, however she still finds time to sneak in a workout. Her secret: fishing eye weights! Katharine told Women"s Health that they"re great for impromptu practice in her trailer.

And to add fuel to her workouts, she likes come blast The Bodyguard soundtrack! For an ext awesome song to add to your gym playlist, inspect out our favourite picks.

7. Naya Rivera

Splash News

From the choreography top top Glee to her performances on tour with the show, Naya is bound come burn significant calories in ~ work. But she likewise swears by indoor cycling and hot yoga to stay in awesome shape, reports

Get a good workout top top the go through these super-fast fitness regimens.

6. Jessica Alba

Splash News

The mystery to Jessica"s super-toned number is having actually fun with her workouts. She newly told Women"s Health that she mixes up she fitness program with whatever from dance and also hip-hop classes to at home cycling and sprint intervals. "Anything where I have to do something however I can gain my mind off of doing it, that"s so much much better for me than anything that"s repetitive. Or the music needs to be loud and also I need to be moving," states Jessica.

Ready come have means more fun v your workout? check out our guide to the freshest new group classes.

5. Julianne Hough

Splash News

When it concerns her workout, Julianne craves variety. Her existing fitness obsessions encompass SoulCycle, swimming, and ballet classes, reports WebMD Magazine. And also a super-healthy diet doesn"t hurt—her go-to breakfast is eggs and artichokes with spinach.

Want much more variety in her workout? inspect out 21 means to bust out of a fitness rut.

4. Keri Russell

Patric Shaw

This 37-year-old mother of two gained her fab abs native a seriously kickass workout referred to as Krav Maga. Her instructor, Avital Zeisler, who likewise moonlights together a hand-to-hand combat instructor, taught she fighting moves the toned she up while preparing she to play a hard KGB agent on the fight FX drama The Americans.

Check the end the five workout moves the Keri uses to keep her looking and feeling fierce.

3. Rihanna

Splash News

From the phase to the beach, Rihanna"s impressive body is constantly thefts the show. She trainer Harley Pasternak says the singer tries to control at the very least three 25-minute workouts a week while on tour, yet she bump it up to five days a week as soon as she"s not traveling, reports People. He likewise adds the the basis of her workout is basic cardio—from jumping jacks come stationary jogging.

To slim down favor Rihanna, amp up your cardio through these experienced tips.

2. Maria Menounos

GSI Media

Maria is more than qualified for her function as among the judges on our upcoming challenge, "The next Fitness Star." The 34-year-old states her secret is constantly convert up she workouts. "I adjust it up and exercise outside, prefer playing volleyball top top the beach. That way, I never feel favor working the end is a chore—it"s simply fun!" she told Fitbie. And there"s likewise the truth that she grow her own food—seriously! She speak Fitbie that having her own garden motivates her to eat better.

Check out our overview to eating clean—without cleaning out your wallet!

1. Hayden Panettiere


The knockout Nashville star acquired this human body from smart stamin training and mindful eating. She told Women"s Health she sticks with smaller weights for this reason she can do a high number of reps to protect against bulking up she 5"1" frame. And to curb junk food cravings, she makes herself eat something healthy before grabbing something indulgent. "Then ns don"t want the unhealthy point so much, because I"m full," states Hayden.

For much more ways to control your cravings, check out these smart snacking tips.

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