The home of Amazon, invoice Gates, Frasier, Starbucks, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, grunge in general, the room Needle, a mile-long monorail, and a entirety lot of amazing food, Seattle is among the most exciting cities come visit in phibìc America.

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What isn’t so cool about Seattle is the it’s not always safe. Some of its locations are pretty rampant with crime and also get a lot more dangerous after ~ dark, and it experiences a growing homeless population.

To aid you v getting approximately this northwestern city favor a pro we have produced this epic insider’s guide to remaining safe in Seattle. We’re all about smart travel, which isn’t just around knowing how to stop pickpockets and petty crime, however also about picking the appropriate sort of accommodation if you travelling together a solo mrs traveller, or comes to the best time of the year.

Whether you will do it be analysis our comprehensive guide from start to finish, or if you just in search of a few tips for your next backpacking adventure come Seattle, you’re going to find all the information and tips you need to aid your adventure come this city go super smoothly!

Welcome come our Seattle safety Guide!

Seattle is a really cool backpacking destination. It’s chilled, it’s diverse, it’s quite liberal – all an excellent things when it comes to a quite open-minded city to explore and discover.

It’s no without its issues though…

There’s a sizeable homeless population in Seattle, i beg your pardon isn’t good whatever way you look in ~ it. Panhandlers, together they’re known, live in large communities and also can obtain a little aggressive.

Overall, however,Seattlehas a pretty short crime rate. The typical stuff applies for cities though: after ~ dark, you more than likely shouldn’t walk wandering approximately by yourself. Particularly not in quiet and/or poorly lit areas.

Basically, we’re going to say Seattle is pretty safe – lot safer, in fact, contrasted to various other US cities. Yet don’t just take our word because that it; let’s gain into the cold, difficult facts.

Is Seattle safe to Visit ideal Now?

Skyscrapers and also mountains do Seattle a unique city to visit.

Known together the “Emerald City”, Seattle is the many populous city in Washington state. Just 725,000 human being live right here though, which put it in ~ a medium-sized city level.

Seattle is quite compact and is comprised of assorted neighbourhoods. Most of them, if not all, are home to unique cultures; for example, there’s a Chinatown here, a tiny Saigon, and also a far-ranging population that Japanese Americans, too. Despite multiethnic, the population of Seattle, on the whole, is predominantly European.

With plenty to see and also do in Seattle, i m sorry draws lots of tourists, that is much less of one unsafe ar and more the kind of location where, if friend go searching for crime, you will discover it.

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Other 보다 that, there’s nothing pressing about Seattle that’s going to save you far from it currently. It it s okay pretty rainy, and also pretty cloudy – and also pretty windy, also – however nothing prefer a tropic storm or hurricane, therefore you’ll it is in fine!

Statistics display that, so much in 2019, there have actually been12,439 crimes – of every kinds. This is no so poor at all, contrasted with other major American cities. That’s given that the USAas a nation is rated121st on the global Peace table of contents (which lists 163 countries), just over Myanmar (122nd).