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The united state in the winter is just one of the most beautiful places in the world. The diverse weather across America in the winter ranges from bitter cold to tropical warmth. With all the stunning destinations to select from, you have the right to either be in a winter wonderland or tan on the beach.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that the southern claims experience the mildest winters.Here are the optimal 5 WARMEST places In the us to Visit This Winter.

Top 5 Warmest locations in the united state To Visit This Winter

*Temperatures are based on a three-month mean using December, January, and also February.

5. Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix, Arizona has one of the warmest winter climates in the western US. The average day-to-day high is 58°F (14°C)and nightly lows reach 46° (8°C). Precipitation is minimal with simply a few inches of rain. Eye is extremely rare and also usually just happens throughout a winter storm.

4. Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California is among the most well-known destinations in the united state attracting millions of visitors every year. The average day-to-day high throughout the winter is 58°F (15°C)with nightly lows just reaching 48°F (9°C). Los Angeles obtain minimal preciptiation in the winter and also usually only occurs during storms. The critical snowfall was is 1962.

3. Orlando, Florida


Orlando, Florida is worldwide renowned because that it’s beautiful weather and also of course, Disney World. Everyday highs during the winter mean 62°F (17°C)and the average lows just go down to 51°F(11°C). The only snow you’ll discover in Orlando is artificially developed at Disney civilization during Christmas. It’s one of the hottest areas in the US during the winter!

2. Tampa, Florida


Tampa, Florida cases the second warmest winter climate in the USA. Daily highs average 62°F (17°C)and lows around 53°F (12°C). Precipitation falls in the type of rain only and averages simply a couple of inches every month throughout the winter.

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1. Miami, Florida


Miami, Florida holds the title for the warmest city in the USA during the winter. It likewise offers several of the hottest weather in the US! everyday average highs in the winter reach 70°F(21°C) and also nightly lows just drop to roughly 62°F (17°C). Miami is a popular location for worldwide travelers and also snowbirds looking come escape the cold winters of Canada. Forget around snow, you’ll be tanning ~ above the beach!

Curious around the coldest cities in the US throughout the winter?

USA Coldest cities in Winter:

Here space the top 5 COLDEST cities you can want to take a rain examine on till spring.

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota: average High 19°F (-7°C)

2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: mean High 25°F (-8°C)

3. Chicago, Illinois: mean High 26°F (-3°C)

4. Rochester, brand-new York: mean High 27°F (-3°C)

5. Buffalo, new York: median High 27°F (-3°C)

Check out the top 5 Warmest urban in Canada during the winter!

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