The home Depot has been help everyday civilization DIY long prior to Chip and Joanna profit were family names. It’s tho a good resource, however in order to shop there, you’ll require to know the residence Depot Hours.

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What Are residence Depot’s Hours?

Every home Depot locations different, meaning their hours may vary. Part don’t open up until 7 AM during the week and close in ~ 8 pm on Sundays. Top top holidays like Memorial work or Christmas, you could want to give your keep a speak to to uncover out vacation hours.

Regardless, many stores have generic hours. We sampled countless stores across the country and also found that stores are generally open these hours:

Typical residence Depot save Hours

Most shop are open from about 6:00 am to 10:00 afternoon Monday v Saturday and also 8 am to 9 pm on Sundays

Need to know the store hrs for your local house Depot store? We’ve in-depth how friend can discover out in much less than two minutes online.

How to uncover Home Depot’s hrs for Your local Store

Home Depot might be a national chain, but store hours vary from location to location. Before you autumn by and find the doors locked, here’s just how to quickly discover your house Depot’s keep hours:

Click store Finder ~ above the an extremely top best corner.Enter your zip code, city, state, or store number.Click the surname of the save or “store details.”Find hours on the optimal left corner of the page.

Other Details

Along with store hours, this local store web page will market a many extra details. It will list store attributes — like if it has actually Home services or a GardenCenter. Friend will additionally find a calendar web page for Upcoming Workshops.

Nearby Stores

You’ll also find a map that claims “other stores nearby.” for this reason if girlfriend missed close up door time at one, girlfriend may be able to make it come another nearby option prior to it closes. The page additionally features local reviews and also ratings because that the store, so girlfriend can gain an idea the it prior to you head over.

Access Departments

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