just how Kevin Spacey's Firing adjusted House that Cards' last Season home of Cards" final season had actually to be completely retooled after ~ Kevin Spacey to be fired. What was the initial plan and also what was changed?

Kevin Spacey and Robin light in residence of Cards
House the Cards season 6 will certainly be the show"s last season, return the ending of the Underwood empire was once going to look an extremely different. Among the very first breakout Netflix Originals, House that Cards was originally Kevin Spacey"s show: his fourth-wall-breaking schemer frank Underwood guided audiences through the dark truths that American politics, manipulating the systems to walk from chef Whip to Vice chairman to, eventually, commander in Chief.

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Everything came crashing down following accusations of sex-related assault versus Spacey in so late 2017. The actor to be fired native the in-production House of Cards season 6 - now evidenced to be the critical - and the show fully retooled to center solely ~ above Robin Wright"s Claire Underwood, Frank"s wife and also VP who over the past 5 seasons had come to be as essential as her husband, v season 5 finishing on her taking command in the Oval Office.

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The last season that House of Cards is now comes to Netflix, reflecting Claire"s Presidency and (presumably) the downfall that the Underwood"s treachery. But, however Claire does (or doesn"t) pay for she crimes, one question will continue to be unanswered: just how would things have actually gone down had Spacey not been fired? thanks to producer comments, we have actually an idea.

What us Know around House the Cards Season 6 prior to Spacey was Fired

Kevin Spacey in residence of Cards
While the was just announced because of this in the fallout from Spacey"s firing, the showrunners have actually maintained that the sixth year the House that Cards was always intended to be its last season. This would certainly make sense given where the story had acquired to - frank was now trying to pull the strings indigenous the corporate next - and just how long the collection had been running for. By the time Spacey"s crimes concerned light, the season was filming and also most that the scripts finalized. That means there to be a completely mapped out end to house of Cards that had to be scrapped (or, together we"ll see, retooled).

House of Cards season 5 ended with Claire taking over together President after ~ Frank resigned, v him relying on she pardoning him for his numerous crimes and vowing come "kill her" as soon as she didn"t. After year of a broken marriage, that looked prefer the display would be moving an all-out battle as the brand-new President walk backdoor-battle v her corporate estranged husband.

There is also the large question that Frank"s fate. The original House of Cards series ended with Francis Urquhart"s death, and also the Netflix version had actually introduced a time bomb: Frank Underwood"s liver had become infected complying with an assassination effort in season 4, meaning he might be killed off at any moment. This was also teased by the season 5 finale, with Jane Davis speak it would certainly be a viable method to remove Frank indigenous the picture. All signs pointed in the direction of Kevin Spacey being eliminated off prior to (or at) the really end.

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How house of Cards" last Season adjusted After Spacey to be Fired

Robin wright in home of Cards Season 6
after ~ a production hiatus, House that Cards season 6 ongoing apace through a retooled script that put the focus exclusively on Robin Wright. The big change come the last season indigenous its plan, of course, is that Frank Underwood is dead prior to the season begins. Exactly how is a mystery for the show to progressively reveal, yet this put Claire front-and-center, with any kind of presence from her husband completely legacy. There are also brand-new characters in the mix, with Diane Lane and also Greg Kinnear actors as Annette and also Bill Shepherd, industrialist siblings who have history with Frank and want to get their hooks right into Claire. As it stands, these space the known large changes.

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However, all proof so far points in the direction of a retooling, fairly than rewriting, that House the Cards" final season. If the original plan was to have actually Claire trying to lead the an initial female Presidency forward together Frank used corporate pressure to manipulate her to monitor his plans, then the brand-new version has essentially replaced his role with the Shepherds acquisition on his antagonistic role. This method that, while the present has had to retool and also shrink its episode (not to cite suffer a lot of bad press), the writers are getting deliver on what they initially envisioned.