04. About Us

Knowledge management Service

Each of united state at Pinon real Estate group have worked hard and intently to it is in the definitive source for your actual estate needs. We have leveraged our time, experience, and skills to sell you what amounts to a concierge suffer in understanding the high quality of life here.

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05. Our Agents

Our Team


Rich Edgington


“Rich Edgington is a establishing partner and co-owner the Pinon real Estate Group. A westerner, he was born in Montana and also grew…”


Susan Dempsey Hughes

Broker Owner

“I invested my childhood top top the beaches the Florida. In 1989 i finished high school and also moved west to Colorado in find on…”


JoDee Kane

basic Manager

“I have actually been v Pinon actual Estate Group nearly from the really beginning. The year 2006 was really busy because that me; ns moved, got…”


Kathy Armstrong

Broker combine

“Kathy Armstrong: I think we are defined by our actions. Ns am detail oriented, have actually boundless energy, and can multi-task…”

Kim Bouldin

Broker combine

“Joining the Pinon team to be a natural complement for Kim when she came to be licensed in 2012. She has actually a strong Midwestern work…”

Hale Camp

Broker associate

“I came to the Arkansas flow Valley end a decade earlier in find of 3 things: actual community, to live in proximity to…”

Adriana De Anda

Broker combine

“For me, helping civilization buy and sell homes is an inherent passion. I worth the prestige of a residence — not just as a…”

Brenda Dempsey

Broker associate

“Having been in real heritage in Denver for over 30 years, my husband and also I decided to relocate to Chaffee county in 2011…”

Terry Deveney

Broker combine

“When Terry and her husband, Chuck, uncovered Salida during a ski trip, castle knew the this city would eventually become…”

Lawton Eddy

Broker combine

“Hello, ns Lawton Eddy, Broker Associate with Pinon genuine Estate Group because 2007. Initially from brand-new England, i’ve been…”

Stacy Lowe

Broker combine

“Stacy Lowe is all around making things happen. Come say she no waste time is one understatement. Salida has actually been her…”

Janine Marr

Broker associate

“Living and working here as the owner that Bangs! Hair shop for more than 16 years has offered me a deep expertise of the…”

Kym & Hayden Mellsop

Broker Associates

“Kym Mellsop uncovered Salida in 1994 having just i graduated from smith College in Massachusetts. Make her means back to…”

Leah Nephew

Office Manager

“After graduating from Michigan State University, i craved a adjust in scenery. Mine husband and I moved to Salida in 2017…”

Liz Peuser

Broker associate

“I have made my house in the Arkansas Valley because 1979 and also have been engaged in the exercise of actual estate here for the…”

Kaelen Peuser

Broker associate

“Kaelen is a Salida aboriginal who has been fortunate to grow up the Arkansas Valley, emerging a deep link with nature…”

Brett Rankin

Broker associate

“I prospered up in Salida, Colorado where I developed a love for the outdoors, specifically skiing and also mountain biking…”

Joey Rovinsky

Broker combine

“I am originally from the foothills the the Appalachian hills in southeastern Ohio. After ~ summering in Alaska and…”

Wendy Rombold

Broker combine

“Initially I involved this sink to camp and raft top top the Arkansas River. Now, every day I’m thankful to view the beautiful…”

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Judy Smith

Broker combine

“In the 30 years the I have actually lived in the Salida area i have pertained to appreciate the beauty, beauty of this hill valley that…”

Penny Wilken

Broker combine

“Originally from the Midwest, Penny has actually been happy to call Colorado home for the past 20+ years. She and her husband…”