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and Simon Barney ceded the drama top top Thursday’s season 5 finale of The actual Housewives that Orange County. Together they dressed for the critical party of the summer — as soon as all the Housewives (including Jeana Keough and Lauri Waring Peterson) and also their family members gather for cocktails and catfights — the bickering began.

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Tamra: “I’ve gained this dress which you’ll most likely hate. It’s entirely backless.”

Simon: “It looks choose something a 20-year-old would wear … Why would you to buy a dress like that?”

So, Tamra picked a small black dress v a modest neckline and said, “I can understand the doesn’t desire my boobs hanging out, and also I totally respect that.”

Simon: “Skirt’s kinda brief It nearly looks choose something Lynne Curtin would certainly wear ns don’t know if it’s age appropriate You’re a married mrs … dress prefer a married woman.”

Matters take it a turn for the worse throughout the limo ride as soon as the conversation turned come Vicki Gunvalson and her influence on Tamra. “You’re favor Vicki. You speak to me like I’m Donn and I’m sick of it,” Simon said.

After Simon accused her of spending too much time through Vicki and also not enough with her kids, Tamra exploded, informing her husband, “You’re a nasty, vile human being … You have the right to go f— yourself … I want a divorce! F— you!” Simon tried to smooth points over with a hug prior to they walked right into the party, and also it functioned — temporarily.

Gretchen Rossi and her friend Slade Smiley stole the spotlight momentarily once they arrived — the wore a modified tux, and also she had actually on a little white dress and also an updo — feather “like the little plastic points that sit on height of a wedding cake,” Vicki said. Alexis Bellino and her mother, who had undergone plastic surgery only nine days before, also distracted Tamra with their beauty.

But shortly the emphasis turned to Lynne and also her tipsy teenager daughters. “Raquel and also Alexa acquired into something they weren’t an alleged to gain into on the way in the limo,” Lynne said. “Oblivious me doesn’t even realize they’re acquisition the alcohol and also filling it increase in the water bottles.”

After the troubled girls hit the bar in wishes of margaritas and also martinis, they acquired into a fight and also Raquel ditched her younger sister in ~ the party. Alexa stormed out and had a break down outside the hotel however was calmed under by Jeana’s daughter Kara, who persuaded her to keep her chin up and go ago inside come flirt with her brother’s cute friend.

Soon it was Tamra’s turn to rest down. “I tend to hold a many emotional problems in. I just keep everything hidden inside till it just explodes,” she said. “Simon pissed me off I simply couldn’t take it it anymore. I needed to talk so somebody.” So, she turned come Vicki to talk about her troubles with Simon. When he heard from various other partygoers that his wife was crying, Simon uncovered his wife and also asked about her tears.

“I just want you men to do up,” Tamra lied. “I want it to be fine between you and also Vicki.”

“I don’t think Tamra was truthful v Simon due to the fact that I think she’s fear of him,” Vicki said.

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As the females took their final group photograph of the season, updates on the females flashed top top the screen. Gretchen and also Slade are still no married; Alexis is no much longer a stay-at-home mom, working now for her plastic surgeon; Vicki and Donn’s love-fest continues; after being evicted from their home, Lynne and her household moved into an “affordable” condo; and also Simon and also Tamra relocated out and also he filed for divorce.

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