Amazon areas a huge network of delivery drivers, and many of castle are home builders rather than straight employees of Amazon. The eCommerce huge ships millions of packages a job all approximately the U.S., and also its delivery vehicles have actually been associated in lot of fatal crashes while make deliveries, according to a recent investigation conducted by ProPublica. In ~ one point, Amazon had actually proposed safety training because that each brand-new delivery driver that came on board and also it sounded like a practical response to the issue at hand.

That proposal would watch the brand-new drivers go through a five-day course that would have the chauffeurs go v an on-road assessment that was overseen through an outside organization the has decades of driver training experience. Unfortunately, that setup was at some point vetoed because Amazon execs wanted the chauffeurs on the road as easily as possible in the elevation of the holiday shopping season. Even more unfortunate, and highlighting the require for increased training and improved security for the distribution fleet, was a sad and also ironic, deadly accident in i m sorry Amazon"s first CFO, delight Covey, was killed when she was hit by an Amazon delivery car while biking.

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Despite the death of the company CFO, Amazon decided not to academy the driver training program. A memo that was composed by a senior manager in ~ Amazon, and also uncovered in the investigation, said that practical on-road training was a bottleneck. Amazon is pushing to grow its shipment service and also has excellent so at the expense of safety and also driver training, according to BuzzFeed and also ProPublica. Amazon denies these cases stating that "nothing is an ext important to us than safety" and has described the investigation as an additional attempt to press a preconceived narrative the is "simply untrue."

Amazon continues to refuse to offer details top top the number of fatal mishaps involving its vehicle drivers each year, in spite of the examination claiming the company does track that information. The investigation showed that 60 Amazon driver crashes developed this year that resulted in serious injury, including ten deaths. In other Amazon news, this year"s Cyber Monday sale was the company"s single biggest sales date in that history.Delivery van image, credit: Wikimedia CommonsTdorante10


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