When provided appropriately, warm sauce is one of those accouterments that can take an ordinary dish to brand-new heights. The right warm sauce can compliment damn near everything. Yet when warm sauce is used inappropriately, it deserve to make you want to tear the roof of your mouth out. There space some warm sauces the end there that room so mind-bogglingly warm that we really, truly, and legitimately cannot fathom why anyone would ever before tempt fate and shot them.

Here room the 7 Hottest warm Sauces You have the right to Buy. Why? due to the fact that some civilization just desire to watch the world burn.


Mad Dog 44 Magnum

Okay, we feel favor we must put this right into at the very least a little perspective. Foolish Dog 44 is an extract sauce the clocks in at end 4 million SHUs. The pepper spray that regulation enforcement officers use come spray people is commonly rated at anywhere from 2.5 come 4 million SHUs, which method voluntarily putting this ingredient on any kind of of your food is basically prefer volunteering to let a cop mace you in the mouth. Or, if you think prefer us, it gives you complete and also utter authority over her food. Following time your eggs start protesting about political candidates or Monsanto, just pull the end your party of foolish Dog 44 Magnum, placed it on the table, and also let your eggs recognize what time it is. And also then immediately go seek help, due to the fact that eggs can not talk, girlfriend freak. $38


Pure evil 9.6 Capsaicin Drops

The hottest hot sauce on our list isn’t even actually a hot sauce. It’s pure Capsaicin drops. The tasteless, odorless, and also is essentially just heat in a bottle. At 9.6 million Scoville warmth Units, v no really seasoning or taste, we can’t figure out why everyone would ever buy this stuff. Like, do you have actually a fatality wish? Is this the best/worst food prank in a bottle? Why is the skies blue? us don’t know the prize to any type of of this questions, and also we specifically don’t know why you’d placed your body with a drop of this stuff. However there it is. $30


The Source

We to be going to write a totality thing for this 7.1-million Scoville warm Unit warm sauce, however we think this small excerpt from one of the many Amazon reviews have to suffice:

“My college student must have actually doubled in area. My knees buckled. No one approximately me can understand the agony ns went through previous my teary blubbering and groans. The an initial bite had actually a profound effect on my senses together the civilization faded roughly me, yet would just become much more intense with time.” -Thunder Turtle

Nope! $100


Bumblefoot’s Bumblef**ked

This taste bud-singeing sauce extract clocks in at a terrifying 6 million SHUs and, as well as a slim hint that ginger and also tropical fruit tossed into the mix, consists of caffeine and ginseng. Why? because it desires to set your confront on fire and literally make her heart explode. They nothing outwardly sector it together such, yet there’s seriously no reasonable explanation because that it. Us imagine a couple drops that this on the tongue probably taste prefer a luau, yet a luau in Hell. A Helluau. $15


Z naught Beyond

This extract sauce through CaJohn’s is actually the just entry top top this list the won an compensation (not because that its capability to melt a literal feet in her toilet, but for its taste). In spite of its ungodly 4-million SHU heat classification, the Z Nothing past sauce was the winner the the 2004 gold Childe best Tasting Extract Sauce. Therefore if she looking to singe her eyebrows off but likewise potentially reap the burato you placed it on, this sauce may very well be her huckleberry. $12


Pepper royal residence Hottest warm Sauce in the universe – second Dimension

According to the folks at Pepper Palace, there are over 40 pounds of ghost chiles in every single batch the this death-defying hot sauce. When we say “death-defying” we mean 3.5 million SHUs, i beg your pardon is as hot as the surface of the sun. We were lying around that critical bit, yet seriously, one autumn of this stuff might probably be enough to give you warm stroke. Okay, we lied again, but God cursed it, this ingredient is hot. Let’s simply leave it in ~ that. $20


CaJohn’s Mongoose hot Sauce

On the CaJohn’s website, the product description for this 3 million SHU warm sauce starts with, “It’s kind of prefer a ‘kick in the groin’” and, honestly, we believe it.

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Made through Ghost and also Fatalii chiles, and named after ~ an animal that kicks the shit the end of poisonous snakes for fun, we seriously can’t understand why everyone would ever hurt themselves by eating this stuff. Like, is there a for sure word? us feel favor there really must be a safe word for this hot sauce; other like, “Oh God why because that the love that Christ did I perform this come myself?!” $17