Jackson Hole real Estate company is proud to offer the most diverse an option of available solitary family houses for sale in Jackson hole Wyoming. The adhering to listings are for every available single family residences for sale room in the Jackson Hole, WY area.

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$48,000,000Status: Active7 Bedrooms9 Bathrooms127 Acres13300 SqFt05 - Skyline Ranch come Sagebrush DrResidential - single Family
Please take it our ""virtual tours"" of every home displayed in the photos tab. This extraordinary estate is located just north that the town of Jackson, follow me the Gros Ventre River. The property is composed of 3 parcels, because that a complete of 127 acres, with a private...Read More
$33,900,000Status: Pending continue to Show5 Bedrooms7 Bathrooms117.82 Acres12705 SqFt05 - Skyline Ranch to Sagebrush DrResidential - single Family
For those search the can be fried in privacy, while residing in the love of Jackson Hole, this home provides you a straight mountain height view the the grand Teton hill range, the Jackson Hole hill Resort, and also offers the ultimate seclusion in the exclusive...Read More
$27,650,000Status: Active2 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms73.55 Acres2664 SqFt04 - W snake S the WilsonResidential - single Family
An enchanting and distinctive ranch situated only one mile indigenous the tranquil neighborhood of Wilson, Wyoming, large Rock Ranch comprises virtually 75 acre of isolated land. The three individually deeded parcels selection from sprawling meadows laced through hundreds of...Read More
$22,500,000Status: Active4 Bedrooms5 Bathrooms48.89 Acres8075 SqFt04 - W snake S the WilsonResidential - solitary Family
Comprised of 10,242 livable square feet, this Wilson estate is in the heart of Crescent H, surrounding by nature with Teton views and accessibility to miles of nationwide Forest. Immaculately built with impeccable attention to detail, this property is a truly...Read More
$17,500,000Status: Active6 Bedrooms7 Bathrooms6.7 Acres7500 SqFt05 - Skyline Ranch come Sagebrush DrResidential - solitary Family
This spectacular, 7 acre heritage in Skyline Ranch is located surrounding to the 215 acre Puzzleface Ranch, now under conservation easement, assuring safeguarded Teton see for ages to come.In 2010, the main residence underwent a 2.5 year, multi-million...Read More
$15,750,000Status: Active3 Bedrooms4 Bathrooms37 Acres4143 SqFt05 - Skyline Ranch come Sagebrush DrResidential - solitary Family
Quintessential Jackson hole Sanctuary-Located in one of Jackson"s most desirable and also exclusive neighborhoods, this stunning 37-acre property offers a picturesque log home and guest cabin ~ above one parcel, and blank canvas on the other. Steps from...Read More
$14,550,000Status: Active2 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms10.72 Acres1836 SqFt04 - W snake S that WilsonResidential - single Family
West financial institution living much less than a mile native downtown Wilson! situated along fall Creek Rd., this property has potential for many uses. No HOA"s or CC&R"s to limit your imagination. The residence is constructed to reduced Valley energy Super feeling specs, the five horse...Read More
$14,000,000Status: Active3 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms1.07 Acres1700 SqFt08 - city of JacksonResidential - single Family
A rare uncover anywhere in Jackson, this residential or commercial property in city consist of 3 contiguous twin lots in eastern Jackson with terrific views of snow King, all v alley access. Simply two blocks from the snow King Resort, and also walking street to the town square....Read More
$13,950,000Status: Active6 Bedrooms9 Bathrooms0.55 Acres8577 SqFt01 - Teton VillageResidential - single Family
Quintessential ski chalet located in the love of Teton Village. This epos ski residence was totally renovated in 2020 and also offers an are for anyone to relax and also enjoy every its luxurious comforts. Located on one elevated building site v views and sun...Read More
$13,500,000Status: Active4 Bedrooms6 Bathrooms2.01 Acres6757 SqFt05 - Skyline Ranch come Sagebrush DrResidential - solitary Family
Tucked on the hillside among natural splendor and also magnificent hill views, this 6,757 sq/ft residence welcomes you through expansive vistas and also rustic luxury. Iron railings, picture-perfect fixtures, charming stairwells, and endless windows are beautifully...Read More
$12,500,000Status: Active4 Bedrooms6 Bathrooms6.12 Acres9065 SqFt05 - Skyline Ranch come Sagebrush DrResidential - solitary Family
This 6-acre estate is one of the best locations in all of Jackson Hole. Native the dramatic Teton views and also beautifully manicured gardens, friend feel as though friend have pertained to a special one-of-a-kind place as friend enter. Situated on 2 premier too many in...Read More
$11,950,000Status: Pending proceed to Show5 Bedrooms6 Bathrooms4.44 Acres6683 SqFt04 - W line S of WilsonResidential - solitary Family
Resting in the valley below pristine Wyoming peaks, this stunning newly-constructed home boasts luxurious details that epitomize a polished mountain modern aesthetic. Immersed seamlessly right into the lush, mature aboriginal vegetation, this 4.4-acre property...Read More
$11,600,000Status: Active3 Bedrooms4 Bathrooms7 Acres3061 SqFt04 - W snake S of WilsonResidential - single Family
Hands Down, among the ideal views in the Valley. Situated on a bluff 120 ft. Over the sink floor v stunning 180-degree see stretch native the Tetons come Munger Mountain, this 7-acre parcel (two lots) is truly among a kind! Overlooking the 381-acre...Read More
$10,250,000Status: Active3 Bedrooms4 Bathrooms18.2 Acres4143 SqFt05 - Skyline Ranch to Sagebrush DrResidential - single Family
Quintessential Jackson hole Sanctuary-Located in among Jackson"s many desirable and exclusive neighborhoods, this stunning 18 acre property uses a picturesque log in home and guest cabin top top the line River. Walk the end your back door to world-class fly...Read More
$9,750,000Status: Active3 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms5.14 Acres3914 SqFt08 - town of JacksonResidential - solitary Family
Set top top 5.14 acres bordering the nationwide Elk Refuge v unobstructed view of the Grand and also the Teton mountain range, this residential or commercial property is a rare possibility to enjoy a rural environment just 10 minutes from downtown Jackson. The nearly 4,000 square foot...Read More
$9,500,000Status: Active5 Bedrooms6 Bathrooms3.15 Acres5722 SqFt03 - W line N of WilsonResidential - solitary Family
This 5,722 square-foot home functions views of the cool Teton selection and has a wrap-around second floor deck overlooking a private pond with a little waterfall. The floor arrangement is design for big families or entertaining guests with 5 bedrooms, six...Read More
$9,452,500Status: Pending continue to Show4 Bedrooms5 Bathrooms0.61 Acres4975 SqFt05 - Skyline Ranch to Sagebrush DrResidential - solitary Family
Located at the tip optimal of the Amangani community, and also with dead on Teton views, this home will rival the really best Jackson Hole needs to offer. Designed by Amangani professional Architect Tom Harry, and also utilizing a combination of classic Amangani styling with...Read More
$8,600,000Status: Pending Contingent4 Bedrooms5 Bathrooms3.01 Acres5751 SqFt03 - W line N the WilsonResidential - single Family
Incredible possibility to construct a turn-key custom house in the very desirable man Dodge subdivision. This Berlin Architects draft home has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, den, main-floor understand bedroom, great-room through vaulted ceilings and also floor to...Read More
$8,500,000Status: Active4 Bedrooms5 Bathrooms2.59 Acres8660 SqFt08 - city of JacksonResidential - single Family
Stunning old expansion swedish coped log in cabin draft by W.C. Bauman Jr. And built by Jeff Overton. Built with vast logs indigenous the Yellowstone fire that 1988 the home has actually true grandeur. It also has Artist tradition made ceramic floor and also fireplace tiles....Read More
$7,950,000Status: Active4 Bedrooms6 Bathrooms2.65 Acres6293 SqFt05 - Skyline Ranch come Sagebrush DrResidential - single Family
Nestled among the tree on West Gros Ventre Butte lies this exquisite home. Thoughtfully designed on numerous levels to offer communal living spaces for entertaining or separate rooms for privacy and seclusion. An superior front entrance greets friend as...Read More

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