RHONY: Why It's Time because that Ramona Singer To leave The Franchise It can be time for Ramona Singer to leave genuine Housewives of new York amid shocking reports the an inner investigation into her alleged racism.

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Ramona Singer looking serious on The actual Housewives Of brand-new York City
It might be time for Ramona Singer to leaving The actual Housewives of new York City amid shocking reports that an interior investigation in connection with to Ramona"s behind-the-scenes behavior and also alleged racism. Ramona has actually rubbed fans the wrong method since RHONY started out, however it took the addition of the show"s an initial Black housewife to bring all of Ramona"s true colors to light. She views on politics, race, and society led come a probe that ultimately resulted in the canceled RHONY season 13 reunion and a hold-up in production on season 14.

Ever due to the fact that RHONY season 1, Ramona has actually been the reigning rogue of the series. She outspoken criticism against the cast and also seemingly pompous see of anyone other than herself has put she in the middle of lots of drama over time. In current years, Ramona"s antics have actually resulted in much more fan backlash after ~ she started sharing her controversial see on politics, the pandemic, and issues bordering racism. V Eboni coming to be a actors member throughout heightened racial stress in the US, there were a most serious topics to tackle. However, Ramona labeled Eboni"s teachable moments as "preachy" in addition to gift opposed to debating those topics. When looking at the source of the problem on RHONY, producers might need to think about giving the OG housewife the boot.

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Most recently, it to be revealed the Ramona and also Eboni were associated in racism claims that caused an inner investigation by the producers. "There was a complaint made in between Eboni K. Williams and also Ramona Singer," a source told People. "Cast and members that the manufacturing were interviewed, but the investigation was closed after nothing substantial was found." This report shows exactly how serious the onscreen drama got behind the scenes. It additionally points to much more important underlying issues on the franchise. If adding in the an initial Black housewife leader to an inner investigation into racism, there"s clearly some significant damage that producers might"ve ignored for too long.

In addition to the racism claims surrounding Ramona ~ above RHONY season 13, she has likewise been named as the greatest troublemaker during The genuine Housewives Ultimate girl Trip spin-off. Also Luann de Lesseps referred to as out Ramona for giving her the many conflict. "I was expecting it to come from what else however it was home base," Luann stated on E! News" Daily Pop. Actors members from various other franchises, such together Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey that The real Housewives that Atlanta, have additionally alluded come Ramona being the most challenging during filming. It goes to display how much negative behavior Ramona has actually seemingly to be able to get away v for the critical decade. She is among the couple of remaining OG housewives ~ above the franchises.

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Producers will have to answer the concern of even if it is or not Ramona is worth every one of the hassle. In the past, controversial housewives have eventually been pushed out. NeNe Leakes, Vicki Gunvalson, and also even Phaedra Parks have all either left, been fired, or steeling off the show. Thus, Ramona Singer is not exempt from being let go. Through The actual Housewives of new York City being in a state of short hiatus, producers have to decide what your next relocate will be when it pertains to addressing Ramona"s alleged racism.