The invoice would gradually increase the commonwealth minimum fairy to $15 one hour by 2025. The federal minimum wage has not to be raised because 2009.

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"Today is a shining day because it affects therefore many human being in ours country," speak Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., (pictured last month) said Thursday after ~ the home passed a bill to advanced the federal minimum wage. Al Drago / Reuters
The residence on Thursday happen a bill to rise the federal minimum fairy to $15 one hour through 2025 — transporting on among Democrats" main policy objectives and also a priority for plenty of 2020 presidential candidates.

“This is about workers, it"s around their economic and also financial security, and also today is a shining day since it affects for this reason many world in our country,” house Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday at a press conference flanked through fast-food workers, activists and lawmakers ahead of the scheduled vote.

The bill — dubbed the raise the fairy Act — was introduced by Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., and passed 231-199. That calls because that a progressive increase in the commonwealth minimum wage to $15 one hour indigenous $7.25, to it is in phased in over several years. The commonwealth minimum wage has not been raised since 2009.

A similar bill to increase the federal minimum fairy failed to pass in March after lawmakers native rural and Republican-leaning districts raised concerns, claiming the it would be too lot of a load for some tiny businesses, specifically in places where the price of life is lower than huge urban areas.


Some Democrats, such as Rep. Tom O"Halleran that Arizona, introduced an amendment come the legislation that would call for the government Accountability Office to monitor the economic and employment results of the steady increase and then submit a report to congress after the 2nd increase but before the third. It likewise requires conference to assess the report"s findings and potentially hold-up or change the fairy increases. The amendment was adopted Thursday with a poll of 248-181.

The bill, however, is i can not qualify to happen the Republican-dominated Senate. GOP leaders have branded the measure together a jobs killer and claimed it would be damaging to working families.

This week, home Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., said increasing the minimum wage would certainly “eviscerate numerous American jobs,” citing a July report from the Congressional budget plan Office that said 3.7 million american would lose their jobs if the measure is adopted.

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“There’s more opportunity 보다 we’ve ever seen. Over there are much more job openings than there are civilization looking because that work. And at the time, you would think the democrats would desire to be working through us to develop on that financial success, and instead you watch Speaker Pelosi happen this invoice to the floor that would eviscerate numerous American jobs,” Scalise said.