Keeping up v the Browns! The actors of Alaskan shrub People not only file their family life but additionally their relationships, which have all the ups and downs that room expected on truth TV.

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The exploration Channel series premiered in may 2014, giving fans a glimpse at what it is like for a family to try to make it through in the Alaskan wilderness without modern aids. Late family patriarch Billy Brown and also matriarch Ami Brown married in June 1979 and also had seven kids together. As their children have get an impressive up, they settled down and also started households of their own, but not all of their romances have been smooth sailing.

Bear Brown, for one, fell for Raiven Adams after castle met in ~ his brothers Noah Brown’s wedding in august 2018. They made their relationship main in July 2019 and announced their engagement the complying with month. However, the pair referred to as it quits in September 2019.


“It’s to be a long fight for me to decide what I should do. What I need to say,” Raiven composed via Instagram in ~ the time. “I think this life is too much for me. The drama, the articles, the harassment. The mean human being who have nothing far better to do. And also due come that, and several other reasons, me and also Bear have made decision to remain friends. Periodically two civilization are intended to be in each other’s … however not in the way they thought. Wishing the wolf pack every one of the ideal luck top top every adventure.”

Things took another turn later that month as soon as Raiven revealed she was pregnant through the duo’s very first child. “Quickly after deciding friendship was ideal for us, we uncovered out we had actually a little surprise coming our way,” she defined on Instagram. “After a fast engagement, because we felt that was the right thing come do, us talked about things and ultimately determined being coparents was finest for us and also our baby. We room super excited and also surprised come announce this, especially due to existing events. We space excited to coparent together friends and also do our best to be the best we can be.”


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Bear told fans via Instagram in September 2019 that they were providing their relationship “another shot,” yet Raiven confirmed they separation again in October 2019. ~ several more ups and also downs, the 2 welcomed son River in in march 2020. As of September 2020, castle are earlier together, through Bear creating on Instagram: “I asked Raiven if she would be my girlfriend, and she claimed yes!”

Unfortunately, castle have since broken increase … again.

Scroll through the gallery listed below to discover out i m sorry Alaskan shrub People couples room still together!

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Billy Brown and also Ami Brown

The pair bound the knot in June 1979 and welcomed seven kids together: Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Bird and also Rain.

Billy and Ami continued to be married for nearly 42 years until his sudden fatality following a seizure in February 2021.


Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

Bear and also Raiven have actually been date on-and-off due to the fact that 2018. They to be briefly involved in 2019 after castle learned she was pregnant through their very first child, son River, that arrived in march 2020. Be affected by each other announced via Instagram in September 2020 the they were ago on.

By April 2021, however, the parents split up again. Bear announced the news through photos of self in the shower and holding what showed up to be her engagement ring. “Hey! I wanted to give an main update. Raiven and also I have gone our separate ways, we separation up over a month ago,” he started his lengthy Instagram short article on April 29. “I would like to also resolve some rumors i heard. Ns was never ever unfaithful come Raiven, ns have constantly loved her and only her. She merely felt i was not what she’s looking for. It absolutely hurt mine heart and also that, along with everything rather I’m walking through has not to be easy, yet no matter what, i wish Raiven just happiness and also hope she find what she is searching for in life,” that said. “Please it is in respectful to her! Everybody need to treat others just how they would want to be treated. God bless!”


Gabe Brown and Raquell Pantilla

Gabe and also Raquell started dating in February 2018 after being presented by his sisters Rain. They secretly wed in January 2019 and also exchanged vow a second time in June of that year. The couple welcomed daughter Sophie in late 2019. In 2021, Raquell announced that she gave birth to infant No. 2 through Gabe, an additional baby girl.

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha

The truth stars met in respectable 2016 and also tied the node in respectable 2018. Your son, Elijah, come in February 2019.

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Bam Bam Brown and also Allison Kagan

Allison was a field producer ~ above Alaskan shrub People before she began dating Bam Bam in November 2016.