According come Climate Central, there is now more CO2 in the setting than in ~ any allude in at the very least the last two million years. And, the United claims is heating up just like the remainder of the world.

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The nation has warmed 1.3°F to 1.9°F because 1895, which seems favor a small amount. But, it’s every pretty much focused out in the Southwestern component of the country. This means that areas like fatality Valley and also other desert cities simply keep gaining hotter and hotter.

So, if you’re no a fan of warmth then you’ll definitely want to ensure friend familiarise yourself through the seven hottest urban in the US before travelling. It’ll aid you avoid any kind of super sweltering work this summer.

Hottest cities In The US

1. Phoenix, Arizona

According to climate data from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, Phoenix is the sexy city in the unified States appropriate now. The city has 169 days a year where the temperature reaches over 90°F. And, the greatest temperature on record to day was a sweltering 122°F. That’s insanely hot! Phoenix heat levels shot as much as 122 degrees on June 26, 1990, to note the all-time record high temperature collection at Phoenix skies Harbor Airport.

So, why walk Phoenix get so hot? It’s because of the mountains that surround the valley, which block rain and clouds and allows heat to develop up under high waiting pressure. Another reason is is its proximity come the equator (2,300 miles from the equator). Phoenix is also an Urban heat Island (UHI), i beg your pardon is one area that has consistently greater temperatures than surrounding areas because of structures that retain heat, and a lot of concrete and asphalt.

The hottest months in Phoenix are may to September, so arrangement your visit another time if girlfriend can’t handle the sweltering warmth of the desert city.

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3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las vegas is smack dab in the center of the desert, so it comes together no surprised that it’s among the hottest cities in the US. That tied with Tucson in regards to the greatest recorded temperature to date. Both cities got to 117°F in ~ one point. But, the common summer temperature is much higher here, reaching 104.1°F ~ above average. Not just that, las Vegas is the fastest-warming city in the unified States, follow to Climate Central, an organisation that studies climate change.

Las Vegas’ quick urbanisation has turned the city right into an Urban heat Island, trapping heat in between the concrete buildings and also asphalt.

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5. Brownsville, Texas

Located ~ above the western Gulf coastline in southern Texas, Brownsville lies surrounding to the mexico border. So, this city is pretty much south. If it’s no the southernmost city in the united States, temperature still acquire pretty high, especially throughout the summer. The mean mid-summer high temperature is 94.4°F. July and also August room the hottest months, so avoid visiting then if you desire to steer clear of the heat. On average, there space 223 clear days per year in Brownsville. The US mean is 205 clear days.

Brownsville has had some record-breaking highs of its own: in June 2019, the “feels like” unofficialize peak warm index reached 128 degrees at Brownsville.


7. Austin, Texas

Texas’ resources city is hot! Head to Austin during the summer and also you’ll be “hotter’n blue blazes.” The city records 114 days per year v a temperature over 90°F, do it conveniently one of the hottest cities in the country. Native June come September, the highs barely, if ever, make it listed below the 90s. And from April to October, Austin’s temperature typically never goes reduced than 40 °F.

Austin has about 22 much more days the feel prefer 90 levels or greater each year than it did prior to 1979.

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