The residence of representatives on Thursday pass a stopgap spending bill to store the federal government funded with December and also avert a shutdown, despite the measure did not address the looming blame ceiling crisis that could plunge the U.S. Into uncharted economic territory next month.

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UNITED says - SEPTEMBER 30: speaker of the home Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., arrives for she weekly ... <+> news conference in the Capitol Visitor facility where she disputed the poll on the facilities bill top top Thursday, September 30, 2021. (Photo through Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, inc via Getty Images)

CQ-Roll Call, inc via Getty images

The bill passed 254 - 175, v all Democrats and also 34 republic voting “yes” top top it, hrs after it cleared the Senate with comparable bipartisan support.

The invoice includes resources requested through the White house for resettling Afghan refugees and also returning U.S. Expats, too as extr aid to respond to a surging of natural catastrophes over the summer.

The vote come just hours ahead the a planned poll on a bipartisan facilities package, on which some Republicans are also expected come vote v Democrats.

Crucial Quote

“I think it’s necessary to keep some stability and continuity,” Rep. Peter Meijer (R-Mich.), one of the Republicans that voted because that the bill, called that his vote, adding, “It’s a quite high threshold to was standing in the way of that and also cause a bit much more chaos in an already chaotic time.”

Key Background

House democracy on Wednesday pass a standalone blame ceiling suspension bill fairly than bundling it along with the security measure, together Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen alerts the U.S. Might be unable to pay its receipt by October 18. The debt limit bill shows up unlikely to clear the Senate’s 60-vote threshold.

What To watch For

The stopgap security bill, referred to as a continuing resolution, will most likely head to chairman Joe Biden’s desk before the finish of the day, when the budget year ends. However, the will just kick the have the right to down the road, giving Congress time to job-related out an annual budget.

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