Meghan McCain to be away from The View during the latter part of 2020. The conservative co-host to be on maternity leave and also recovering from the bear of her infant Liberty Sage. McCain went back to the abc talk display at the beginning of 2021 and the success of the ratings have actually been phenomenal. The show continues to rest barriers and McCain commemorated a new accomplishment.

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Meghan McCain | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Walt Disney television via Getty Images

What is Meghan McCain celebrating?

The layout of The View works since the ladies debate on the recent “Hot Topics” and also all the drama coming out of the White House. Return Ana Navarro identifies together a Republican, she is not a Donald trump card apologist. McCain has actually used her platform come raise concerns that the extreme right has actually concerns about and is commonly on the opposite end of the remainder of her co-hosts. The latter has actually led to many heated moments, which viewers love to see.

Ratings because that the daytime display have to be healthy, especially after McCain’s return. The View’s showed Twitter account newly posted an post that gives insight into just how well the present is doing v audiences.

The View is the most-watched daytime talk show, ranking No. 1 in and also total viewers,” the tweet read. “ sees double-digit increases throughout the board. Season to date-, is up in total viewers and also women 25-54 ceded its most-watched season in 7 years.”

“Hey now,” McCain retweeted the message.

Hey now!

— Meghan McCain (
MeghanMcCain) January 22, 2021

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Meghan McCain and also Joy Behar clash

It wasn’t long before McCain and also Joy Behar clashed on-air. Following McCain’s maternity leave, she went famous after the comedian told she she had not missed she while she was gone. The two stars had been talking around political parties and also Behar claimed that the Republican party was in “much an ext trouble.” as a die-hard Republican, McCain did not take this comment well and interrupted Behar together she to be speaking.

“Are you kidding me?” McCain interrupted Behar and also going ~ above a rant dismissing the latter.

Behar is a agree at debating on TV and also interrupted McCain saying, “Excuse me, I’m not done.”

It to be at this minute where McCain provided a tiny sarcasm that Behar was not able to read correctly and everything exploded.

“Joy friend missed me so much when ns was top top maternity leave. Girlfriend missed fighting with me,” McCain teased.

“I walk not. Ns did not miss out on you. Zero,” Behar responded as Whoopi Goldberg tried to jump in and also break increase the feud.

McCain to be so shocked the Behar said that live the it took a minute for she to procedure what her co-host had actually just said.

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“You know what? it is so nasty,” McCain said after Behar’s zing. “That’s prefer so nasty, i was teasing. Favor really? the is so rude.”

I’m shower you men

— Déjà The watch (
dejatheviewpod) January 5, 2021

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Despite the on-air clashes, McCain has been a success top top her go back to the show. Because that the show to occupational there needs to be controversy and also the ratings are a reflection that world are tuning in and watching.