Elvis Presley died on august 16, 1977, at the age of 42. The reason of fatality was spanned up through his family; but, the is suspected the it was from an overdose the prescription drugs that brought about his love to stop.

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Elvis Presley"s Hospitalizations

In November, 1973, Elvis to be admitted to the hospital because that pneumonia, pleurisy, hepatitis, and an enlarged colon. He had been battling his exposed on prescription drugs and his weight and also general health problems for a while. He ongoing to perform, however was hospitalized again for health and drug dependency problems.

He winner his third and last Grammy award because that the song “How good Thou Art" for ideal Inspirational Performance. All 3 Grammys he got were in gospel music.

In April that 1977, Elvis to be again hospitalized and had to cancel several of his tour.

Presley"s Death

On august 16th 1977, he went back to Graceland after ~ a so late appointment through the dentist. He went to his bedroom around 7:00 pm to rest before an evening flight. He to be later uncovered in his bathroom and also rushed to the hospital, wherein he was pronounced dead native cardiac arrhythmia.

What resulted in his heart to avoid was an overdose the prescription drugs. His father, Vernon Presley, had the autopsy report sealed till 2027. The is suspected the he had taken a cocktail the prescription drugs, including:

MorphineDemerolChloropheniraminePlacidylValiumCodeineEthinamateAn unknown depressant

His body was interred in ~ Graceland.

Facts around Elvis

Elvis signed on v an agent called Bob Neal, in 1955. That same year that met "Colonel" Tom Parker, a promoter and also manager, and also toured with Tom Snow. He starts to get popularity, specifically with girl in the audience. The signed a contract v RCA records at the finish of 1955.

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His first recording session was in 1956 and also one that the songs to be "Heartbreak Hotel." It marketed 30,000 copies in 3 weeks, and also became his very first single to offer over a million copies. He likewise signed a movie contract through Paramount images this same year.

He do the headlines on June 5, 1956 by providing a sensuous power of "Hound Dog" ~ above the Milton Berle Show, which left many adult viewers shocked.

Ed Sullivan said he would certainly never have him on his show, however reconsidered when he witnessed the huge ratings TV reflects received as soon as Elvis appeared. The first Ed Sullivan show Elvis carry out on to be on September 9, 1956. This year likewise saw the release of Elvis’ very first movie, "Love Me Tender."

In 1957, Elvis to buy Graceland and in 1958, was inducted right into the Army and served until 1960. During that time, he met Priscilla with a shared friend. In the following seven years, Elvis’ reputation grew and he filmed much more movies, which then totaled 26 movies.

He married Priscilla in might of 1967. His first television unique was tape-recorded in 1968, however by then, he was prepared for a readjust as the missed performing live. That filmed his last movie (number 31) in 1969, "Change of Habit" and also started one engagement in las Vegas, which was highly successful. The next couple of years to be filled with more touring and an ext engagements in ras Vegas.

With his an international fame and fortune, he definitely left his mark on the music of his time together the "King of Rock-n-Roll."