House the the Dragon is most likely still a while off, however here"s what we know so far about the Targaryen-led game of Thrones prequel


House that the Dragon is paris our way, set to touch under in 2022. If details on the display are being retained tightly under wraps, there"s still plenty of details out over there to tide us over while we wait – and also there"s also a brand new teaser trailer, giving us our ideal look however at the upcoming video game of Thrones prequel.

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The series is set around 300 years before the occasions of game of Thrones, and also will focus on the Targaryen civil battle that ended up being known as the run of the Dragons. That method new characters, and also a lot of of new dragons, v George R.R. Boy name indicating we"ll be see plenty that the creatures in the show.

We"ve rounded up whatever else over there is to know around the series, including casting information, an initial look photos, and also what"s out there about the plot. So, role on to gain up to speed on all things house of the Dragon.

What is the home of the Dragon release window?

The very first teaser trailer has shown House the the Dragon will certainly release in 2022. Precise release date has yet to it is in announced, however.

HBO"s Casey boys previously gave an upgrade on the spinoffs: "House the the Dragon is the only one shooting," he said. "All the other ones room in miscellaneous stages of development. World may think we have actually 10 series shooting at the moment. There"s one that will be on the air in 2022. We"ll see how the other scripts come along."

House of the Dragon trailer

The very first teaser trailer for residence of the Dragon is here. In it, we obtain a great look in ~ the much more lethal looking stole Throne, and also the series" crucial characters, and what watch to it is in plenty of extreme drama. "Gods, kings, fire, and blood. Desires didn"t make united state kings, dragon did," claims Matt Smith"s Daemon Targaryen in a voiceover. Inspect it the end above.

Who"s in the residence of the Dragon cast?

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Fabien Frankel (who recently appeared in the Netflix and BBC One crime series, The Serpent) will certainly play Ser Criston Cole, common-born, Dornish child to the Steward of the lord of Blackhaven. Range describes Cole as having actually "no case to soil or titles; every he has to his name, his honor, and also his preternatural ability with a sword".

Graham McTavish, star the Outlander, evidenced to Stylist that he has a role in the series –but didn"t provide anything rather away: "I"m enjoy it that, yes," that said. "I"m really having actually a lot of fun. We"ve just started. It"s a very large project, therefore we"re getting to know each other. They"re lover people. It"s great, however I can"t call you too much. Ns can"t phone call you really anything around the story! but it requires a lot dragons." Speculation ~ McTavish was apparently glimpsed start in costume has actually pointed come Harrold Westerling, mr Commander that the Kingsguard (H/T Radio Times).

Steve Toussaint, Rhys Ifans, night Best, and also Sonoya Mizuno also recently join the project. Toussaint will play lord Corlys Velaryon, a powerful lord of house Velaryon (a Valyrian bloodline together old as residence Targaryen) and also the most infamous nautical probe in the history of Westeros with the world"s biggest navy.

Ifans will play otto Hightower, the loyal Hand of the King, while best will be Princess Rhaenys Velaryon, a dragonrider and also wife to mr Corlys Velaryon. Mizuno, meanwhile, will play Mysaria, a woman that arrived in Westeros v nothing, but rose with the ranks to come to be the most trusted allied of Prince Daemon Targaryen, the heir to the throne.

Then we"ve got Emma D"Arcy and also Matt Smith, that will beat Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and also Prince Daemon Targaryen respectively, when Olivia Cooke has actually signed on come play Alicent Hightower. The two Targaryen royals play vital roles in the climactic run of the Dragons, the Targaryen civil war that takes up a big chunk the George R.R. Martin"s Fire & Blood, the novel ~ above which residence of the Dragon is based.

Expect to check out these characters play major roles in the occasions of home of the Dragon, and also given your lasting visibility in the book, it"s most likely we"ll view them throughout several seasons. Though, as video game of Thrones proved, TV series aren"t constantly 100 every cent faithful come their resource work.Interestingly, young version of 2 of these personalities have been actors – Milly Alcock has actually joined the lineup together a younger variation of Rhaenyra Targaryen, while Emily Carey will be the young Alicent Hightower.

Cooke has talked a small about the series, saying there will certainly not be any kind of gratuitous violence against women, i beg your pardon Thrones was accused that on many occasions. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable in gift a component of noþeles that has actually just egregious graphics violence in the direction of women for no reason whatsoever, just due to the fact that they want it to be tantalizing in a way that gets viewers," she said. "I was lucky enough to review the script before, and also it has changed a lot indigenous the first couple of seasons . I don’t think they’d it is in in their best minds to include any kind of of that any kind of more.”

In October, the series" lead to be announced: Paddy Considine as King Viserys I, an ancestor that everyone"s favorite mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. Viserys is preferred by the Lords of Westeros to succeed the steel Throne and apparently wants to innocently bring on his grandfather"s legacy. However, as the original collection showed us, an excellent men don"t constantly make an excellent leaders.

Fire & Blood features a lineup of Targaryen rulers native Aegon i to his sons, Aenys I and Maegor I, every the way up to Aegon III. We expect even more silver-haired dragonriders to take the regime as spreading details proceed opening up in the (presumably) close to future.

HBO recently actors its first Lannisters, v returning game of Thrones gibbs Jefferson hall joining home of the Dragon together twins Jason Lannister and Ser Tyland Lannister, mr of Casterly absent andHand of the KingforAegon III Targaryen, respectively.

The recent round of casting news also reveled that Ryan Corr(Wolf Creek 2, The Water Diviner) has been actors as Ser Harwin "Breakbones" Strong, who HBO describes as "the strongest male in the seven Kingdoms." Meanwhile, David Horovitch (Miss Marple) will play grand Maester Mellos, among King Viserys"s close advisors.

Graham McTavish (The Hobbit, Netflix"s Castlevania, Preacher) has actually been actors as Ser Harrold Westerling, faithful member of the Kingsguard. Bill Paterson (Amazing Grace, miss Potter) is playing Lord Lyman Beesbury, mr of Honeyholt and Master of Coin top top King Viserys"s small council. Gavin Spokes (She Stoops to Conquer, Utopia, Warrior Kings) is mr Lyonel Strong, mr of Harrenhal and also the King"s master of Laws, and also Matthew Needham (Stutterer) is collection to portray Larys Strong, son of Lyonel Strong.

When is the home of the Dragon set?

Image credit: HBO (Image credit: HBO)

The beginning of house of the Dragon will certainly date earlier to around 300 years before the events of video game of Thrones. That might seem favor a when back, yet it"s actually much an ext recent background than the canceled Naomi watts prequel, i m sorry was set to take location "thousands of years" before Game the Thrones and also explore the early background of ancient houses as well as the beginning of the White Walkers.

Considering Westerosi societies were an extremely much thriving, and turbulent together ever, throughout the timeline containing home of the Dragon, expect to see political interworkings akin to video game of Thrones explored in the prequel series. Vice versa, the canceled prequel would"ve much more likely concentrated primarily ~ above fantasy elements, house of the Dragon is based upon a book an extremely much centered around ancestral hierarchies, warring nations, and a substantial civil war. That should equate to a prequel series an ext tonally comparable to game of Thrones, a present as much around dragons together the dark underbellies of society and the judgment class.

For the uninitiated, house Targaryen is an extremely much affiliated through dragons, going all the way back to Aegon the Conqueror"s fire-breathing occupation over the 7 kingdoms where house of the Dragon picks up.

What"s the home of the Dragon story?

Image credit: HBO (Image credit: HBO)

House that the Dragon is based on Fire and also Blood, a novel by George RR Martin covering the rise and also fall that the Targaryen dynasty as taped by a maester in pre-Game that Thrones time. Since that publication has been out for around two years, we have actually a pretty good idea the what we deserve to expect to view from home of the Dragon"s plot.

The book picks up through Aegon"s Conquest, which significant the really beginning that a new world order, the establishment of King"s Landing as the people capital, and also the physical formation of the steel Throne.

Together through the assist of his twin sisters, Rhaenys and also Visenya (not to point out their 3 dragons), Aegon Targaryen I effectively subdued 6 of the 7 kingdoms that Westeros, even if it is by occupation or their voluntary submission. The just kingdom to prevail unconquered to be Dorne, i m sorry Rhaenys left unharmed ~ finding that castles abandoned and only women and children occupying that is seat.

From there complies with a unstable run of Targaryen kings and also queens; good, evil, and everywhere in between; leading approximately the an excellent civil war betweenAegon IIand his half-sisterRhaenyraover your fatherViserys I"sthrone. That long struggle sustained for two years, v which several large-scale battles were dealt with until both Aegon II and Rhaenya died mysterious and grizzly respective deaths.

The resulting power void fell to the young Aegon III come occupy, which resulted in the fatality of "the last dragon." The finish of Fire and Blood doesn"t lead directly into the occasions of video game of Thrones, close up door out roughly 150 years prior to the fateful work Robert Baratheon shows up in ~ King"s Landing come enlist Ned Stark as Hand that the King. The gap between the end of Fire and also Blood and the beginning of game of Thrones hasn"t to be written about in depth, yet Martin has actually said the plans on writing Fire and also Blood component 2 when he"s perfect the A track of Ice and also Fire series.

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Game that Thrones adhered to the publications closely and with small deviation for the very first four seasons, after which comprehensive changes to the characters and also plot to be made at least partly as result of the resource work no being perfect at the time. Because that those reasons, it"s hard to tell just how faithfully home of the Dragon will certainly tell the story from Fire and Blood. V Martin in ~ the helm and Fire and also Blood published in its entirety, it"s a great bet the show and book will align quite nicely.

While not providing anything away around the plot, HBO contents chief Casey Bloys has actually said the collection "looks spectacular," adding: "The actors that Miguel and Ryan have put together looks good."

If you"re wondering about the dragons, have actually no fear: there"ll it is in a many them in the series. "I"ve always thought this was a cool story, it"s one ns like, for this reason I"m looking forward to see it come alive on screen," martin toldThe Stuff dreams Are do Ofpodcast. "And of course I"m looking front to the dragons. Obviously, ns love the dragons. We had actually three of lock inGame that Thrones,but currently we obtained like 17 the them. And hopefully, they"ll each have their own personalities, they"ll be soon recognizable as soon as you watch them, the colour and every one of that because the dragon do have actually personalities in the books, and it"ll be an excellent to watch that come alive. And the dragon riders. That"s every pretty cool."