Your love for spicy foodstuffs runs deep. But, smothering her chilli or grain bowl in Sriracha is so not your point anymore. If you desire to take her fiery food game to the next level, the world’s sexy peppers are where the money’s at.

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Don’t understand where buzzpatterson.come start?

These 13 too-hot-to-handle peppers space at the pointy finish of the Scoville Scaleand offer you the possibility to check out a people where Chocula is just another run-of-the-mill sauce. In short: Let’s spice points up!

1. Carolina reaper (2,200,000 SHU)

An official Guinness document holder together of November 2013, the Carolina reaper is thought about bymany the spiciest pepper of all times.

This bizarre-looking pepper clocks in an exceptional 2,200,000 SHU ~ above the Scoville range while sporting the signature texture and scorpion tail the the Trinidian heavyweights (it is a hybrid, after ~ all).

To date, the Carolina reaper is the only pepper that regulated to beat chin by renewing the title together the world’s sexty pepper in 2017.

2. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (2,009,231 SHU)


Even despite it’s not long since it fight the foodie scene, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion – additionally known asthe “Scorpion Pepper”- has managed to do a surname for chin for every the appropriate reasons.

Native buzzpatterson.come Trinidad and also Tobago, the popular pepper doesn’t simply taste phenomenal taste (meaning: ultra-spicy through a couple of fruity touches) but likewise sports a killer name that deserve to win any type of crowd.

Fun fact: The nickname is motivated by the pepper’s weirdly shame “tail” which resembles the sting of a scorpion.

3. 7-Pot Douglah (1,853,936 SHU)


Known for its chocolate brown & deep purple colour and pimply skin, the Douglah is a really rare varietal.

Originated in Trinidad, this pepper is entirely various from the rest of the bunch thanks to that is highScoville range score and also distinct full-bodied, fruity flavour. Part even insurance claim that the pepper’s taste isso intense that just one pod is enough to freckles up 7 pots the stew in one go.

It all renders sense now!

4. 7-Pot Primo (1,469,000 SHU)


Bred by trojan Primeaux (Primo, gain it?), this hybrid chilli pepper proves as soon as again why Trinidian7-pot seeds are worth the hype.

This insanely hot yet fruity-flavoured pepper is mostly recognized for its unique taste but additionally features a distinct, lumpy exterior and a scorpion-like “tail” that could make even Trinidad Moruga Scorpion jealous.

5. Trinidad Scorpion Butch T (1,463,700 SHU)


Brought buzzpatterson.come life by Butch Taylor, a.k.a. Butch T, this pepper is carefully related to the well-known TrinidadMoruga Scorpion pepper, and that’s actually why both of them sports the exact same signature pointy“tail.”

Unlike others on this list, the Butch T to be officially heralded together the world’s sexy pepper in 2011 however lost the title to that is “cousin” after simply three years!

6. Komodo Dragon Pepper (1,400,000 SHU)


Created through a chilli pepper agree breeder, Salvatore Genovese, the Komodo Dragon pepper is bestknown because that its “delayed reaction” effect.

That means that the doesn’t hit friend at the very first bite yet instead builds its warm over time and strikes you as soon as you least expect it.

7. Naga Viber (1,382,118 SHU)


An exciting buzzpatterson.combo the the Ghost pepper, the Naga Morich, and also the Scorpion Pepper, the NagaViber is considered one that the most unstable hybrid chillies produced to date. However, despite itsvarious shapes and flavours, the cross-pollinated pepper regulated to knife the title because that the world’shottest chilli in 2011 however only for a while.

8. 7-Pot mind Strain (1,350,000 SHU)


As the name suggests, this scorching warm pepper deserve to readily mess with your brain, forcing your eyesto water and your taste buds to numb on the spot.

Contrary to popular belief, the 7-Pot mind Strain isn’t a hybrid yet was instead developed by saving and also breeding with each other pods. This method the breeders were qualified of manipulating particular aspects the the pepper such as its shape and structure. That’s one of the reasons this pepper each other a person brain!

9. 7-Pot Barrackpore (1,300,000 SHU)


Often thought about the missing link in between the Bhut Jolokia and the 7-Pot variety, this pepper looksa lot like continual 7-pot chillis but is rather larger and far much more wrinkled than them.

It additionally buzzpatterson.comes v a distinctive flavour that’s a tad an ext bitter 보다 the typical 7-pot varieties without omitted on the heat. The pepper it s okay its surname from the town wherein it was originally discovered,Barrackpore, Trinidad.

10. 7-Pot Jonah (1,200,00 SHU)


Member of the 7-Pot family, the 7-Pot Jonah pepper watch a many like most Rinidian chiles however onlylarger.

Many also claim that it’s far much more delicious than its “cousins” since it sports a slightly fruitierflavour which helps it pair an excellent with other fruits in jams, sauces, and salsas.

11. Bhut Jolokia, a.k.a. Ghost Pepper (1,041,427 SHU)


Once a Guinness people Record holder, the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) is one of the most popular peppers ~ above this list.

This inter-species hybrid originates in Northeast India where the pepper is extremely variable and buzzpatterson.comes in multiple sizes and also colours, indigenous yellow and also orange to red and also chocolate. It it s okay the moniker “ghost” due to the fact that of the means the intense warmth sneaks increase on you when you the very least expect it.

Bonus 1. Pepper X (3,180,000 SHUs UNCONFIRMED)


Even though it’s still not the main holder that a Guinness civilization Record, Pepper X has regulated to up the ante by measure in in ~ an inconceivable 3,180,000 SHU top top the Scoville Scale. This fiery hybrid is even set to dethrone the present top-spot holder, the Carolina Reaper.

However, some conflict its spicy potential, claiming that the SHU numbers room not accurate and as a result, the hybrid is no worthy the the title.

Only time will certainly tell.

Bonus 2. Dragon’s Breath (2,480,000 SHUs UNCONFIRMED)


Propagated by Welsh horticulturist Mike Smith, the Dragon’s Breath pepper is so warm that that couldliterally, death you!

To get a little perspective, think that the average jalapeno pepper ranges almost everywhere from 2,500-10,000 SHU while this hybrid buzzpatterson.comes in in ~ 2,480,000 SHU. Yowza!

Given that ultra spicy nature, specialists at the Nottingham Trent University room hoping to usage it for medical purposes such as numbing specific skin locations in patients that can’t tolerate various other anesthetics.

Let that sink in…

So What Is the sexty Pepper in the World?

The Carolina Reaper has actually been the official Guinness document holder as of November 2013, with the bizarre-looking pepper clocking in at an superior 2,200,000 SHU top top the Scoville Scale.

To date, the Carolina reaper is the just pepper that controlled to beat chin by renewing that title as the world’s hottest pepper in 2017.

Even despite it’s no yet Guinness-Official, Pepper X is by far the hottest pepper report in the human being at the moment. Allegedly weighting in in ~ a chuck 3,180,000 SHU, this hybrid pepper is this close buzzpatterson.come kicking the official record holder to the curb (buh-bye, Carolina Reaper) and to be honest, we are pretty stoked. Rumour has it that it has actually recently been sent out for main testing.

As you have the right to imagine, Pepper X is impossible to consume in its pure form. But, the doesn’t mean it’s off limits. The dude behind this ultra-spicy masterpiece, Ed Currie, created a buzzpatterson.commercially easily accessible hot sauce, well-known as “The last Dab,” i m sorry is perfectly for sure for consumption. The is, of course, if your taste buds can take the heat (literally).

Besides Pepper X’s extract, the sauce -often heralded together the hottest pepper sauce in the human being contains distilled vinegar, ginger root, cumin, dried mustard, and also turmeric. These ingredients start off by slightly burning her mouth, a sensation that passes nice quickly. So, as quickly as you start feeling confident about your heat tolerance, the extract kicks in and also gives a opportunity to angry the true strength of the X.

Is the Ghost Pepper the hottest Pepper in the World?

No, the Ghost Pepper is no the sexty pepper in the world. Clocking in in ~ 1.041.427 SHU, this popular chilli lies at around 2,140,000 SHUs far from the present *unofficial* top-spot holder, thePepper X.

It’s precious noting, though, that the Ghost pepper deserve to be as much as 417 times hotter 보다 your typical jalapenos. So, it might not rank #1 ~ above the hottest-pepper-in-the-world list, yet it deserve to still wreak havoc on her taste buds.

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Is the Carolina reaper the sexy Pepper in the World?

Officially, yes. But, turn off the record, there space two other warm peppers which absent the spiciness game also harder; Pepper X and Dragon’s Breath.

According to experts, these two up-and-buzzpatterson.comers pack a severe punch with a walloping 3,180,000 and also 2,480,000 SHU respectively, leaving the Carolina Reaper 3rd with simply 2,200,000 SHU in that is “arsenal.”

So, what’s the sexy pepper you’ve ever before tried? let us recognize in the buzzpatterson.comment ar down below!