**WARNING: has SPOILERS FOR house OF CARDS collection FINALE**

The sixth and also final season of house of Cards went out in suitable bloody format – together the Netflix drama come “full circle”.

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In the closing scene , we ultimately had check of who eliminated Kevin Spacey’s frank Underwood: his previous right-hand male Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), who offered him one overdose to stop him from death Claire and to “protect the tradition from the man.” The revelation was complied with by the ultimate showdown as Robin Wright’s character President Claire Hale (formerly Underwood) rotate the tables, stabbing Doug come death.

In the final shot, she cradles Doug’s bloody body together the life fades native his eyes, and also tells him: “There. No more pain” – before looking straight into the camera. Fade to black color for the last time.

“There’s a full-circle element to every one of this,” co-showrunner Melissa James Gibson told The Hollywood Reporter. “How Francis invited united state in in ~ the beginning, this is choose the coda to that.”

House that Cards fans will recall that the drama very first opened v Frank’s explanation of “useful” and “useless” pain together he snapped the neck the an hurt dog. “In the end, Claire is, to part degree, freeing Doug Stamper and looking at united state in a full-circle way,” she said.

Of course, it wasn’t always the arrangement for season 6 to open the method it did. Spacey was fired over sexual assault allegations which to be made public in October 2017, forcing house of Cards showrunners Gibson and Frank Pugliese come suspend filming and find a way to write him the end of the show.


Ultimately they reduced the number of episodes to eight and also killed Spacey off-screen, although the secret of his fatality haunted the final season. Did that really die of a heart strike in bed adhering to an inadvertently overdose that liver medication? Or walk Claire kill him? and also if no Claire – who?

When Doug visits her at the Oval Office in the last scene, we gain our answer. And also so walk Claire. Doug lastly makes his confession and demands a pardon, or proof of his strength over she – and also when the doesn’t acquire what that wants, the grabs a paperknife and holds the to she neck till blood drips under onto her pregnant belly (the result of insemination v Frank’s frozen sperm).

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Doug instantly breaks down and also regrets his violence. Yet Claire kicks points up a notch, grabbing the knife and also plunging it into his stomach and also twisting it until he die in she arms.


“One the the really fascinating questions is: that is the greatest monster of castle all?” Gibson said, adding: “What felt true to us is the she reveals herself to it is in every much of one antihero as Francis ever was. She’s enabled to it is in as complicated and surprising and dark and everything he ever was.”

“The finale itself is no really last until it’s played out v the audience,” Pugliese explained. “Whatever the audience imagines after ~ is all component of the finish of the show. And there room questions. No doubt about it. What story is going come tell? exactly how is she going to gain away v this? currently that she’s done with this critical piece, will she really relocate on?