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There room any number of literary facets to select from in "House take away Over," however I have the right to outline a few of the significant ones here.

possibly the most basic is that Cortázar uses a first-person suggest of view: the story is report by someone directly involved, an "I" that tells the...

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There room any number of literary aspects to choose from in "House bring away Over," but I can outline a few of the major ones here.

Perhaps the easiest is the Cortázar provides a first-person point of view: the story is report by someone straight involved, an "I" who tells the story.

The entire story deserve to be taken into consideration an allegory because that Peronism, or a kind of Argentine populism. The narrator and also his sister room representatives the the Argentine bourgees class: they room idle many of the day, with money coming in native land rentals; the narrator reads French novels; there are just two that them yet they live in a large house; they take it up much more space 보다 they need, in a family members home that they did not earn, yet rather to be passed under to them. And also yet your wealth and also their an are is being taken end by something (allegorically, the populace, the functioning class), cutting them under to size and also leaving them through nothing. The heat "Irene never ever bothered anyone" is an important within this analysis of the story: she was minding her very own business. She never went out, never contributed to society or the economy—the narrator go those things, and only rarely. The narrator is paint Irene together a victim of the functioning class"s takeover; she loses everything, i m sorry is then presumably split up among those who can not afford it.

On a much less political note, Cortázar likewise uses suspense and foreshadowing to keep the leader on their toes: we never see what it is the is taking over the house; we only recognize that as soon as they have invaded, there deserve to be no walking back. As soon as the narrator an initial hears them,

The sound came through muted and indistinct....At the very same time, or a 2nd later, ns heard it in ~ the finish of the passage which led from those 2 rooms towards the door. Ns hurled myself against the door before it was also late and also shut it, leaned ~ above it through the load of mine body; luckily, the an essential was on our side...

In this scene and the last room the only times we acquire a feeling of urgency ~ above the component of the narrator; he "hurled" himself against the door "before it was as well late." The pace is quick here, and also the suddenly eruption of the presence of this "other" in the home leaves the reader v a suspenseful, ominous sense for the remainder of the story. The "other" taking over this component of the house additionally foreshadows the taking over the the whole house in ~ the finish of the story.

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The last facet I will point out is the motif of collecting or collection in the story: motes that dust "rise and hang in the air, and settle again a minute after that the pianos and also the furniture." The siblings" revenue from the farms was "piling up"; Irene has hidden stacks of shawls in a drawer; and when the narrator ultimately flees, he abandons a large stack of money in his bedroom. This could be check out (but is not necessarily intended) to it is in an point out of the riches amassed through the center class and also the thin amount that things amassed in capitalist society, in spite of their loved one idleness and lack the need.