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Don’t simply take our word because that it, this is what Laura (aka hildymac), website manager for St. Louis game Time, had actually to say around the 2021-22 Blues.

If Tarasenko gets his wish and also is eventually shipped out of St. Louis, just how will the Blues fare without him? 

I think there is no Tarasenko the Blues space fine, yet I carry out think hell be missed. They were around as “without” him as they could’ve been the last 2 seasons, and his scoring could’ve come in handy. Ns don’t think that scoring to be necessarily the Blues only worry last year the was a trouble - ns think that defense (especially Parayko’s injury) to be a bigger issue as was a hesitancy to get to some of the more dirty areas. The Blues fixed among those two problems this off-season and also a healthy Parayko will go a long means to help the defense. So long story short, yes, the Blues will miss him, yet I think they’ve shored increase enough concerns where it shouldn’t be too much of one issue. Hopefully. 

St. Luigi seems choose a lock for a playoff spot by many forecasts but is this team poised for a deep playoff operation or space there part roster deficiencies that will save them from doing that? 

I think that as much as playoffs go, it’ll it is in the defense that’ll be the worry if Krug and Parayko don’t have better/less hurt seasons. I never ever expect the Blues to be a scoring juggernaut yet I do have high expectations of their defense, and if they slip in the postseason that’s wherein the concern lies. They can win v the scoring lock have, yet I don’t think they deserve to win if Parayko has actually a setback, or Krug tho hasn’t readjusted to the system yet. 

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Now that we’ve taken short glimpses in ~ the various other three divisions on the NHL, that time come hone in ~ above the main Division, which functions the teams that stand tallest between the Blackhawks and a return to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We continue with two high-powered teams, starting with the St. Luigi Blues.

Last season: 27-20-9 (63 points), 4th place in West DivisionKey losses: D Vince Dunn, F Sammy Blais, F Mike Hoffman, F Jaden SchwartzKey additions: F Pavel Buchnevich, F Brandon Saad

The St. Luigi Blues addressed some needs this offseason, including Pavel Buchnevich and also Brandon Saad while shedding Mike Hoffman and Jaden Schwartz, a trade-off that should mean much more depth scoring for the Blues. The Blues essentially added Buchnevich for nothing, which should also an extremely much assist the team.

The Blues’ defense, which allowed 2.24 intended goals against per 60 minutes at 5-on-5 (18th in the NHL) will likely need to be much better for the Blues to be a top-two team in the Central. Minnesota and Colorado room both most likely to it is in high-powered and also competent after ~ coming the end of a solid West department in 2021.

The Blues shed a young, top-four defenseman when the Kraken selected Vince Dunn in the expansion draft. If the Blues have a great top 3 of Colton Parayko, Torey Krug and also Justin Faulk — who had a bounce earlier season in 2021 — their defense drops off after that and Krug likewise isn’t the most competent defenseman in his very own end.

The Blues didn’t address their goaltender situation in any way in the offseason. Jordan Binnington finished the 2021 regular season through a .910 conserve percentage and also his back-up Ville Husso was at .893. The Blues will apparently ride the duo into the 2021-22 season, seeking better results with Husso having actually tasted the NHL and also Binnington not having a gauntlet including the Avalanche, Wild and gold Knights.

At the very same time, the Blues additionally played plenty of games versus the Coyotes, Kings, Sharks and also Ducks. If every Binnington can muster to be a .910 in the 2021 season, that may not be great news because that ‘21-22.

The Blues will be relying on your scoring this season if they’re walking to make the playoffs. They’ve assisted matters by finally signing Robert thomas to a contract extension on Tuesday, but they still had one the the worst offenses in the organization at 5-on-5 last season, generating simply 1.91 expected goals per 60 — 30th in the NHL. Including players prefer Saad and Buchnevich must help, specifically when the forwards the Blues subtracted were Sammy Blais and also Schwartz, no the most advantageous offensively.

The Blues have actually attempted to remain young through few of their recent moves, consisting of the signing of 23-year-old forward Jordan Kyrou to a two-year extension. The Blues also protected 25-year-old Ivan Barbashev end Vladimir Tarasenko in the expansion draft. Tarasenko has actually a trade request out, yet it no seem prefer the Blues room in a hurry to relocate him, and also no new trade rumors have actually popped up entailing Tarasenko recently, although some teams might remain in currently 29-year-old forward.

The Blues will most likely seal a top-three spot in the main division this season, yet — unequal Minnesota and Colorado — over there are much more obstacles in St.

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Louis’s way.