This year’s 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs will certainly look a bit various than usual. In a common year, the NHL playoffs would be separated by conference and also feature the wild card system fans have actually been accustomed to because that the last seven years or so. Now, however, many thanks to the pandemic-shortened 56-game season the featured simply intra-division play, the Stanley Cup playoffs are set to get a tiny weird and a small wild.

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Of course, NHL playoff hockey is playoff hockey. We’re going to obtain the exact same heart-stopping, intense postseason action we usually execute until a Stanley Cup champion is crowned. It’ll simply look a bit various than normal.

There’s a lot come get captured up on, native which groups made the playoffs come seeding come the schedule and also more. With that in mind, here’s every you have to know around the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs and how they’ll work.

Are the playoffs increased like critical year? What about play-in games like the NBA?

For starters, no the 2021 NHL playoffs aren’t increased this year! Unlike critical year’s 24-team playoff i beg your pardon featured a play-in round to do it fair to teams that played under games, these playoffs will have actually just 16 teams prefer usual.

And no, over there aren’t any kind of play-ins favor the NBA has. It’d it is in cool to see the NHL relocate towards a play-in tournament device that renders the final seeds competitive, yet that’s not currently on the league’s radar at the moment.

So if there room no play-ins, how does the NHL's format work?


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