In many states, everyone 18 or older have the right to buy what’s recognized as one assault-style weapon, also though the federal purchasing age for handguns is 21. Utah, whereby the pictured AR-15 semiautomatic rifles are on sale, is one of those states.

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Democrats are presenting a invoice that would certainly raise the minimum period to buy assault-style weapons, the recent in a multipronged effort to address a string of current mass shootings and stifle the pistol lobby’s sway because taking back the residence majority.

The bipartisan bill, intended to be introduced by Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md.) Wednesday, would certainly prohibit anyone younger 보다 21 indigenous buying semi-automatic rifles, v exceptions for active duty military personnel and some police officers. In many states, everyone 18 or older have the right to buy what’s recognized as one assault-style weapon, even though the federal purchasing period for handguns is 21.

Brown’s bill is a repeat of legislation the Maryland Democrat and also others offered in the previous congress after the mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, Fla., left 17 students and also school staffers dead. That effort failed come pass, yet this time Democrats have actually the House bulk on their side.

Brown identified that producing age constraints is far from his ideal, and also he would prefer an fully ban: “I’m all about banning assault weapons,” he said in one interview. But Brown very first introduced the bill in the home last year because President Donald Trump himself endorsed it in the job after the Parkland shooting.

“Where’d I gain this idea from? I acquired it from president Trump,” Brown said.

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Three Republicans have so far signed on: Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick that Pennsylvania, Brian Mast that Florida and also Peter King of brand-new York. The one various other Republican who backed the effort last year, Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent, has retired.

Last March, Trump said a team of lawmakers in a conference that aired live ~ above cable news the he supported elevating the minimum period to acquisition semi-automatic weapons to 21.

“It no make feeling that I have to wait till I’m 21 to gain a handgun, however I can acquire this weapon in ~ 18,” Trump claimed then. The comment stunned Capitol Hill. Within weeks, however, trump card reversed his place after a high-profile meeting v the nationwide Rifle Association.

The raise the period act is component of a high-profile initiative by home Democrats to combat both gun violence and the NRA’s influence over Congress; the last has properly prevented any meaningful gun safety legislation from relocating in years in spite of a wire of high-profile massacres.

Brown wishes his bill will be among several gun control measures that obtain a floor poll this summer.

The very first measure intended to come up because that a vote on the residence floor is a invoice to mandate global background check for many gun purchases, including private transactions. Rep. Mike Thompson that California, chairman the the democratic “gun violence prevention task force,” introduced that bill in beforehand January quickly after democrats took manage of the chamber.

Brown said he has had only “informal conversations” with democratic leaders about his bill however hopes it will certainly be contained in a more comprehensive Democratic initiative that will most likely be centered around the background check proposal. That bill has actually 221 co-sponsors, including 5 Republicans.

So far, Brown’s bill has dozens that co-sponsors, including high-profile gun control supporters prefer Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.), who 17-year-old boy was killed in a shooting in 2012.

The invoice mirrored a measure in the Senate, co-authored by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and also Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). With Flake gone, Brown stated it’s unclear which Republican may fill his spot, despite he stated he plans to target Senate republicans who are up for reelection in 2020.

“I believe that over there is a majority in the Senate that would see this as very reasonable come raise the age on attack weapons,” Brown said.

Across the U.S., the vast majority of states enable young world younger 보다 21 to purchase semi-automatic weapons, according to the Giffords regulation Center.


A grasp of states moved to action in 2018 after ~ the doubt in the Parkland shooting, climate 19 year old, offered a semi-automatic rifle he had legally to buy in the attack. Among the claims was GOP-dominated Florida, wherein the NRA is now suing the state end the restriction.

Brown’s residence state that Maryland is among the few that currently ban semi-automatic sales to human being younger 보다 21. As soon as he served as the state’s sublieutenant governor, Brown to be knee-deep in the gun regulate overhauls in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shoot in 2012: he personally aided whip votes for the one of the strictest actions in the country.

For Brown, the fight for gun control has lengthy been personal. Eleven years ago, his cousin, Cathy, was shot and killed by she estranged boyfriend.

“That’s when I determined that ns really essential to step up my involvement,” Brown said.

Brown and also other supporters of the invoice argue the the legislation would simply lug parity to commonwealth regulations that at this time diverge once it concerns handguns matches semi-automatic weapons.

The Brown invoice — prefer the elevator checks regulation — is unlikely even to be taken into consideration in the Senate, much less signed in to regulation by Trump. However passage by the house would still it is in a major win because that gun safety advocates, who have actually tried for years to enact stricter laws only to it is in rebuffed continually by Republicans and gun-rights groups.

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The NRA has actually opposed such efforts in the past, including when Brown introduced the exact same proposal critical year. And Brown said he’s no naive about the influence the company still has actually in Congress.

“I think more and much more people space viewing the NRA with much more cynicism and suspicion. Yet let’s not boy ourselves, they proceed to have actually a very, very solid grip on much too countless Democrats,” that said.

Still, the high-profile initiative by residence Democrats mirrors just how much the politics conversation roughly guns has shifted in recent years. Numerous Democrats — some of whom would have actually shied far from the worry in the past — piggybacked on a national effort to enact stricter gun laws led by the Parkland students last year and also openly campaigned on gun safety and security in the election.

Fitzpatrick, among the command Republican co-sponsors, stated he really hopes several of his GOP partner will finish up supporting this “common-sense measure.”

“By elevating the age restrictions because that military-style semiautomatic weapons, this bipartisan bill provides parity through handgun purchases,” Fitzpatrick said in a statement. “While proceeding to support 2nd Amendment rights, this Congress can take meaningful activity to defend our children and also keep our areas safe.”