Are girlfriend concerned around the side results of Adriamycin (aka The Red Devil) and also Cytoxan?

When my medical oncologist told me ns was going to need aggressive chemotherapy come fight my chest cancer, i tried come absorb together much info as possible about the very first two chemo drugs I would certainly be taking: Adriamycin and Cytoxan.

I hope that sharing my experiences v AC chemo help you in some way!

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Diagnosed through Breast Cancer

*Please note that i am in no method a medical professional and also that the info you check out in this short article is based solely on my personal experiences. Constantly contact her doctor before making clinical decisions.

I to be diagnosed through breast cancer in September that 2018, just a few months after having my second baby.



The wig pictured above wasn’t expensive in ~ all, and it was really comfortable come wear top top my perceptible head.

This is the wig ns wore v treatment. (Amazon Affiliate link)

It come super long, but I reduced it myself to far better match the size of my pre-chemo hair.

The wig doesn’t have hair on the top, just on the sides and also back. So, friend obviously should wear a hat through it.

This is the cap in my picture. (Amazon Affiliate link)

You have the right to wear any hat the you own with the wig though.

Red devil Round One- What come Expect

I felt pretty good going into my first chemo session. Ns was anxious around how I would certainly react come the medications, however I was ready to get round 1 end with.

My two nurses were both young and also bubbly. One of them had a baby that was the same age as my younger daughter so we bonded over that.

My infusion chair was comfortable enough, and it reclined. It also had a side table and a TV attached come it.

There to be a curtain alongside the chair the I might pull closed for privacy. I think ns was one of the only patients that closed my curtain, but I liked feeling prefer I remained in a room quite than out in the open.

How is the administered?

My AC chemo experience included nurses hooking up an IV come the chemo port on my chest. They tape that on therefore the IV is secure sufficient for you to move freely.

What does the look like?

The nurses then change out the bags of liquid on the IV maker in stimulate to placed the pre-meds and also chemo right into your body. I had actually several various pre-meds at each chemo treatment including an antacid and steroid.

The really bag that Adriamycin and Cytoxan is red in color and also is the reason for the nickname: The Red Devil.

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AC Chemo Experience

Shortly after ~ the nurse hooked me as much as the IV, ns realized i was starving. Ns hadn’t to be able come eat lot that morning since of nerves.

The registered nurses told me to walk ahead and eat since I most likely wouldn’t feel prefer it afterward. This turned out to be great advice!

My husband saw the cafeteria come grab Subway. I was may be to get up and also walk about with the IV device if I necessary to usage the restroom or anything.

(I remember wondering if that was enabled before walk in because that my very first treatment.)

When it was time because that the Adriamycin and also Cytoxan, mine nurse brought a cup that ice. I chewed on the ice since keeping her mouth cold is supposed to minimize mouth sores, which are a usual chemo next effect.

Once I had actually finished through this infusion, the nurse attached the Neulasta ~ above Pro machine to mine arm and went over every one of my instructions because that my medication.

Overall, ns think i was there for about four hours. My husband was with me the entirety time and also drove us house when it was over. I can not have actually driven myself because the nausea meds make me loopy/drowsy.

Side Effects

I felt okay until about an hour after getting home. After ~ that, I went to bed and slept until my husband woke me up to eat dinner later on that night. I had actually zero appetite, and also I felt choose if I relocated (even a small bit) i was going come vomit. So, I ended up no eating and also just mainly sleeping that an initial day.

Worst Days for Nausea

Every few hours transparent the night, I would certainly wake up to take mine nausea medicine. I recommend either putting someone else in charge of this or maintaining a notepad and pen alongside your bed to file when you take her pills.

I was regularly confused around which pill I had swallowed and also what time I had taken it. In the moment, I constantly felt choose I would certainly remember, yet I never ever did!

The next day i still didn’t have an appetite, and also I establish that i couldn’t keep any foods down. I was able to drink water, yet even one bite that a banana came right earlier up.

I tried to eat a few more times throughout the second day, however I was so nauseous that i couldn’t stomach anything. So, I referred to as my oncology nurse, and also she prescribed a various nausea medicine to help.

It functioned much better with the nausea, and also I never gained sick again after acquisition it. Ns was pretty lot in mine bed for a complete 5 days; though, as these were the worst days for me v each ring of AC chemo.

Even though the nausea walk away, I had actually no energy and also just wanted to sleep. I tried to get up and visit with my household as much as possible, yet I might only continue to be up for about an hour prior to needing one more nap.

Neulasta and Bone Pain

Neulasta is the medicine that helps your body hit infection since chemo reasons your white blood cell counting to plummet.

At the finish of every AC chemo, the infusion nurse would connect the Neulasta OnPro injector onto my arm. The maker would immediately give me one injection the work after chemo.

This method I didn’t need to drive earlier to the doctor, and also I can get the medication at home.

Neulasta can reason bone and joint pain, which part allergy medicines are an alleged to assist with. You have the right to ask your doctor around recommendations if you endure from joint pain. I did get flu-like body aches ~ the an initial round the AC chemo.

Chemo Hair Loss

After the an initial week, i was mostly ago to normal. Ns noticed my hair started itching and also hurting my head.

It felt similar to taking under your hair after ~ wearing it in a chop ponytail.

It got so annoying the I ended up cut my head around two weeks ~ my an initial infusion. This was really emotional because that me, however I felt for this reason much far better after it was done!

Adriamycin and Cytoxan: ring 2-4

The first round the AC chemo was the worst because that me. Once the nurse changed my nausea medicine, i didn’t obtain sick to my stomach any kind of more.

I did gain sleepier during the chemo sessions though and just type of set there through the TV on.

Looking at my call or a magazine made me feel nauseous…kind of prefer reading in the car.

I likewise didn’t really want food while i was there. If ns did eat, it had to it is in something bland choose french fries or crackers, yet that was around it.

After every session, I continued to largely sleep because that the very first 5-7 days.

I additionally never yes, really remembered this very first week after an infusion.

I watched TV shows and also had conversations with human being that i would have actually absolutely no recollection the the following day.

A many that may have actually been because of the nausea medicine I to be taking and also not the really chemo though.

Surviving The Red evil one Chemo

Overall, Adriamycin and also Cytoxan to be the hardest things I have ever before been through. It was nice the I had 21 days in between each round so the I could recover and also then have actually a pair weeks the normalcy.

Once AC chemo is over, you feeling so lot better! You really realize the you space stronger 보다 you think friend are and also that you can handle anything!

Do friend have any tips for enduring the Red devil chemo?

Share them with us below!