"House that Cards" co-showrunners frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson breakdown 13 lingering questions from Season 5, talk Season 6.

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House of Cards.>

"My turn."

The last line ofHouse the Cards season five means so much an ext than simply those 2 words.

Not only did it leaving Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) break the fourth wall surface yet again if kicking off her presidency, the linealsofueled a fire that burning questions from viewers: What will certainly a Claire presidency really look like? What new power will Frank seek? Is LeAnn dead? when will there be a season six?

To aid answer those questions and more,The Hollywood Reporter speak to showrunnersMelissa James Gibson and also Frank Pugliese — together with castmembers Michael Kelly, Neve Campbell, Paul Sparks, Joel Kinnaman and also Boris McGiver — in wishes of obtaining some answers.

While some remain tight-lipped or, in fact, don't recognize yet what the future the the collection is, onething rang true to the show: Nothing can stay a secret for long.

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