Graziano & Fowler predict mainly 8 upsets, fantasy sleepers, more: Latest profession buzz ~ above what they"re hearingWhich players might get traded before next week"s deadline? What room the possibilities Deshaun Watson gets dealt? ours insiders sweet in.

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New NFL strength Rankings: Preseason predictions gone awry for every 32 teamsT.Y. Hilton hasn"t meshed with new Colts QB Carson Wentz, Derek Carr intended to have an additional coach and also Robert Quinn has seen a rebirth in Chicago.


Michael Pittman Jr. Seized the Indianapolis Colts" No. 1 WR role with his "beast mentality"Highlight-reel catches on nationwide TV have put Pittman top top the map and helped the Colts" offense take flight.


Wentz leads Colts come rain-soaked 30-18 success over 49ers— Colts coach candid Reich wasn"t around to do the exact same mistake twice.


Week 7 takeaways and large questions: Chiefs acquire blown out, Patriots score 54 and Cardinals remain undefeatedThe Chiefs didn"t score a TD against the Titans, if the Patriots scored seven of them against the Jets. And Cincy got a huge win in Baltimore. What to know for every main 7 game.


NFL fashion papers - The best pregame attire front of a busy Week 7Whose Sunday threads stand out finest in mainly 7?

NFL main 7 injury updates on Saquon Barkley, T.Y. Hilton and also moreOur NFL nation reporters have actually the recent injury update for vital players, consisting of Saquon Barkley, T.Y. Hilton and an ext entering week 7.

Colts rule out Hilton vs. 49ers; Nelson off IRColts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton will now have missed 6 of seven gamings this season because of injuries, together he has been ruled out of Sunday night"s video game vs. Mountain Francisco v a quad injury.

Revisiting the Indianapolis Colts-San Francisco 49ers DeForest Buckner tradeNineteen months after Buckner to be traded from the only Area to Indianapolis, he returns to beat his previous team Sunday night.

Colts" Blackmon the end for season with torn AchillesColts safety Julian Blackmon experienced a torn Achilles in practice Wednesday and also will miss the rest of the 2021 season, follow to the team.

Seahawks case QB Eason with Wilson still on IRThe Seahawks have claimed QB Jacob Eason off waivers indigenous the Colts.

They claimed "I do," climate the second half of Colts-Ravens kicked offNothing stand in the means of true love, not even a soccer rivalry. The bride is a Colts fan, and also the groom is a Lamar Jackson-loving Ravens fan. What much better than to share your blessed minute in prior of Ravens cheerleaders and fans in the stands?

How QB-passionate Fargo assisted mold Colts" Carson Wentz and also 49ers" Trey LanceNorth Dakota State developed two top-3 NFL breeze picks in Wentz and also Lance, who will take it the stage in primetime ~ above Sunday.

Ranking NFL groups 1-32 and evaluating confidence ratings versus Week 1 expectationsAaron Rodgers and also the Packers are feeling an excellent after 5 wins in a row, when confidence is dropping in Brian Flores and the Dolphins and DK Metcalf and the Seahawks.

Carson Wentz looks prefer the "big-play machine" Indianapolis Colts envisionedWentz, who is 36-of-55 for 625 yards, 4 touchdowns and zero interceptions the previous two games, helps create chunk plays for the Colts.

Week 6 takeaways and huge questions: Ravens and also Rams roll, Henry tramples Bills, Chiefs bounce backThe Ravens confirmed their strength versus the Chargers, Derrick Henry ran all over the Bills, and the Chiefs got back on track. What to know for every mainly 6 game.

Indianapolis it s okay in sync v 31-3 win over Houston— The Indianapolis Colts finally established how to provide a knockout beat Sunday.

Colts WRs Hilton, Campbell leave win v injuriesColts broad receivers T.Y. Hilton and Parris Campbell were ruled the end after enduring injuries versus the Texans top top Sunday.

NFL fashion files: who pregame look quit the display ahead of main 6 action?Checking in with the many confidence-boosting looks front of another exciting NFL Sunday.

Colts WR Hilton to do season debut vs. TexansColts wideout T.Y. Hilton has been set off from the injured reserve list and will make his season debut Sunday against the Texans.

Which teams have actually the ideal -- and also worst -- backup QB situations? we stacked themBackup QBs have started 37 games through five weeks, and a couple of more will certainly likely acquire the contact in main 6. Who room the league"s most reliable and also most questionable second-stringers?

Carson Wentz desires Indianapolis Colts to discover from Monday"s loss and develop "killer instinct"Proving lock could contend with a an excellent Ravens team is a start, but wins won"t come until they know exactly how to close that out.

Updated NFL power Rankings: Bills room No. 1, to add the most boosted player because that every teamCameron Heyward is playing far better than ever in Pittsburgh, Cordarrelle Patterson is hitting brand-new heights in Atlanta and Taylor Heinicke has stepped increase in Washington.

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Indianapolis Colts blow 19-point lead, proceed downward spiralJust when it looked the Colts were transforming their season around, the all dropped apart on Monday night versus the Ravens.

Early NFL profession deadline buzz: will Mack, Maye and Ertz obtain moved? Is Carolina still not done?The NFL profession deadline is Nov. 2 this season, and also talks are currently heating up about some prominent players. Who can be ~ above the move -- and also where could they go?


1(21)Kwity PayeDEMichigan
2(22)Dayo OdeyingboDEVanderbilt
4(22)Kylen GransonTESMU
5(21)Shawn DavisSFlorida
6(34)Sam EhlingerQBTexas
7(1)Mike StrachanWRCharleston Univ
7(21)Will FriesOTPenn State