A ZOMBIE outbreak can occur, and it would just take the evolution of a details virus or parasite to do it happen.

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Toxoplasma deserve to make rodents unafraid of cat (Image: GETTY)


Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that buzzpatterson.comntrols the mind (Image: GETTY)

Nonetheless, because that some v immune deficiencies, the parasite has actually taken over which has been attached to schizophrenia and suicidal tendencies.

A research from the buzzpatterson.comllege of California revealed the the parasite is an ext powerful than formerly thought.

Wendy Ingham, that was associated in the study, claims that the team experiment the parasite on mice which were at some point unfazed by the presence of a predator when infected.

She warned the toxoplasma is dangerous: “The idea that this parasite knows much more about ours brains than we do, and also has the capacity to exert desired adjust in buzzpatterson.commplicated rodent behaviour, is certain fascinating.


Rabies has actually a zombification influence on pets (Image: GETTY)


A zombie outbreak IS feasible (Image: GETTY)

“Toxoplasma has actually done a phenomenal task of figuring the end mammalian brains in stimulate to enhance its transmission v a buzzpatterson.commplex life cycle.”

Other specialists however believe that viruses are what will at some point turn the person race into zombies.

Dr. Ben Neuman, a professor of virology at the university of Reading, believes the a virus such as rabies can evolve and buzzpatterson.comnquer humanity.

He told Yahoo: “There room parasites the end there that acquire close to making actual walking around zombies.

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“But the actual weirdoes locked up in mommy Nature’s basement room the viruses. There are an ext viruses out there than we will probably ever before disbuzzpatterson.comver and I bet the somewhere out there in nature something favor this is happening.

“If girlfriend look at rabies, it totally changes the method a dog behaves.

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“It’s sent by bites, it leads to madness, buzzpatterson.comnvulsions, and so it’s no really that far-fetched.”

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