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ET has learned RHONY cast will not film as planned following week for a delay season 13 reunion. This marks the an initial time a Real Housewives season will certainly not have a reunion.

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"Due come scheduling challenges approximately taping the reunion the The actual Housewives of new York City in a fashionable manner, Bravo shown there will not it is in a reunion for this season," a network spokesperson tells ET. "It’s disappointing to not have the ability to bring the cast earlier together, however we space happy to have ended on such a high note with the finale, and also are now shifting our emphasis to next season."

A resource tells ET the the actors is "beyond frustrated" by the repetitive delays and ultimate cancelation of the reunion, and that they"re still not certain why the network at some point pulled the plug on filming a reunion -- or delay it in the very first place.

"They never got clear answers," the source says, adding, "They just wanted come say your piece and also move on. Some of the women feel prefer the reunion would"ve given them a opportunity to come with each other as a united front and put the an adverse energy the the season behind them."

"Now castle feel prefer they"re walk out with a whimper rather of a bang," the source continues, noting the the actors was partly dreading the reunion, seeing together they really had "no interest" in rehashing the events of an ext than a year ago, but now castle feel like there will certainly be no closure for themselves or the fans because that a season the left a many questions top top the table.

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The cancelation comes after a very low-rated season. Every Variety, in Nielsen’s Live + same Day ratings , the season 13 finale only drew 841,000 viewers compared to much more than 1.1 million full viewers critical year.

Leah McSweeney posted a video to her Instagram Story with her think on the news, saying the "as lot as I do feel we have things us all have to talk with each other, I"m likewise really relieved come not need to talk about things that happened a year ago."

"At this suggest it"s a long time back and it to be a unstable year, all around, in general," she continued. "And it"s to be a season that i feel like has been unfairly take it apart and also we all gone v the ringer when it to be filming and while it was airing. So currently there"s no reunion."