If you room in the industry for a brand-new home, there is one in Lafayette, Louisiana, the is up for grabs because that free. The only downside? It’s extremely haunted.

Sylvia Mclain, the realtor in charge of the home, posted about it ~ above her on facebook page. She wrote: “Free House! To be Moved!” She then goes into detail around the property. “You might recognize this iconic house that is situated on Verot school Road? the the old Vincent/Vallot/GrandView Nursery home, built in the late 20’s at an early stage 30’s. McLain advance recently purchased this land and also home.”

“In an initiative to conserve the history of the house we are supplying it come anyone who would be interested in relocating it to another location because that restoration. Us have concentrated our initiatives and breakthrough cost in saving as numerous of the tree as possible and simply do not have actually a place in the neighborhood for the home. House was lived in until 6 months ago, 2 AC’s to be in working order. The home has been vacated early out to breakthrough and needs some TLC. We would certainly love to check out someone take it to be moved and restored.”

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Unfortunately, comments began rolling in from locals around the house is haunted. “Gypsy Dawn,” one ex-tenant, wrote, “I to be the critical tenant that live there before it was abandoned. The residential or commercial property was heaven however that house is rather unsettling if girlfriend don’t enjoy communing v the soul world because they speak loudly.” another local added, “Yes the is. I proficient three things there that could not it is in explained and my girlfriend that live there had more than that. We actually competent one together and we still talk around it.” Eva Mckee, one more local, wrote, “Needs to be washed in the blood the Christ and also the demons rebuked.” together of best now, there are thousands of comments and also shares on the post. Some space just images of what look favor ghosts in the windows.

In the crowd of comments, there is additionally a post from Dawn Vallot DeClouet, who defines a bit around the ghost. “It is a finely built old house and also still has actually wonderful woodwork inside.

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Our hope and prayer is that someone who appreciates an excellent 1930 architecture will be relocated to relocate this house and also restore it. One included benefit is that it is lived in by the heart of my great grandmother, Alida Vincent Vincent, that was raised on this land and also who lived and also died in this house.”


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