After RHOA star Cynthia Bailey "blindsided" her estranged husband,Peter Thomas, through a divorce PSA, Thomas determined to make an figure on The Wendy Williams Show to set things straight.

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Real Housewives the Atlanta stars Cynthia Bailey and also Peter cutting board have been at odds for rather some time – because theirwedding work to it is in exact. Sadly, and also unsurprisingly, the pair has gotten in divorce territory and also it looks prefer they’re going come go through with it. The two have actually been separated for a while, yet during an interview at Festival, Bailey told E! News that she and also Peter’s marital relationship are a wrap. AndBET newly reported thatBailey hasopted to placed she and Thomas’ former home on the sector for a cool $699,000.

Now that the ATL housewife is talking about leaving Bravo’s must-see fact TV show, her shortly to-be ex-husband is opening up to Wendy Williams around all their marital drama.

Are NeNe Leakes & Cynthia Bailey yes, really Leaving ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’?

The RHOA star showed up on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday come let fans recognize his side of the story in an attempt to work out all the rumors (that make him look bad). He began by clarifying the the pair only spoke around “separation,” buthe didn’t know they were going to paper for divorce.

“We to be separated for about five or six months. Ns think I’ve just seen Cynthia once – because I’m in Charlotte and also she’s in Atlanta,” Peter called Wendy.

In an answer to Peter’s comments, Wendy said,“What ns thinkwhatever the is you’ve excellent to she that’s made her so pissed – that she might feel, Peter, that perhaps you don’t worthy the respect the a share statement or a phone call. To be you cheating on her wildly? go you ever before embezzlemoney from her?” Peter abruptly responds, saying, “Never. Never. Never.”

Peter’s interview walk on to comment on the current relationship through his stepdaughter, Noelle, and the viral video of that caressing another woman.

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No one knows precisely what’s in save for these two, however Cynthia make one thing really clear to E! News, “I just don’t desire to be married come Peter anymore.”

Check the end his entire interview v Wendy Williams above.

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