Real Housewives the Orange County has started filming season 16 after a major off-season actors shakeup. Heath Dubrow is coming back after a four-year hiatus due to the fact that Bravo offered Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and also Elizabeth Lyn Vargas your pink slips.

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Fans will additionally meet Noella Bergener, Nicole James, and also Dr. Jennifer Armstrong, who all gained their oranges after the disaster well-known as season 15.

Now fans desire to recognize — when deserve to they suppose to see Heather and firm in the season 16 premiere?


Heather Dubrow is ago for ‘RHOC’ season 16 | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Season 15 the ‘Real Housewives the Orange County’ witnessed a ratings decline

Season 15 of Real Housewives that Orange County was in trouble prior to it started thanks to Kelly. Fans got upset with her comments at the beginning of the pandemic, once she referred to the virus as “God’s method of thinning the herd.”

Braunwyn lost a lot of fans once she told Bravo cameras that she had physically abused she husband, Sean. What’s more, the mother of seven additionally admitted the she has called the paparazzi on herself.

Newbie Elizabeth wasn’t a hit with fans, either, i m sorry made half of the season 15 cast pretty unlikeable. This was made clean by the ratings drop, together the numbers were significantly lower than previous RHOC seasons.

Fan-favorite heath Dubrow is back for ‘RHOC’ season 16

After an extremely disappointing season, Bravo announced in June that Kelly, Braunwyn, and also Elizabeth would not be back for season 16. The network delighted RHOC pan even an ext with the announcement that fan-favorite Heather gained her orange back.

Heather to be a popular RHOC actors member from seasons 7 come 11, once the display followed her and also her husband — plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow — and their four children.

Her last season was Kelly’s first, and also the two ladies regularly clashed. Follow to display screen Rant, that was the reason for Heather’s exit earlier then. Now that Kelly is gone, “fancy-pants” deserve to make her comeback.

When go ‘RHOC’ season 16 premiere?

Heather, Noella, Nicole, and also Dr. Jen have actually just began filming season 16 v Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson, and Shannon Beador. Due to the fact that they space in the early on stages, it’s hard to tell exactly when the season will certainly premiere.

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Most likely, season 16 will premiere in so late 2021 or at an early stage 2022. Producer will want to take their time v this season due to the fact that they desire to course correct from critical season’s disaster. Executive, management producer Andy Cohen states that’s among the reasons they carried Heather back.

It to be the ‘right time’ for Heather Dubrow’s return

Cohen newly told entertain Tonight the after a four-season break, the timing was perfect for Heather’s go back to RHOC.

“I think it was the appropriate time, not only due to the fact that I think the pan were questioning for it, however it’s always fun come bring back an old friend and also see an old friend, but additionally I think it to be a good time to get back to several of the aspirational deluxe that the Orange county franchise released with, and also that Heather certainly represents,” Cohen explained.

Fans will certainly be ‘pleasantly surprised’ by ‘RHOC’ season 16

For pan wondering exactly how Heather will get together with Gina — who is pretty lot her opposite — Cohen says that they will be “pleasantly surprised.” Not lot is known about the three newbies, but Noella did do an appearance during season 15 alongside Braunwyn. She’s also going with an unexpected divorce through her husband of one year, James.

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Dr. Jen is likewise a girlfriend of Braunwyn’s, while Nicole is linked to the RHOC cast through Heather. We also know that Dr. Jen is an award-winning cosmetic and aesthetic doctor and also the mommy of three.

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The actual Housewives of Orange County will return to Bravo because that season 16 in so late 2021 or early on 2022.