THE real Housewives of new York City actors is “panicking” together producers determine who’s re-hired and who’s FIRED.

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The casting drama for next season comes as ratings plummet ~ above season 13.


The RHONY cast is 'panicking' together producers determine who's rehired and who's FIREDCredit: Getty


As the ratings for RHONY proceed to decline, a source exclusively said The sunlight that the stars as came to over even if it is or no they will certainly be asked ago for season 14.

The Bravo series currently stars Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Leah McSweeney and also Eboni K. Williams.

The insider revealed: “Things are in a finish state the panic amongst the actors of RHONY.

“Ramona is no the just one top top the chopping block.

“There might be a finish revamp the the show and also three or much more people may be fired.”

The source added: “Eboni, Ramona and Leah space ALL in danger.”

One star that seems to it is in in jeopardy is Ramona, together the insider said: “People have been really vocal around their dislike because that Ramona this season. It doesn’t make feeling to have her on the show anymore. She has actually become completely unlikable.”

They continued: “As because that Leah and Eboni, they have actually been criticize by viewers on society media. And Eboni blaming producer for low ratings critical week doesn't assist her case.”


Earlier this month, the show's newest star told TMZ that the producers room to blame because that what renders it on the air.

While few of the stars room on the chopping block, others show up to it is in safe.

The insider said: "Luann and also Sonja seem to it is in the only two in the cast that room safe.

"The audience likes them and also they test well."

However, the resource said the casting situation is a "nightmare."

FILMING has actually BEEN driven BACK

RHONY's season 13 reunion was initially planned to be filmed on august 5, though to be pushed ago to at least September.

Additionally, season 14 won't start production till 2022.

The source claimed the "pushing the start of filming for next season ago to next year has everyone in panic," adding: "The actors want to understand if they’re gaining a inspect or not."

It may be a while until the cast learn your fate top top the show, together "producers wait till the really last minute come make uses to the actors they want."

The resource said: "The panic amongst the current actors will walk for months together they scramble come find brand-new cast members.

"It’s a straight up mess."

The Sun has actually reached out to a RHONY rep because that comment.


Back in June, The Sun solely reported the producers space “in speak to rental radio organize Carolina Bermudez” for the next season.

After stating that Carolina, 43, is top top the show’s “list wish,” the informant revealed: “They are beginning the casting procedure earlier 보다 ever, so it’s clean they desire to shake points up.”

Carolina spoke around potentially joining the display while appearing on the Behind The Velvet Rope v David Yontef podcast.

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She claimed she "can't comment" ~ above the rumors, yet admitted to being "a huge fan that the franchise."

Carolina said "the ladies that space on the current actors are incredible" and included that "Eboni was such a an excellent addition."

She continued: "Eboni is actually very an excellent friends with among my really an excellent friends Charlemagne who works in radio.

"So there's all of these prefer connections there."

The radio personality likewise opened up about which current actors members she deserve to see herself becoming close with, while she said she thinks she would certainly get in addition to Eboni and also Leah.

She added: "Luann is a an excellent time.

"I in reality hung out v her at industry occasions in various situations.

"I've heard nothing yet wonderful things about Sonja."

When it come to casting women favor Ramona, Carolina added: "I simply think the there's a many room for growth there."




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After note she heard that previous star Tinsley Mortimer, 45, might return come RHONY, the mother of two said: "There's constantly these rumors, however I think the ladies room lovely.

"I think that if friend look in ~ my manage on every social media, I'm the actual Carolina and also I store it every the way real.

"And ns think the there is a large difference in between my lifestyle and the way of living that the ladies right now have."