FAST food chain McDonald's are renowned for your tasty and also quick meals - whether you desire a swift cheeseburger or a treat because that tea.

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But what precisely goes into some of our favourite meals? us take a look at at their renowned McNuggets...


Usain Bolt revealed he ate an approximated 1,000 McNuggets during the 2008 Beijing OlympicsCredit: Alamy

What are McDonald's chicken nuggets made out of?

Contrary to famous belief, McDonald's chicken nuggets room made from 100% chicken breast meat, follow to the fast-food giant.

But the chicken only adds up to 45 per cent that a McNugget - together the remainder of the recipe is a combination of batter, seasoning and oil.

They space lightly battered prior to being covered in a second coat that tempura batter, which offers them the signature crisp we all know and also love.

After being partly cooked in a fryer, they are cooled, frozen, and packaged up to be sent out to McDonald's restaurants whereby they are totally cooked.

Are McDonald's chicken nuggets actual chicken?

McDonald's claims that their Chicken McNuggets space made v inspected boneless white-meat chicken — reduced from the chicken breast, tenderloins and also rib meat.

They room sourced indigenous a range of suppliers and local farms throughout the UK.



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NOT therefore HAPPY enjoy the meal

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McDonald's says: "We room deeply cursed to the health and welfare that all pets in our it is provided chain.

"That’s why we’re proud come only work-related with approved providers who adhere come our high standards, and those required by UK and also EU legislation."

Why were McDonald's chicken nuggets launched?

After chicken nuggets were created by Robert C. Baker in a lab in ~ Cornell college in 1963, that didn't take lengthy for the general public to autumn in love v them.

And in 1977, chicken came to be known together the "healthier" meat after ~ Congress released "Dietary goals for the joined States," urging americans to favour skinny protein favor poultry and eat less red meat.

McDonald's owner ray Kroc was influenced by this food trend to cater to the public's wants and also began to construct a practically swap because that red meat to sell in his restaurants.

McDonald’s Chairman Fred Turner decided top top "a boneless piece of chicken," that they would sell "almost like French fries".

After some trial and also error to create the perfect chicken nugget formula, they hired Keystone foods to automate the chicken-chopping procedure and Gortons to develop a batter that can be produced on a massive scale.

McDonald's introduced the McNuggets nationwide, produced a chicken craze, and also never looked back.

McDonald's nuggets were an prompt hit through consumersCredit: Youtube

Was the pink slime rumour true?

The pink slime rumour that plagued McDonald's McNuggets has actually repeatedly to be debunked by the food chain.

Nicoletta Stefou, the supply-chain manager at McDonald's Canada said: "We don't understand what it is or where it come from, but it has actually nothing to execute with our Chicken McNuggets."

Pink slime is the product that meat being mechanically processed and treated with anti-microbial ammonia - but McDonald's go not usage this method.

McNuggets have actually been made through all white meat because 2003 and also the restaurants stopped using mechanically processed beef in 2011.

What is the people record for the many amount the chicken nuggets ever eaten?

The Guinness people Records crowned former new Zealand beauty beauty queen and also medical student Nela Zisser together the world's new record holder because that eating chicken nuggets.

She regulated to scoff a record 10.5 ounces the chicken nuggets - 16 nuggets - in simply 60 seconds.

The 28-year-old likewise has hosted records for eating a whopping 22 huge Macs in one hour.

But it seems Usain Bolt could be warm on she tail to take it the title - together the sprinting legend revealed that chowed down on an approximated 1,000 McNuggets during the 2008 Bejing Olympics.

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Among various other celebs, Kim Kardashian also revealed she is a pan of McDonald's famous nuggets, together is her small sister Kylie Jenner.