They"ve kept us entertained for a decade v a succession of lavish parties, increasingly bizarre cat-fights, and also dubious plastic surgery measures (always denied, the course). "The actual Housewives that Beverly Hills" might not it is in the OG Housewives (respect to the "O.C." ladies), yet it"s may be the most addictive the Bravo"s look at endless variety of city-set franchises — nevertheless of how dodgy those opened lines room ("I think in an overabundance of everything... Except moderation" renders literally zero sense).

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Watching this older females navigate their commonly fabulous stays is every well and good, but how much deserve to we actually trust what we check out on fact TV? Or also what Andy Cohen chooses to dissect in those all-important reunion shows? They might be living large in Beverly Hills, toting Birkin bags, and also cruising about in Lamborghinis, however how wealthy are the so-called actual Housewives in reality? certain not everything in Hollywood is fake?

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The fabulous Lisa Rinna isn"t renowned purely due to the fact that of her tenure ~ above "RHOBH." before popping up as "the other Lisa," she was renowned as a soap star, appearing an initial on "Days of ours Lives" in 1992 complied with by a recurring role on "Melrose Place." Rinna"s lengthy television career, which absorbed spots on "Veronica Mars" the contrary husband take care of Hamlin as well as hosting jobs on the likes of "Soap Talk," netted her the majority of an estimated $10 million fortune, as per Celebrity network Worth. According to her official site, she additionally rakes in extra dough creating books and also hawking products on shopping network QVC. 

Upon involvement the cast of "Beverly Hills" in Season 6, Rinna was reportedly pulling in roughly $450,000 per season, as noted in a 2014 report through Radar Online. During an figure on "Andy Cohen Live" in April 2018, Rinna hinted the reason she took a backseat throughout Season 8 was because longer term cast-members Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards space actually making much more money 보다 her. Cohen appeared to concede, remarking, "Housewives is a display that the much longer you"re ~ above it, the more you make is the bottom line."

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It"s tough to imagine anyone fancier than Lisa Vanderpump, a queen in a lock (Villa Rosa) who bathes in rosé and also eats diamonds for breakfast (okay, those room lies, however neither would certainly be that stunner to imagine). According to Celebrity net Worth, LVP is worth a chuck $90 million, and also she earns $500,000 every season of "Housewives." fans of an additional hit Bravo show, "Vanderpump Rules," will understand the philanthropic Brit owns a fight night spot called SUR (sexy distinct restaurant — really) in West Hollywood, in addition to several other local businesses. Adding to her bottom line, Vanderpump debuted a brand-new show "Overserved v Lisa Vanderpump" in 2021.

LVP clearly loves the finer things in life, with Bustle once pointing out the "opulent" items in her home like one infinity pool, a swan pond, and also a mini house for her mini horses. Vanderpump once told InStyle in a vivid interview that her parents were actually an extremely frugal, for this reason she learned the worth of money and doesn"t also have a credit card "cause she likes to recognize where she hard-earned cash is at every times. "Money is freedom. It provides you the power as a mrs to say the you come and go once you want to. And, friend know, "Let me pick up this dinner bill,"" she explained emphatically. 

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The glamorous woman with the untraceable interval made rather the stir when she arrived in "Beverly Hills" in Season 7, and Dorit Kemsley has continued to row the pot. She and also husband Paul Kemsley (aka PK) generally flaunt their wide range on the show — i.e., she went shopping for a auto worth a couple of million because that his birthday. Off-screen, it"s a different story. Back Celebrity network Worth put Kemsley"s fortune in ~ $50 million, thanks to her successful swimwear line, Beverly Beach, she and PK suffered some an extremely public financial issues. 

According to The Blast, PK fan $1.2 million in one unpaid loan and also was sued by the recipient. The businessman separately owed the Bellagio casino in las Vegas $3.6 million because that a gambling debt. Also according come The Blast, Mrs. Kemsley to be ordered by a judge to type out one ongoing dispute with one ex-business companion seeking reparations because that the work he did on Beverly Beach. The wealthy pair then had actually trouble moving their mansion, slashing the price in early on 2018 to attract an ext buyers, follow to a report in page Six. Oh well, at the very least they have the right to still reap their climbed gold Bentley.

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The self-described many "normal" "Real Housewives" star is actually... Not that far off. Teddi Mellencamp, daughter of nation music legend man Cougar Mellencamp (himself worth an estimated $30 million, according to Celebrity network Worth) is likely not shopping in the same locations as we mere mortals do, however she"s not precisely Lisa Vanderpump either. Bustle walk a deep dive top top Mellencamp"s finances, note she made approximately $60,000 a year together a talent agent upon first arriving in L.A., before transitioning right into her current duty as an accountability coach, which nets her roughly $35 come $100 an hour. 

Meanwhile, she husband Edwin is founder and also CEO of Skyline protection Management, Inc. For this reason he"s most likely making good money, too. Romper also notes the Mellencamp, like many reality TV stars, earns a kind amount native her funded Instagram posts. This would explain why her family members home is slightly more, er, modest 보다 her cast-mates. Despite Mellencamp"s report $12 million net worth, it"s reasonable to assume she still actually is as regular as she claims on the show. Who knew!?

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Kyle Richards was living the Hollywood lifestyle as shortly as she might walk, starring in movie alongside enlarge sister Kim. Her effective acting career has actually netted Richards an estimated fortune of roughly $50 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth, through a few hundred thousand every "Housewives" season. Beside from showing up all end the silver screen, Richards additionally has her very own boutique store, Kyle by Alene Too, with places in L.A. And brand-new York. 

She likewise produced the present "American Woman," which was loosely based upon the life of her mom (unfortunately, it only lasted one season and was canceled in September 2018, as per Variety). Speak to the publication at the start of the year, Richards revealed the her mother instilled in lock the need to make their own money, explaining she taught them "to be strong and independent and not have to need a guy for anything." Still, it probably doesn"t hurt that Richards is married come hugely successful genuine estate certified dealer Mauricio Umansky (whose very own net precious is about $100 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth). 

In a January 2019 conversation with Variety, Kim Richards" younger sister and fellow RHOBH star Kyle admitted having her top top the show "was one automatic opening to things you might not really want out there." The elder Richards had actually well-publicized issues with addiction, v her struggle featured top top the show. She left "Housewives" behind after ~ Season 5, popping increase now and again, however not featuring as a main star since. There"s part disparity around how much she"s in reality worth, v Born rich claiming $2 million and also Celebrity net Worth placing the figure much lower, in ~ $400,000. 

Richards made many of she fortune acting together a young kid. She was additionally netting approximately $100,000 every season through Bravo. Adhering to a number of marriages and also divorces, Richards traction in significant monthly reparations, follow to Bustle. Still, regardless of exactly how well off she is (and, to be clear, Richards is never ever going come be that close to the poor line), her focus is on sobriety. As Richards explained to People, she wouldn"t ascendancy out return to the hit display but, appropriate now, she says: "I"m yes, really at a peaceful place in my life, being a mom and a grandmother." 

Saint Camille the Grammer sadly no longer graces us with her holy presence as a continual cast-member, drifting in and out that the action, dropping nuggets that wisdom before floating away. The notoriously personal ex that "Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer netted a whopping $30 million in their divorce, as reported ago in 2012 by TMZ. Follow to the site, Grammer was instrumental in acquiring the struggling actor back on his feet when they originally acquired together (he was reportedly broke at the time), and also it to be agreed she deserved half of their mutual assets together a result. 

Celebrity net Worth put the reality star"s fortune at a substantial $50 million currently, note she operated for year in she husband"s company, Grammnet Productions, together a producer and writer. Grammer likewise made money acting, modeling, and dancing prior to settling down through the "Cheers" actor. Unsurprisingly, in 2017, E! News reported that she will also be awarded fifty percent of her ex"s retirement fund. Considering this lady has survived cancer, a confusing divorce, and being (allegedly) cheated on, it"s great to know Grammer is including to her substantial fortune while remaining happy with brand-new hubby David C. Meyer.

She fairly literally has actually a song around how expensive it is to be her, for this reason it"s no surprising to find out the artist known as Erika Jayne Girardi is roll in it. Appearing on "The Wendy Williams Show," Girardi admitted it every adds up: "If you want to look great it"s hair, it"s makeup, it"s wardrobe, and also then those human being that aid facilitate that. They"re no cheap, girlfriend know?" Celebrity network Worth put her net worth to day at $5 million, complying with a record variety of hit songs. If husband Tom Girardi was once worth tens of millions, follow to a 2020 court case, he"s worth lot less, v Celebrity net Worth placing his net worth approximately $100,000.

While she and her husband may have less today, Erika Girardi is still worth a significant amount. Notably, she famously came from nothing, raised by a single mother in Atlanta (as thorough in her new York time bestselling memoir), so if anybody understands the worth of money it"s Ms. Erika Jayne. In a 2018 interview through People, Girardi admitted that her lavish lifestyle gets dull sometimes. "There are just so plenty of material points you have the right to have before it becomes boring. There are only so countless dinners, so numerous things you deserve to buy," she explained. She credits her job-related ethic, telling the publication, "I"ve worked very hard for every little thing I"ve ever had. ... And I don"t remorse anything."

Although she only showed up in one season that "RHOBH," Eden Sassoon do quite the influence (who could forget her yelling in a enormous prom dress about giving Lisa Rinna "her heart"!?). The daughter of beauty legend Vidal Sasson (reportedly worth north the $200 million) is banking a enormous $20 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth. She has actually her own salon, called EDEN, in addition to two high-end Pilates studios, so clearly this is a lady that likes to keep busy. 

Romper notes that Sassoon inherited a quite penny when her father passed far in 2012, and netting a far-reaching amount in she divorce native ex Tommy DeVito, the president and founder of Native photos LLC. Bustle, meanwhile, confirms the she made use of her "RHOBH" clout to start earning the huge bucks endorsing various products on Instagram. Hey, would certainly that the t"were so straightforward for the rest of us, eh?

All the the "Real Housewives" are distinct in their own ways, however Yolanda Hadid is arguably the most distinct of all. The hilariously frank netherlands model and Lyme an illness sufferer is recognized for informing it prefer it is, and her existence on the display has to be sorely missed (Hadid took a backseat primarily as result of her condition — or to be it as result of being demoted, as ET speculated?). According to Celebrity network Worth, Hadid is worth about $45 million, and, as detailed by StyleCaster, she supposedly pulled in $500,000 every season. 

She banked a substantial divorce settlement from her very first husband, Mohamed Hadid. Her haul had two properties and a substantial $3.6 million cash payout. Likewise, her 2nd divorce indigenous David Foster banked her an additional undisclosed settlement (so it"s most likely massive, right?). Yolanda Hadid is no stranger to the finer things in life (her fridge is so fancy it has actually its very own Twitter account), however when inquiry by Money about her best splurge, she admitted most of she hard-earned money goes to vitamins. "I"m eager to discover every day and try brand-new things. That"s really a huge part of mine life and also that"s the only location I choose to invest money," she explained.

Much choose her soap opera sister Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson was a big star in her very own right front to ending up being one the the "Real Housewives." Celebrity network Worth approximates she"s worth $3 million, and also was earning $750,000 every season top top the show. She fortune is a an outcome of Davidson"s starring duties on "Days of our Lives," "The Young and the Restless," and "The Bold and also the Beautiful." The actress also banked a decent amount writing a series of an enig novels with Robert J. Randisi in the early 2000s. 

In June 2018, Davidson announced on Twitter she to be leaving "The Young and the Restless" as soon as again (her personality went top top hiatus native 1988 to 1999). There to be speculation the cast hadn"t had actually pay increases in years complying with a now-removed interview v ex-star Mishael Morgan"s manager in TV Source. However, it wouldn"t be long before Davidson would reprise the function of Ashley Abbott, making appearances here and there on the display throughout the years.

Regardless, Davidson is plainly doing fine there is no Bravo money, and she also told Hollywood Life she doesn"t miss "RHOBH" one bit. "I have no regrets. That was certainly one the the many fascinating experience of mine life. ...I"m yes, really excited around having been on it and I"m yes, really excited around not being on the now!" the actress explained. 

Just when we thought "RHOBH" couldn"t get any kind of crazier, Denise Richards got included to the actors — yes, that Denise Richards — for Season 9. Richards is, obviously, a large celebrity, having appeared in the likes of "Wild Things" and also guesting top top "Friends" as Ross and also Monica"s distractingly hot cousin. Celebrity network Worth put her value at a not-too-shabby $12 million, with Celebrity Insider reporting in a since-deleted article that multiple unnamed sources claim she signed a $4 million contract to show up on the hit display (though, a source close come the star apparently told the site she isn"t earning almost that much).

The actress has actually struggled publicly v her divorce from Charlie Sheen who, follow to E! Online in 2018, declared he couldn"t afford to pay son support because of his dwindling career. Richards herself to be hit through a tax lien in early 2019 for an unpaid credit card bill totaling end $20,000, follow to The Blast. She also reportedly owed virtually $50,000 come a Malibu boarding house where she keeps her horse. Whether Richards earned several million dollars to show up on she favorite show (as she excitedly described it come People) or not, the Bravo money most likely came in handy.

Poor Taylor Armstrong was put through the ringer during her tenure top top "RHOBH" and, similar to Kim Richards, she"s spent the ensuing years concentrating on herself. Celebrity net Worth puts her worth at $2.5 million, noting Armstrong was picking up around $175,000 per season ~ above the show. The fact star got her wealth via her marriage to late husband and venture capitalist Russell Armstrong. She is additionally a successful businesswoman in her own right.

However, a damning 2012 report in Jezebel traction the curtain earlier on the Armstrongs" supposedly lavish lifestyle. After her husband committed suicide, Taylor Armstrong to be left through a $1.5 million sue and, according to court documents, she make the efforts to pay it off making use of fake Birkin bags. Jezebel also noted the pair didn"t own any real heritage (they rented the residence featured ~ above the show) and that she pricey engagement ring was provided as part of the settlement. 

This claim is compounded by a Reuters report, quoting the so late Armstrong"s lawyer as advising his client wasn"t in reality rich. The "RHOBH" alum ultimately wrote a book around her battles with domestic violence and also now dedicates she time to gift a spokesperson for the cause.

There are few "Housewives," from any city, much more infamous than Brandi Glanville. She can not have showed up as a regular cast member in the Bravo hit due to the fact that Season 5, when the tornado the a woman clashed v just about everybody, but the model and also reality star is still worth a nice penny. According to Celebrity network Worth, Glanville is banking about $5 million, and earned about $175,000 every season that the show.

Despite not being a main "Real Housewives" cast member anymore, she"s definitely comfortable. As well as modeling work and also reality TV (she also had a insignificant on "Celebrity huge Brother"), Glanville created a new York time bestselling memoir licensed has been granted "Drinking and also Tweeting: and Other Brandi Blunders." return she"s apparently relocated on from "Real Housewives," Glanville furious a comeback in December 2018 in an interview v Life and also Style. The controversial star, who"s because made guest appearances on the show, admitted, "I miss the trips and the camaraderie. You"re basically obtaining paid to have actually a party." 

Philanthropist Adrienne Maloof has actually wealth in she blood, working alongside other family members, as she has actually done for many of her life, as a co-owner the Maloof companies (itself precious a whopping $1 billion). Celebrity network Worth approximates she"s worth roughly $50 million, having actually reportedly deserve $200,000 per season that "RHOBH." Maloof"s divorce from ex-husband and plastic operated doctor to the stars Paul Nassif to be amicable, follow to E! News, and also an ironclad pre-nup defended both parties" substantial assets. 

Maloof plainly isn"t your mean Beverly Hills princess, together a hilarious video from united state Weekly noted with a "celebrities, they"re as with us!" waiting of disbelief. In a candid interview ~ above "Juicy Scoop through Heather McDonald," Maloof confirmed her various business enterprises are still walk well. As for even if it is she"d go back to "RHOBH," Maloof admitted she prefers arriving now and also again fairly than showing up on it complete time, opining, "You can"t party what us had. The originals, the OGs, we carried the ratings in. For every little thing reasons, it every worked."

Carlton Gebbia lasted simply one season top top "The real Housewives of Beverly Hills," yet she do a far-ranging impact nonetheless. The mrs was uniquely various from she fellow actors members many thanks to a vocal interest in practicing the Wiccan religion, she spookier fashion sense, and, that course, Carlton"s luxuriously Gothic mansion, which later on sold because that $13.9 million. Sadly, because departing the show in 2014, the former reality star has struggled substantially in her personal life. As united state Weekly noted, Carlton and also long-time husband David announced they were obtaining divorced in respectable 2016. The two have three children: daughters Destiny and Mysteri and son Cross. 

Adding to she woes, the "RHOBH" alum was sued by a previous housekeeper, who claimed that, throughout the six years she operated for the family, she was based on physical, verbal, and also emotional abuse (via TMZ). Carlton denied the allegations and countered the the relationship turned sour after the previous employee allegedly stole expensive jewel from her. 

According come Celebrity network Worth, the former reality star is precious a whopping $100 million, thanks to her acting and also interior design careers, and also her marital relationship to business man David. 

Fans an initial met the loveable Joyce Giraud top top Season 4 that "RHOBH" after Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong left, with her and also Carlton Gebbia filling their spots. Both only lasted one season, with Bravo head honcho Andy Cohen noting throughout an illustration of "Watch What happens Live" that the duo"s absence of a link to the rest of the cast made the harder because that them to fit in with the group. It"s a shame, due to the fact that Joyce came with a fascinating backstory, having previously hosted the location of Miss world Puerto Rico before getting hitched come movie producer Michael Ohoven. 

As the pageant queen called The Things, "I thrived up very humble in the mountains of Puerto Rico however my grandma and also my mommy taught me the the best things in life space love and also nature. Ns remember constantly waking up happy even if us were "poor."" Joyce has "no regrets" around her time with the "Real Housewives," and because leaving the show, she"s been busy developing herself, and also even has her own line that self-titled beauty products (via CheatSheet). 

Unsurprisingly, her net worth is considerable, through Celebrity net Worth advising it"s $10 million (and counting).

Kathryn Edwards to be a controversial addition to "The genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills" as result of her link to O.J. Simpson. However, throughout an emotional illustration of the show, she endeared herself to the women by opened up about how she father had passed away by suicide once she was simply 13, after struggling with addiction problems for most of his life, as provided by Bustle. She worked generally as a model before meeting she husband, NFL player Donnie Edwards, who she married in 2002. 

Living the high life clearly suits her as the previous reality star confessed to Bravo"s The day-to-day Dish, "I"m a shoes fanatic," admitting, "It"s my greatest weakness." Manolo Blahniks, in particular, are her faves. As well as shoes, together Kathryn said The everyday Dish, her best splurges room on fancy cars and also the finest face creams money have the right to buy. Together Celebrity net Worth notes, return the "RHOBH" alum was established in she career before hooking up through Donnie, Kathryn"s net worth the $8 million is shared between them. Still, it"s nothing to sneeze at, specifically if you count all the Manolos that type of money have the right to buy.

If girlfriend or anyone you know is struggling through addiction issues, assist is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental wellness Services administration website or contact SAMHSA"s national Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357). If girlfriend or anyone you understand is having suicidal thoughts, please speak to the nationwide Suicide prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

When Garcelle Beauvais joined "RHOBH" in that is 10th season, the show had just lost pan fave Lisa Vanderpump. Back Garcelle has very little in usual with the brother restaurateur, she conveniently filled the room Lisa left behind through her no-nonsense attitude, super-cool style, and job together an in-demand actress. Together her IMDb page notes, Garcelle debuted in "Miami Vice," subsequently appearing in the likes the Eddie Murphy"s "Coming come America," "The Jamie Foxx Show," "NYPD Blue," "Franklin & Bash," and plenty much more besides. She was likewise the first Black cast-member top top "RHOBH." 

Elsewhere, Garcelle enjoys a lucrative partnership through Arm and Hammer, as detailed by Forbes. The Haiti native appreciates all her blessings, telling the outlet, "I recognize what it"s prefer to have actually nothing. I shot to come indigenous gratitude since I understand what it to be like and also that keeps me grounded." She made it clean to variety in 2020 that demanding same pay through white co-stars is a offered at this suggest in she career, too. 

Garcelle knows specifically what she"s worth, and rightly so, v Celebrity net Worth putting her at $8 million earned come date.

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One that the most shocking moments throughout Season 10 the "RHOBH" occured when straight-talker Garcelle Beauvais request to understand where other newcomer Sutton Stracke gained her money from. Variety inquiry the show"s very first Black cast member even if it is the two women are paid the same for taking part, come which Beauvais quipped, "I don"t know. Yet Sutton doesn"t require the money, that"s the thing!" So, just how does the proud southerner knife a living anyway? follow to CheatSheet, she married Thibeault "Christian" Stracke, executive VP and co-head the credit study at fund-management firm PIMCO, in 2010. The pair divorced in 2017. 

Likewise, Stracke has worked as a party planner and host for countless years, and she was also voted among the top 100 party master in America in ~ one point, together per HuffPost. She likewise runs her very own chic boutique, together fans of the display can attest. Follow to part (via The Things), the Los Angeles transplant is worth roughly $2 million. Notably, Stracke has actually been gifted several of her most prized possessions many thanks to she friendship with designers like Dolce & Gabbana, so it"s entirely feasible she"s sit on a fortune that she doesn"t necessarily need to dip right into all the time.

Crystal Kung Minkoff made background as the very first ever Asian-American mrs to be actors on "The actual Housewives that Beverly Hills," as provided by Hollywood Life. Return she"s been married to well-known director plunder Minkoff (who"s functioned on Disney classics like "The Lion King" and "The Haunted Mansion") because 2007, it"s worth noting this impressive lady is a busy entrepreneur in her very own right too, having started coconut-based snacks and also beverages firm Real Coco. The company"s website notes, "It is our score to administer the purest, cleanest, and also most importantly, the tastiest coconut assets on the planet." 

Evidently giant successful, Real coco products are easily accessible to acquisition from big-name stores, including Costco. So what"s she worth? Slice put it roughly the $15 million mark, maybe when linked with her hubby"s. This figure is likely based upon royalties from his many movies, and also profits indigenous her health food company. Kung Minkoff"s "Real Housewives" career only started in 2021, but plainly the liven wife, mother, and also businesswoman is going to fit in simply fine v the lavish Beverly Hills set.