Florida is a beautiful location to live; the coast is easily obtainable from anywhere, the see is dotted v scenic lakes, and also sunshine abounds. But, as any kind of Floridian knows, the joy of gift outdoors can easily be damaged by mosquitoes. It no matter how pleasant laying out by the pool or having a picnic alongside a lake is—when mosquitoes present up, there’s nothing left come do yet get far to stop their irritating (and perhaps dangerous) bites. With mosquito season in Florida being as lengthy as it is, it’s vital to know just how to plan as necessary to prevent the onslaught that mosquitoes come summertime.

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Florida Mosquito Season

The main element for determining mosquito season is temperature. Here’s what indicates when mosquito season starts in Florida:

When it starts to acquire warmer outside, mosquitoes will become much more active and also hatch from egg laid throughout the winter. The critical temperature is around 50 levels Fahrenheit when mosquitoes begin to emerge. In Florida, the is not uncommon for mosquitoes to begin coming the end again in February. But, the warmer the gets, the much better it is for mosquitoes. The peak mosquito season is throughout the hot Florida summer. This is once they thrive on the humidity and also standing pools that water from the frequent afternoon thunderstorms.

Where room Mosquitoes in Florida?

The worst locations are wooded areas and also swampy locations since lock both afford mosquitoes a most cover and also wet places to lay your eggs. Dawn and especially dusk space notoriously poor times to be outdoors since that’s once mosquitoes are most active. And the an ext rain there is, the more eggs they room able to lay, which provides Florida a reproduction ground because that mosquitoes in the summer. Mosquitoes can quickly locate a an ideal place come breed best in your backyard, do it crucial to learn exactly how to make your home as inhospitable to them together possible. The ideal time to begin preparing for this is in the at an early stage spring.

How to make it through Mosquito Season

Here in ~ Heron residence & Outdoor, we know exactly how frustrating it is to attend to mosquitoes for many of the spring and also summer in Orlando and main Florida. As soon as you enlist ours help, our mosquito experts will examine your residential property for any potential mosquito breeding spots to get rid of them. If us find any kind of eggs, we will usage a larvicide to ensure they nothing hatch. Then, we will certainly treat your home to curb the existing populace of mosquitoes that have actually been troubling you.

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As members of the Florida Mosquito control Association, we room at the forefront of mosquito regulate information and also techniques. Contact us this day to acquire started!

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