For months, The actual Housewives of brand-new York City fans have actually been wondering as soon as the season 13 reunion will certainly air. Yet there"s no require to hold a seance—Bravo finally has the answer. Sadly, this season that RHONY will certainly be the very first Housewives season ever to skip a reunion.

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"Due to scheduling challenges roughly taping the reunion of The genuine Housewives of brand-new York City in a fashionable manner, Bravo evidenced there will not it is in a reunion because that this season," a network spokesperson said Entertainment Tonight. "It’s disappointing to not be able to bring the cast earlier together, but we room happy come have finished on such a high keep in mind with the finale, and also are now shifting our focus to next season."

But, rumors on the Bravo set say otherwise. A brand-new report found that the reunion may have actually been canceled based on complaints filed versus cast member Ramona Singer. Confused? You"re not alone.

A source mentioned come ET the the RHONY actors is "beyond frustrated" by Bravo"s decision. So, what"s the deal? Here"s whatever to understand so far about why the RHONY season 13 reunion was never ever meant come be:

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In early on September, plans because that a reunion to be still on.

Bravo and the NYC Housewives were prepared to ceiling it every on camera. Newbie Eboni K. Williams told Variety back in August the "I was told a time. Ns was told that we’re having a reunion. Ns was said what come wear to claimed reunion."

Eboni also mentioned come Entertainment Tonight that she assumed her fellow Housewives were excited for the reunion, too. "Everybody"s incentivized to make the reunion happen," she said. "I"m looking very much forward to this reunion. Ns think mine castmates are, too, due to the fact that a the majority of crap went under this season. And it"ll be great, ns think, because that everybody to have the ability to express just how they feel, just how they feel watching it back. I mean, because that me together a newbie, i mean, it was a lot."

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And on Sept. 1, a resource told People that the reunion to be going to be filmed "soon," after manufacturing delays were resolved. So an end-of-season distinct (complete with iconic fights top top plush couches) definitely seemed prefer it was in the works.

An investigation was launched into one the the Housewives" behavior on set.

A brand-new report found that the RHONY season 13 reunion was likely canceled after ~ Bravo introduced an investigation right into Ramona Singer"s actions on set, Page Six reported. The investigation started when Eboni filed a complaint based on a racially insensitive comment that Ramona made come her, according to TMZ.

Eboni apparently came forward when she uncovered out the a crew member had actually filed a similar complaint. Cast, crew, and production members were every interviewed, and Ramona was at some point cleared of any type of wrongdoing, per TMZ.

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Bravo reportedly felt that, since the examination led to manufacturing delays, it to be "too late" to film a reunion. "It was currently a low-rated season for this reason there to be concerns around who would song in 3 months later," a source told TMZ.

But the financial impact on the actors will it is in huge. RHONY"s huge stars, favor Ramona, Sonja Morgan, and Luann de Lesseps, each was standing to lose at the very least $100,000 for the three missed reunion episodes, TMZ estimates.

This season, RHONY had actually super low ratings.

When Bravo claimed this season had negative ratings, the network wasn"t kidding. Follow to Variety, this season"s ratings were unusually low. Per Nielsen’s Live + very same Day ratings, the season finale ~ above Aug. 31 only lugged in 841,000 viewers—compared come season 12"s finale, i m sorry raked in end 1.1 million viewers.

The actors was dreading filming the season 13 reunion.

Even though the actors as a totality was looking front to a reunion, a few Housewives have actually said the news to be a relief. "As much as I carry out feel we have actually things we all must talk v each other, I"m likewise really relieved to not need to talk around things that occurred a year ago," actors member Leah McSweeney defined in an Instagram Story.


"At this allude it"s a long time ago and it to be a stormy year, every around, in general," she added. "And it"s been a season that i feel like has been unfairly torn apart and we all gone with the ringer while it was filming and while it was airing. So now there"s no reunion."

One resource told Entertainment Tonight that the various other Housewives additionally had "no interest" rehashing disagreements that took place more than a year ago. However, the also way they won"t get any closure on the feuds and also strained relationship that this season produced (a.k.a. The negative blood in between Eboni, Luann de Lesseps, and also Ramona Singer).

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So, while plenty of the ladies are content without a reunion, there space lots of loosened ends this season the won"t be tied up.

But you can still peek at few of the Housewives" reunion looks.

Of course, one of the best parts of any type of Housewives reunion is the killer dresses. While girlfriend won"t gain to see the NYC women in all their glam glory, Eboni posted a sneak emergence at what would"ve been her custom-made, over-the-top reunion gown ~ above Instagram.

"Disappointed i won"t gain to stay this masterpiece in ~ my very first #RHONY reunion," she wrote in an Instagram Story with a shooting of her stunning white dress: