If you space here, you room a masochist. Like, great—you do you. And also apparently "doing you" way trying warm sauces through names like The End, The hottest Sauce in the Universe, and also Smack my Ass & speak to Me Sally. They"re three of the 10 hottest hot sauces on the market, i beg your pardon we"ve rounded up below. Girlfriend in or what?


This isn"t so lot a hot sauce together it is a death wish. The extract it is registered 9 million ~ above the Scoville scale, and it"s 60 percent pure capsicum. A bolded, every caps, red warning top top the website reads:DO not CONSUME straight - FOOD ADDITIVE ONLY!


There room 100 pots of chili in every one oz of this stuff, which measures 7.1 million ~ above the Scoville scale. The makers caution girlfriend to include it to food and not shot it right out that the bottle.

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That "Six" in the name refers to the fact that this sauce is made with extract that has actually 6 million Scovilles (plus some chocolate habanero peppers). "It will offer ya a burn because that 5-10 min," one Amazon reviewer said.


Pepper Palace, the (evil) shop responsible for creating the 6 million SHU sauceThe finish has a wall of Flame. Short article your reaction come trying this sauce on social media and tag the #WallOfFlame, and you might end increase on it. One winner every month will even get $250 come the shop.

The habanero chilis in this space smack-you-in-the-face warm at 6 million Scoville, yet the description additionally sayshoney mustard, Caribbean fruits, ginger and also ginseng round out the taste.

This is a5 Million Scovillehot sauce...that come in a coffin...so...you know...there"s that. Inside, there are ghost peppers 3 ways: fresh, ground, and extracted.

Mk, we understand that whole "nothing beyond" thing isn"t exactly true provided the six hot sauces that continue this one—but a 4 million on the Scoville range is tho something precious recognizing.

Don"t permit the cute blue wax seal and the "90s logo fool you: This ingredient registers 3.5 million ~ above the Scoville Scale.

PuckerButt PepperCompany rates the warmth of reaping machine Squeezin"s "painfully hot." In reality, it"s2.2 Million Scoville.Do carry out with the what girlfriend will.

If you"re here, you"ve most likely watched "Hot Ones" before. You know that critical sauce Sean Evans and his guest constantly taste? This is it—and it measures 2 million on the Scoville Scale.

Try this stuff, i beg your pardon clocks in at1.5 Million Scoville—then decision if you care to reenact the scene on the party or not.

As if the totality "Mega Death" surname wasn"t enough, this sauce come in coffin packaging v a skull keychain. Game? Prepare yourself for the 550,000 SHU sauce around to hit your tongue.

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You"ll discover Carolina Reapers, one of the world"s sexy peppers in this hot sauce, which measures between 250,000 and 1 million SHU. Yet it"s got a fight of sweetness, too, many thanks to sweet black cherries and also cranberries.