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Year Opened2017
Dimensions335L, 408LC, 405C, 408RC, 335R
Local AirportPalm Beach
Ticket Prices$20-$65, relying on date and opponent
Tickets on SaleNow
Ticket Line844/676-2017
Ticket net Siteastros.com/spring
Address5444 Haverhill Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33407
DirectionsThe ballpark is located at the corner of 45th Street and also Haverhill Road, in between Florida’s Turnpike and I-95. From Orlando: take it either the Turnpike or I-95 South. Indigenous the Turnpike, take leave 107 onto State Highway 710 East; from there take a ideal onto Haverhill Road. Indigenous I-95 South, take exit 74 top top 45th Street; from over there head west to Haverhill Road and also the ballpark. From Miami: take either the Turnpike or I-95 North. Native the Turnpike: Head north until you hit exit 99, State Highway 704, then revolve a left on Haverhill Road. Indigenous I-95 North, take exit 74 top top 45th Street; from over there head west come Haverhill Road and the ballpark.

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Houston Astros spring Training: relocating to West Palm Beach

It to be a totally fresh start for Houston Astros spring training, together the team change operations indigenous Kissimmeee to West Palm Beach and a brand-new facility, the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches.

There is a good baseball tradition in West Palm Beach and also Palm coast County. The Atlanta Braves and Montreal Expos when trained the end of West Palm beach Municipal Stadium, and also there space plenty that other traditional public spaces in the area, like traditional golf-court clubhouses or beachside resorts that popped up once the railroad connected Florida come the east Coast. The decision was made come eschew a much more ornate style like Spanish Mediterranean and go for a much more streamlined look in ~ The Ballpark the the Palm Beaches.

Because the the high water table – this is Florida, after all – it wasn’t possible to go down really far, therefore the decision was made to walk up, in a an extremely subtle manner, which led to a concourse level part 14 feet over the parking-lot and also playing-field levels. As fans are moving through the training fields and to the ballpark’s prior entrance, lock gently moving up in elevation and also traversing bridges prior to they reach a promontory the looks upon the plaza and also a lake.

Speaking of the plaza: It definitely is a signature items in the ballpark design, a ar for pan to gather and meet both before and after the game. It’s part 34,000 square feet on every levels, providing an inviting enntrance gate to the ballpark ~ above the third-base side. And, in this age of the selfie, we predict two other signature items turn off the plaza (as seen in the over site rendering) will certainly prove to be immensely popular: 20-foot-tall logos in prior of every team’s entrance area.

Once inside, pan will watch a seating bowl, a 360-degree concourse 20 feet broad and both team clubhouses. It will not be a substantial ballpark, with 6,400 resolved seats and also room because that 1,000 much more on the outfield berm. No one is the a ballpark through an undue focus on premium seating: there will be 6 suites (three on every side of push box) as well as covered party decks down each line. The suites are not traditional suites: the windows will open up to the play field, giving them a much more Florida feel.

Many fan will certainly judge this ballpark through its shade. With third base running due north, the sun will be at the earlier to pan behind home plate. By the time a video game is a third over the vast bulk of the seats will certainly be in the shade many thanks to a big canopy mounted over the grandstand. The design is light and also airy.

Speaking of the canopy: the cantilevers will certainly not appear as hefty as various other ballparks. The ballpark features minimally structured stucco, accented v wood panels. The totality site is part of Palm beach County’s Art in public Places, and also the plan is for regional artists to produce rectangular airplane to produce shading, graphics, team background and highlights and more on the fan’s journey from parking come entrance.

But over there are development limitations: yes a 13-acre lake top top the site, and there’s an easement top top 27 more acres. In the end, 120 acre is accessible for the training complex. Few of that easement will certainly be viewed in the canal to the southern of the site, and crossing that canal will be component of the experience.

Spring maintain History

The Houston Colt .45s started their background with maintain camp in Apache Junction, Ariz., in 1962-1963. In 1964 spring training to be shifted come Cocoa Beach, whereby the Astros trained till 1984. In 1985 the Astros relocated to Osceola County stadium in Kissimmee. The team opened up a new chapter in 2017 at The Ballpark that the Palm Beaches.

Ballpark History

The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches opened up in 2017 together spring house of the Houston Astros and also Washington Nationals.

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Houston Astros spring Training residence | If You go … | 2022 Schedule | Minor league Schedule | Roster



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