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World's Hottest hot Sauce Gift Set, Elijah's Xtreme award Winning warm Sauce range Pack has Ghost Pepper hot Sauce, Scorpion Pepper Sauce and Carolina Reaper hot Sauces (3 Bottles)
flavor Ghost, Scorpion, reaper
Brand Elijah"s Xtreme
Package info Chip board
load 2.2 Pounds
Allergen info Gluten free

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about this item 3 PACK warm SAUCE variety PACK that our compensation winning warm sauces attribute the 3 hottest peppers in the world. Includes Elijah’s Xtreme Ghost Pepper hot Sauce, Elijah’s Xtreme Carolina Reaper warm Sauce, and also our Xtreme Regret warm Sauce. rotate UP THE HEAT and also FLAVOR with our pepper sauces - make spicy warm wings, add heat to her burgers, do the people hottest ramen, or create your own hot Ones. GHOST PEPPER SAUCE do from a mix of Ghost pepper & Red Savina Habanero pepper, passion fruit juice, lime juice and also a hint of garlic because that a perfectly well balanced hot sauce good on everything! reaper SAUCE has a savory sweet smooth heat from black cherries, cranberries, Kentucky Bourbon and also the hottest pepper in the human being - Carolina reaper Pepper. Many Awarded Carolina Reaper hot Sauce ~ above the industry - 15 sector Awards XTREME regret Is an intense SUPER hot - hot sauce made v the top 2 worlds hottest peppers - Carolina reaper & Trinidad Scorpion Peppers. Every bottle contains 50% peppers with amazing well balanced flavor because that a Regretfully warm burn.